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Sightseeing Japan

2 ways how to hire private taxi driver in Japan

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There are so many attractive spots for sightseeing in Japan.

Yes, it’s sure, but there are many spots that are difficult to visit too…

Or when you arrive at the airports, it’s sometimes annoying to catch buses and trans to go to the hotel.

So, private taxi drivers are necessary.

Here is how to hire private taxi drivers in Japan.

Taxi dispatch at the push of a button! JapanTaxi collaborates with foreign tourist app

Call Private Taxi Driver via Klook From Airports

If you want to go to the hotel from airports, Klook is recommended.

KLOOK has head office in Hong Kong.

It offers more than 50,000 activities and services from travel agencies in 200 regions and in 41 countries.

You can get discount for attractions such as theme parks.

You can make pick-up from the airport on Ariport Transferes.

You just need to fill in “airport name”, “destination”, “pick up timing” and “number of passengers”

Ask Hotel for a Private Taxi Driver

For spots that are difficult to visit, just asking hotel staff is an answer.

You just tell the driver “where you want to go”.

If the taxi drivers couldn’t speak your language, please ask hotel staff to interpret.

Actually, when I was working at hotel in Kyoto(Maifukan), many of tourists were doing so.

If hotel staff couldn’t interpret… use POCKETALK

However, sometimes hotel staff can’t interpret where you want to go, especially countryside hotels…

To comunicate in Japan, POCKETALK is recommended.

POCKETALK is a small translation device that supports more than 74 languages.

Even if you can’t speak each other’s languages, you can talk as if you have an interpreter just by speaking.

You can get POCKETALK at the airports after you make a reservation on the website.

Because not so many Japanese speak even English, POCKETALK is a good tool when you tell your destination to a taxi drivers in Japan.

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