Spend Best Night in Mojiko Retro with Nightscape, Kitakyushu City

Mojiko Retro, Kitakyushu City, a popular sightseeing place is a dating spot with beautiful nightscape that girls are really happy with for sure.

Retro buildings made of bricks illuminated with orange color lights look like as if townscape of the old European.

After you eat Mojiko specialty “Yaki Curry” at the terrace viewing the sea, let’s go cross a drawbridge of love.

The flickering mystic Kanmon Straits Bridge on the wave, and the retro townscape surrounded with warm lights.

Let’s enjoy such nightscapes of two,  and then a romantic night grows late.

Nightscape Spot, Mojiko Retro

image by japan555.com

The flourished sea port with international trading since Meiji period is Mojiko Port, Kitakyushu City.

The street where were lined up Western style constructions built with the most advanced technology of European was so busy and crowded with many trades.

It is now renamed as “Mojiko Retro”, and becomes a very popular sightseeing spot where you can experience nostalgic atmosphere.

The real beautiful hours of Mojiko Retro are from the sunset.

The picture shows “Former Osaka Shosen (built in 1917/ Taisho the 6th)” just after the sunset.

The octagon tower roof glittering illuminated with orange color lights looks like as if the Duomo of Florence.

When looking up retro buildings of Taisho and early Showa, such as “Former Moji Mitsui Club” and “Moji Yusen Building”, you feel like going back in time to old capital in Europe.

Melting Hot Mojiko Specialty, Yaki Curry

At Cafe restaurant “Ousama no Tamago”, there are tables on a terrace where sea breeze blowing through and you can feel super good there!

The best is also the location where you can perfectly view the illumination of a ferris wheel of Shimonoseki “Haikara’t Yokocho” on the other shore.

Mojiko specialty “Yaki Curry” is a hot dish, which is rice and curry topping an egg and some cheese on, and baked in an oven.

*Yaki means baked in Japanese.

The perfect harmony of “Baked Curry” among soft half boiled fresh egg, melting cheese, and spicy curry sauce is so tasty that you will eat it with sounds like huf-huf!

For health conscious girls, how about ordering “Baked Curry with Various Vegetables”, vegetable toppings of which make you happy.

You can eat it up easily and deliciously with vegetable powers.

For those who like to eat something heavy, please order “Giant Shrimps” or “Hamburg Steak” for filling your appetite.

Kanmon Straits Bridge

Around “Daiichi Funa Damari (wharf)” is a strolling street with beautiful nightscape.

Crossing over Kanmon Straits, the illuminated Kanmon Bridge is a must-see beauty.

The sea at night where flickering the illumination on the wave is somehow very fantastic.

Lights of boats slowly flowing on the sea seem gently healing your mind that is pressed with jobs and miscellaneous affairs.

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Blue Wing Moji, A drawbridge of  Power Spot for love

After the drawbridge drew up and then closed down, a couple that crosses hand in hand over the bridge will be tied for a lifetime… such a magic spell is told at “Blue Wing Moji”.

It is a drawbridge only for pedestrians, which is rare nationwide, and is the energy vortex for love, certified also as “the sacred place for lovers”.

The illuminated drawbridge is so mysterious.

Round orange color lights are illuminating a way to go as if a bridge of happiness.

There is regrettably no open and close of the bridge at night, but you can enjoy definitely more romantic atmosphere for sure than that in a day time.

Retro Streetscape Embraced with Warm Lights

The drawbridge at night is the highly recommended nice view point, where you can overlook the illuminated Mojiko Retro area.

“Former Moji Customs” and “Mojiko Retro Kaikyo Plaza” illuminated with warm orange color lights show a bit different romantic appearances from those during a day time.

“Mojiko Retro Kaikyo Plaza” is a waterfront mall where are lined up fashionable shops and restaurants.

Although some shops close early, it is still beautiful just viewing the illuminated streetscape.

Let’s spend the best night in Mojiko Retro!

Mojiko Retro is always crowded with families, couples and tourists.

If you like to spend your time relaxed and slowly, hours around after the sunset are recommended.

After enjoyed fully romantic nightscape, and where shall we go next?

Please everyone, spend your supreme night.

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