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Beppu Benten Pond in Yamaguchi is a mysterious cobalt-blue spring!

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Beppu Benten Pond (Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) was selected by the Environment Agency as one of the “100 best waters in Japan“.

The cobalt-blue spring, which is crystal-clear to a mysterious extent, is vividly colored like a tropical sea!

In recent years, it has been attracting a lot of attention as an Instagrammable spot and a hidden vortex.

In this article, we will introduce the charm of Beppu Benten Pond, the secret of its blue color, and how to access the pond.

Cobalt blue? Emerald green? Mysterious Instagrammable spring!

Beppu Benten Pond is located in the precincts of Beppu Itsukushima Shrine at the foot of the nationally famous scenic spots of Akiyoshidai and Akiyoshido.

It has also been selected as one of the “100 best waters in Japan” designated by the Environment Agency.

The beauty is also called cobalt blue like a tropical sea, or emerald green like a jewel!

Its mysterious colors are sure to make anyone stare at it.

Many people are taking pictures with their smartphones to capture the beauty of this beauty on their cameras.

Why is it blue?

The secret of this blueness lies in the unique karst topography of the region, which is made up of limestone.

In Beppu Benten Pond, there is a clear, calcium-rich water that gushes out.

The spring water is illuminated by sunlight and reflects only blue light, giving it such a mysterious blue appearance.

One theory is that very clear water appears to be blue due to the properties of light and minerals dissolved in the water, but the reason for this has not yet been clarified.

The weather in which the pond looks most beautiful is sunny, where the light tends to reflect.

But depending on the time of day, the shadows of the trees are too unnecessarily reflected in the pond, so the lightly cloudy weather is good.

When the wind is not too strong and there is no wind, the surface of the pond will not be undulating and will look more beautiful.

This photo was taken under clear skies, and the previous photo was taken under light cloudy skies.

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You can even drink the spring water and take it home

Beppu Benten Pond gushes an abundance of 11 tons per minute, and the water temperature remains constant at 14-15 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

You can also drink from the spring water and there is a dedicated water station.

It is said that “one drink will keep you alive for a year, two drinks will keep you alive for two years,” and that it is also a vortex where you will be blessed with treasures.

The taste is adult, with a slight tangy bitterness that lingers on the tongue, perhaps because of the calcium content.

However, it is soft in the throat and the taste makes you want to drink more than one cup.

You can also put spring water on your face and hands to moisturize and keep your skin moisturized.

Beppu Benten Pond is a famous water that is good for your health from the inside and outside.

The largest karst plateau in Japan, Akiyoshidai, is also spectacular!

About 10 kilometers east of Beppu Benten Pond (about 15 minutes by car), you will arrive at Akiyoshidai, Japan’s largest karst plateau, with 4502 hectares designated as a national park and 1384 hectares designated as a special natural monument.

The countless limestone rocks from ancient coral reefs are dotted around the site, and the view is superb, which cannot be experienced anywhere else.

It is a wide range of scenic spots.

The photo shows the view from the Karst Lookout.

It’s a scene of endless grasslands and limestone, with a panoramic 360-degree view.

Access:How do we get there?

It takes about 40 minutes by car from Shin-Yamaguchi Station where the Shinkansen stops.

The Beppu Benten Pond is located a short distance away from the main tourist attractions in the vicinity, Akiyoshidai and Akiyoshido.

Basically, it’s impossible to get around on foot.

Buses can be used for transportation, but since they are used by local residents rather than tourists, it is not suitable to visit every tourist spot.

I highly recommend a car for sightseeing in this area.

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Basic Information on Beppu Benten Pond

Address: Beppu Minakami, Akiyoshi-cho, Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Access: (By Car) 20 minutes from the Mine IC on the Chugoku Expressway

(By Train or Bus) Transfer to the Sentetsu Bus from Ofuku Station on the JR Mine Line.

Get off at Katada bus stop and walk 8 minutes.


It is recommended to drive or rent a car because there are only a few buses. Free parking is available.

This information is current as of October 2017. Please check the latest information.

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