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3 Useful Babysitter Matching Service Sites When Sightseeing Japan

When you travel Japan for sightseeing, you may need babysitter if you have small babies or kids.

There are some matching sites for babysitters and parents.

However, most of sites are usually for Japanese.

So, this time, I selected 3 babysitter matching sites that are available for foreigners and tourists.

Let me introduce some babysitting service, that are useful when you visit Japan with babies.

What is Babysitter Matching Service

Babysitter matching service helps us to find babysitters that can take care of your babies or kids, when you are not free.

In short, it is a service where you can find a helper near your house or hotels.

What is in common among babysitter matching service is that all 3 companies have no registration fees or annual fees.

It is also attractive for users who need it only once and want to try it for now.

How to Use babysitter Maching Service

Here is the flow of how to use babysitter maching service.

Bacically, you need following steps to use.

1.Find babysitters

You can request it for 24 hours by web.

2.Make a reservation

It’s safe because we will send you a profile with a face picture of your sitter in advance!

3.Massaging each other

You can ask some question and get know each other.

4.Start babysitting

The sitter will visit you to your designated location.

3 Popular Babysitter Matching Service Sites

KXN(K by N)

The feature of KXN is aslo that you can request a babysitter from 1 hour.

There are many of different babysitters that have different nationalities with various qualifications and special skills.

And each sitter offers high quality services that make use of their individuality.

As a precautionary measure, KXN has joined the Chubb General Insurance Group Security System and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa’s liability insurance.

So, no need to be worried when you leave your children.


Available area is Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture.

Available area is expanding gradually.

This information is as of 2020/03/06

Price table

CourseVisiting Japan
Basic charge
(9:00 to 19:00)
2,200 yen / hour
Additional number2 people + 300 yen / hour
3 people + 400 yen / hour
Overtime charges
Extension fee
650 yen / 15 min
Sick child+ 300 yen / hour



The feature of PickSister is aslo that you can request a babysitter from 1 hour.

The picksitter is runned by Avenir Co., Ltd.

Avenir Co., Ltd. has licensed nursery schools and also provides support for the opening and operation of childcare businesses.

Because they have developed a sitter service utilizing their achievements, you can request with confidence.

Also, target age of is Picksitters wide, which is from 0 to 15.

In the usual babysitter service, the target is mostly elementary school students.


Available area is Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture.

Available area is expanding gradually.

This information is as of 2020/03/06

Price table

Basic chargeSitter’s hourly wage x time
From 1,500 yen per hour
Reservations accepted from 2 hours
Optional fee2nd childcare fee,
English conversation lessons, housework / cooking, etc.
Commission10% of the sum of the basic fee and option fee
Transportation expensesSitter’s transportation expenses

The website is Japanese, so please change language to English.

You can change the language upper left of the page.


CareFinder offers a service where you can be matched with bilingual babysitters.

CareFinder has babysitters with various childcare experiences and skills from all over the world.

You can meet sitters who can meet the various needs of users, such as English, French and other native languages, bilinguals, educators and music teachers.

Interviews conducted by the operating company, foreigners have passed rigorous examinations such as confirmation of work permits and notifications to each prefecture, and only those who have been carefully selected are registered as sitters.

We also take out Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance’s liability insurance, and respond to unexpected human or objective accidents that occur during sitting through Care Finder.

As for the cost, it is a bit higher than the 2 of matching sites.

Here is the example of official site.

Example how pricing works:
1 month membership at ¥2980 & Sitting fee: ¥1500 per hour
1 hour a month ¥1500 x 1 hour + ¥2980 = ¥4,480
10 hours a month ¥1500 x 10 hours + ¥2980 = ¥17,980
40 hours a month ¥1500 x 40 hours + ¥2980 = ¥62,980

Notes on Babysitter Matching Services

Matching services have the following points at all times when we use it.

・The person who manages is not a corporation but an individual
・Difficult to determine if the person is reliable
・It is hard to understand the identity

This is not always limited to babysitters, and it is always a problem when working with freelancers or any other job involving individuals

Because the matching site gives us interaction with individuals, it is possible to leave children to professionals at low cost.

It’s a good idea to decide whether to sign up after thinking about the merits and demerits.

However, as I said at the beginning, the usage rate was quite high, so I felt that there was enough room to consider.

Other sites where you can find babysitters

Although blow is not a matching sites, you can find babysitters.

But, the cost is high.

Chez Vous

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