Daiso’s Quick Hair Drying Glove, Test How It Dries Fast

No matter how good the hair dryer is, it takes a long time to dry your hair.

If you have long hair, it takes toooo long.

However, if you use an item sold by Daiso, the time to dry your hair will be greatly reduced!

This time, we tested Daiso’s popular item “Quick Hair Drying Gloves” to see how quickly your hair dries.

It is said that you can reduce time to one third.

How much time has it been saved?

Test of Daiso’s Quick Hair Drying Gloves

Put a glove on your hand that doesn’t have a dryer to dry the hair.

Tester’s Infomation

Long hair below the chest
Amount of hair:
A little more hair than normal people
Hair quality:
Firm straight

Normally, it takes me 15-20 minutes to dry tester&s hair with a hair dryer, but when she set a stopwatch and use Daiso’s Quick Hair Drying Gloves glove…

4 minutes and 41 seconds!

It’s so fast

The time was shortened by more than 10 minutes.

It was really surprising and also saves electricity.

It looks large, but when you put your hand inside to the glove, it is made to fit a woman’s finger, so you don’t have to worry about dropping off while drying your hair.

Also, even if the glove itself gets wet, it dries together with the heat of the dryer as it dries, so the effect will not get weakened.

However, if the hand holding the dryer gets tired, it can be troublesome to change “Quick Hair Drying Glove” and a dryer.

Convenient at Travel Destination

“Quick Hair Drying Gloves” may be convenient when you travel to overseas.

When you stay hotels, the drier has sometimes low heat and airflow.

So it is harder to dry than usual, isn’t it?

But if you have “Quick Hair Drying Gloves”, it’s really convenient because it is not hard to carry around.

Also Recommended for Pets

Quick Hair Drying Gloves are also work for your pets.

Considering the function of the grove, it can be used your pets to dry their hiar.

It is really recommended to use the gloves for dogs with a lot of hair!

Cheaper If You Buy at Daiso in Japan

If you try to buy “Quick Hair Drying Gloves” on the website, it costs about 7 US $ for 1 glove.

For example, at Amazon, the price is $6.99, and at ebay the price is $6.80.

It is much cheaper than buying on the website, so buy a lot at Daiso when visit Japan.

If you are suffering from a daily hair drying, please buy it!

Also, it should be excellent souvenir to women.


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