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Sightseeing Japan

“Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” for Travel Japan

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When you travel Japan, Wifi access is limited.

It’s because maintenance of free Wifi is delayed in Japan.

For such travelers, NTT, the biggest telephone line company in Japan offers app to search free wifi easily for us.

How to Download App

You can download Google Play app and App Store app below for each.

The app helps you find with free wifi areas nearby you.

Take a look at more after you download app.

Google Play
App Store

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How to Create account

Email address or SNS account allow you to create account.


Open the app after you download first.

Then, agree to the terms of use.

Tap the button for register with your email address.

After filling in the required items, tap register.

You will get a massage to the email address registered, so just accessing the URL on the massage to done with creating your account.

SNS Account

Open the app after you download first.

Then, agree to the terms of use.

Choose the SNS to register and tap it.

Just logging in your SNS account allows you to create an account.

How to Search Wifi Spot by “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”

To search free wifi spot, tap Wi-Fi Spot after you open app.

The nearby Wi-Fi spots are displayed from your current location.

By tapping the “AREA” button, you can also search Wi-Fi spots in major cities and around the station.

After you enter wifi area, tap the “Connect” button to start the Internet connection.

Since “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” has GPS, you can look for wifi areas while walking around.

It can be useful to save data communication use on your smartphone.

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