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Prepaid SIM is Necessary for Travel to Japan

Do you use smartphone?

Then, when you visit Japan, prepaid SIM is necessary.

It is convenient to use smartphone, but it has to be connected to the Internet.

In Japan, the installation of the public Wi-Fi has been greatly improved, but there are still many inadequate aspects.

Maintenance of Free Wi-Fi is Delayed

Although there are other reasons as well, why maintenance of free Wi-Fi is delayed is follows.

Usually We Have Contract with Mobile Phone Carrier

The carrier contract allows us to use packet unlimitedly freely and comfortably, so it is thought that there are fewer opportunities for using public free Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, overseas, due to frequent use of prepaid mobile phones, packet traffic is low or expensive, so the free Wi-Fi is uesd higher than Japan.

Japanese Security Awareness Tends to Be High

According to a survey of “Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report” conducted by Symantec Corporation in 1,000 countries in 15 countries in 2017, about 60% of free Wi-Fi is recognized as safe.

For example, 74% in India, 69% in the United States and 69% in France say that it is “safe.”

Japan, on the other hand, reported 39% of the respondents as “safe”, the smallest in 15 countries.

Rather, Japanese tend to avoid to use free Wi-Fi in my personal feelings.

Can We Use Japanese SIM?

To replace the SIM in Japan and use your cellphone such as an overseas smartphone, the cellphone needs to be SIM-free.

However, if it is a SIM-free cellphone it doesn’t always work with Japanese SIM.

In order to use overseas cellphones in Japan, they must be compatible with Japanese communication standards.

There are three main models that are distributed worldwide and are also sold in Japan.

・Apple iPhone
・Samsung GALAXY(global model)
・Sony Xperia(global model)

If possible, it is safe to confirm if it is possible to use SIM in Japnan in advance.

But if your cellphone couldn’t work with Japanese SIM, you don’t have to care about it.

In that case, there is a way to rent Mobile hotspot(Wi-Fi).

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Point to Choose Prepaid SIM

Available Period

Prepaid SIM is basically targeted at travelers, so its effective period is short.

You can buy from a minimum of 7 days.

Usually higher the price, the longer the validity period and the larger the amount of data.

Choose a type that can be used all the time while staying in Japan.

Whether You Can Recharge

When the data capacity has run out, there are types that can be recharged and types that can not be recharged.

In addition, there is a type that is not considered to extend the period of use by recharging.

If you use a lot of data even if the travel period is short, it is safe to choose one that can be recharged.

Recharges must be made before using up the data capacity, as it is an online payment.

If you run out of SIM data capacity, connect to Wi-Fi and recharge the data capacity.

Data Only or Data & Call

Most prepaid SIMs are plans for data communication only, but some voice calls are also possible.

It is expensive compared to the plan of only data, but if you can make calls in Japan using your own smartphone, it is convenient to travel.

For examplem, if your credit card was stolen in Japan, you must call credit card company to stop your card.

It is still expensive compared to the data-only plan, but it is worth considering if you also want to talk in Japan.

Where to Buy Prepaid SIM

We can buy airpots or convenience store.

It should be better to buy at the airport.

The following SIM can be purchased at the airport in Japan.

If couldn’t scroll sheet below, please open here.

As thier service, you can also call with Wi-Ho! Prepaid SIM and JAPANTRAVEL SIM


Although Japan is developed country, maintenance of free Wi-Fi is still on the way.

Now, we can’t reach a place we don’t know without Google map.

Not to get lost on the way in Japan please be ready to visit Japan.

I hope free Wi-Fi access has to be more developed until Tokyo Olympics.

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