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[Kyoto]A must-see for cats lovers! Too cute parfaits are very popular!

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The popular Kyoto-based cafe, “Kotobano haoto,” is popular for a parfait that is so pretty that it’s wasteful to eat.

Let’s have sweets that you can enjoy with your eyes and tongue

Close to Tenjin Park Station! Lovely town cafe

The shop is about three minutes’ walk from the bus stop in front of Tenjin Park in the city bus.

It’s a quiet and nice town cafe that looks like a city in Kyoto.

It’s a popular restaurant, so let’s take time to visit it!

A lot of nice cat goods are in store

There are many cat miscellaneous goods in the store.
I feel the owner’s love for cats.
There are various books, such as books on cats and Kyoto, and manga.

Cat parfait using seasonal fruits

Popular cats parfait!

When I visited, “Nyanko parfait in love with chocolate and fresh strawberries” was ¥ 1,050 (excluding tax)!

I’m hesitant to eat it because it’s too cute!


34 Oguro-yacho, Shimochoja-cho, Kamiko-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

Let’s go to see you nicely

This shop is not only cute for cat parfait, but also very gentle and comfortable!

Cat parfait is limited in quantity, so we recommend you visit early.

But there are also some other sweets that make you happy whenever you visit.