Shiga’s Tourist Place of Japan

In 2017, only 0.5% of tourists are visiting Shiga Prefecture according to JNTO(Japan National Tourism Organization).

In fact, I live in Kyoto and sometimes go to Shiga, but the number of tourists are totally fewer.

Still, Shiga has good places like follows.

Let’s visit Shiga instead of visiting busy Kansai area.

Cycling Metasequoia Avenue

Metasequoia avenue is in North part of Shiga where more than 500 of trees are standing.

The avenue continues for 2.4 kilometers.

The sight of avenue is simply overwhelming.

Since Japan has 4 seasons, the avenue changes its face in each season.

It’s worth to see in any season.

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The nearest station is JR Makino Station where it takes about 1 hour from JR

Kyoto Station.

From JR Makino Station, you can borrow bicycles.

It takes about 10 minutes to get metasequoia avenue by bicycle.

After that, just go through the avenue with the metasequoia.

Biwako Crusing

From Otsu Port, “Michigan Cruise” is leaving.

The name of the ship is from Michigan in America.

Since Shiga prefecture is friendship sister city with Michigan, the ship was named “Michigan Cruise” with hope to be a signal as international goodwill.

The theme of Michigan Cruise is “extraordinary”, so the interior of the ship attract you with thick and luxurious details such as carpets, chandeliers and doorknobs.

During the cruising which is 60, 80 and 120 minutes, stuff hold shows.

120 minutes course is night plan, so you can also night view of Biwako.

Lake Biwa Cruising Tour and Chikubu Island from Nagahama or Imazu Port

Please check it here(official site) for more infomation.

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Ogoto Onsen

Ogoto Onsen area is close to Kyoto:it takes 20 minutes by JR Train from Kyoto Station to Ogoto Onsen Station.

There are some hotels that have open-air bath with the room.

Soaking you body in a bath makes you forget the daily accumulated fatigue.

Note that there are sex trade shops area in Ogoto, so please avoid if you are with family.

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Biwako Valley

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Biwako Valley’s nearest station is Shiga Station which is on Kosei line.

From Shiga Station, ropeway takes you to top of the mountain.

You can overlook Lake Biwa at the terrace since the it is at 1,100m above sea level.

There are activities in Biwako Volley too, so they would make you excited.

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There are still many of amazing palces in Shiga that are not known by tourists.

It might be because the image of Shiga is weak.

Actually, many people wouldn’t think of tourist places when they are asked “what do you come up with about Shiga prefecture”.

Hope Shiga would be famous for tourism.

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