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Sunset of Japan: Fantastic Natural Phenomena Known Between Locals

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I introduced blue glowing sea before.

In this article, let me show red sights which is related to the sun.

Japan's Blue Glowing Sea: Fantastic Natural Phenomena Known Between LocalsDo you think you want to visit local places for travel? Actually,...

Daruma(Omega) Sunset / Kochi Prefecture

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What is Daruma Sunset

Do you know “Daruma Sunset” floating in Bay?

Sukumo Bay, Kochi Prefecture is famous for it.

The name comes from the silhouette of sunset which slowly sink into the sea surface.

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Since it’s silhouette looks like Daruma, we call it Daruma Sunset.

Daruma Sunset is also called Omega Sunset from it’s silhouette.

Best Time To See

Best time to see is Mid November-Mid February.

Although Sukumo Bay is located in the southern Kochi Prefecture, you can see interesting sights.

Why the Sunset Look Like Omega

It’s mirage caused by the difference between the temperature and sea temperature.

Even in the Autumn to Winter, warm tide come into the Sukumo Bay.

Thus, the sea water evaporate.

When the sun light passing through the water vapor layer, another sun is projected on the sea surface.

It looks like a daruma by the two suns touching.

This is how the sum look like Daruma.

Condition to See

When the temperature of the air changes rapidly.

But the temperature of the water changes slowly.

So, winter is better season because temperature is cooled rapidly.

It seems the good day to see Daruma Sunset is following situation.

・Temperature in Daytime is high or Sunny day

・Cold season, autumn to winter

・No cloud in the sky

It is said that we can see about 20 times a year.

So if you could see Daruma Sunset, it’s valuable experience.

Diamond Fuji / Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, etc.

What is Diamond Fuji

Diamond Fuji is a phenomenon when top of Mt.Fuji and sun overlap.

We have chance to see it twice in a day : morning glow and sunset.

Since the sun looks like a diamond when it overlaps, the phenomenon is called so.

We have a lot of places to see Mt.Fuji in Japan, but place for Diamond Fuji is limited.

Best Time To See

Mid October to end of February is the good season to see.

And April 20 and August 20 before and after one week are better.

Lake Yamanaka of Fuji-Five-Lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture is the best place for Diamond Fuji.

Lake Tanuki on the Shizuoka Prefecture is also famous as a sacred place where you can observe Diamond Fuji.

If the air is clear you can see even in Tokyo like this.

Condition to See

Since the place where the sun rise and sink depend on season, you have 2 seasons to see.

However, there are not so difficult except it.

・Mid October to end of February is the good season to see.

・And April 20 and August 20 before and after one week are better.

・No cloud in the sky

For detail information for places to see, please check for more information.

Hope to see awesome sun of Japan.