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I’m Japanese writer, so there may be some grammatical mistakes.

Meaning of This Site(JATRABRIDGE)

Abbreviation of “Japan Travel Bridge”.

Hoping this site to be a Bridge of Travel and Sightseeing for Japan and any other countries.

Introduce Myself

I graduated from a four-year university with a deviation of about 50 and belonged to an international related department.

Because of that influence, I studied abroad in a university in the United States, and I was a backpacker to Southeast Asia.

Why Write a Blog

Moved by the Usefulness of Someone

When I was in university, I belonged to a circle that supports exchange student studies.

The trigger is that I realized that I could influence someone.

I needed a TOEFL test score to study abroad, so I studied accordingly.

After returning home, I used to study the method and trouble for the students who wanted to study abroad by making use of the experience.

The number of people I supported was around 10.

One of them scored high in the test and she was selected as an exchange student.

I knew that she was married to the local students in Australia after she graduated from university, and was moved a little by the fact that my little experience could have a big impact on someone’s life.

Love Writing Unexpectedly

While I was a student, I submitted reports and papers a lot of times.

Setting up my own temporary, repeated my research, and spent time writing documents.

It was fun to write that way.

And the evaluations of reports had been quite good.

That is also a reason.

To those who Visit “JATRABRIDGE”

Particularly, I never had great success.

However, my experience goes around on the internet and hopefully ,it will be useful for someone.

Ordinary person will send out from the perspective of ordinary person.

I hope that it will be good information for someone.