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“Mama Kannon Temple” in Aichi is also called a “breastfeeding temple”

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Do you know that there is a breastfeeding temple, called Mama Kannon Temple (Ryuonji Temple) in Komaki-City, Aichi-Prefecture?

As the name tells, it is a temple that brings luck related to breast.

The name of the temple seems to make a much impression, and I cannot help but smile with such an impact.

Yet, it is the temple where people visit who have troubles with breasts, troubles in love, and troubles of a child.

There might be many people who have such troubles although it cannot be told to the others.

How about going there if you have such trouble?

Getting off at “Mama Chichi Kannon Mae” bus stop to Mama Kannon Temple

Located in Komaki-City of Aichi-Prefecture is Mama Kannon Temple (Ryuonji Temple).

How to going there is convenient using a bus.

Getting off at a bus stop that the name is “Mama Chichi Kannon Mae”, and from there you will arrive in about 10 minutes by walk.

If you look from outside, it looks like an ordinary temple at a glance, but once you get entered, you will surely be surprised.

To such Ryuonji Temple, there are many people visiting who have troubles of breastfeeding.

Other than that, it is said that the temple brings luck for, including the development of breast, easy delivery, and growth of a child.

It once became a topic that actually entertainers had also visited here.

Even Chozuba (place for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth) also is a breast

When you enter inside, firstly, you will see that there is Chozuba (place for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth) with breasts.

It is a surprising impression, isn’t it?

It is equipped with a sensor, and when people get close water begins flowing out.

Of course, the water flows from the nipples.

You may be overwhelmed a bit in such a situation, but let’s proceed forward after purified your hands here.

Ryuonji Temple is one of Fudasho (pilgrimage sites) of Kannon temples.

And it is only one temple of the breast in Japan.

It is rare even only such thing, and the impression remains just with hearing such a name.

But, if you actually visit there, it is no doubt that you will get an overpowering shock.

And again, water flows from a breast!

The next is Kannon statue who is holding a baby.

This is called “Jinyuu Kanzeon (Kannon Goddess of breastfeeding)”.

It is also equipped with a sensor, and it is devised that when people walk in its front the water flows from the right breast.

As a result, the color of underneath (where water flows) of only the right breast has been changed.

If you walk in its front without knowing it, water flows from the right breast!

With such a situation, you may smile in surprise unintentionally.

For the commemoration of worship to Mama Kannon Temple, there also is set a face cut-out panel of this Kannon in the temple site.

By all means, we recommend that you shoot photos putting your face for commemoration.

Anyway, the temple is full of breasts!

This is the main temple building.

Let’s worship here.

Mama Kannon Temple was once in the middle of Komakiyama Mountain.

It is said that it was transferred from there to the current place by an order of Nobunaga Oda.

Also in the main temple building of such Mama Kannon Temple, you can see many breasts.

Incense holders are also breasts.

Votive tablets are also breasts.

Amulets are also breasts.

There are breasts everywhere!

Anyway, it is full of “breasts”.

It is no doubt that you will be surprised by such mind-blowing impressions of a votive tablet and an amulet.

You will be shocked with many breasts

As you will understand when you see the photos, it is full of breasts.

For those who have troubles, such as troubles of breasts and troubles that you cannot tell to the others, why don’t you try visiting there for worship by all means to Mama Kannon Temple?

It is no doubt that striking impression will remain for such overpowering shock.

As a result of that, you may be brought such great luck.