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All Over Japan

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Japan That are Highly Rated by Travelers Around the World

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Recently, Tripadvisor, a travel information site presented “The Very Best of TravelChosen by Millions of Travelers” which shows the ranking of tourists cities and islands.

The ranking is created by Tripadvisor based on the rating of travelers around the world.

From the ranking, let me introduce top 10 tourists attractions in Japan.

Please use this article as a reference for your travel to Japan.

10th Kanazawa City/Ishikawa Prefecture

It is the Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture that is ranked 10th.

Kanazawa City once flourished as “Kaga Million Stone”.

Stone is the unit in Edo era, and represents the yield of rice in an area.

One stone equals to approximately 180 liters.

So Million Stone means that 180 x 100,000 liters of rice had been harvested in Kaga area, currently Kanazawa city.

It can be imagined that how much Kanazawa city prospered.

The cityscape of Edo era still remains even now.

Also Kanazawa city has many tourist attractions such as Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen which is one of the three famous gardens of Japan.

In addition, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum, which mainly displays contemporary art so poplar that the number of visitor reached 7 million visitors in 2009 in total.

9th Hakone-machi/Kanagawa Prefecture

image by instagram.com

Hakone-machi in Kanagawa Prefecture, which has long been loved among Japanese as a hot spring town ranked 9th.

Hakone Onsen has long history : it is said that the origin of the hot spring was discovered in Nara era(around 7th century).

It is also said that amazingly, the source of Onsen has been still coming out now.

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Hakone even now, still has many hot spring towns.

One of the most famous hot spring areas is “Hakone 17 hot springs”.

Since not only hot springs but also Hakone has Lake Ashino and famous places that have superb view, travel to Hakone will surely be wonderful time for you.

8th Naha City/Okinawa Prefecture

Naha city in Okinawa ranked 9th.

Both of domestic and overseas tourists are visiting Naha city.

Gusk of Ryukyu Kingdom and related heritages that consist of  world heritages such as Shurijo Castle can’t be taken out as a choice.

Also Kokusai Dori(name of a street), the best downtown area in Okinawa suit for traveling.

Buying souvenirs, eating Okinawan local cuisines, for example, it’s good enough for enjoying.

7th Hiroshima City/Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima city in Hiroshima which is the biggest urban area in Chugoku region ranked 7th.

It is known as one of the cities that a bomb was dropped.

The atomic bomb Dome is a symbol for wishing peace in Japan.

Many of tourists are visiting to figure out the history of what happened when the World War Second.

When it comes to eating, Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima is famous among Japanese, so it should be also yummy for visitor from overseas.

6th Nagoya City/Aichi Prefecture

image by www.trip.com

Speaking of Nagoya in Aichi, now that Nagoya castle is the symbol.

Such Nagoya ranked 6th.

Nagoya is battleground for food and there are many delicious local food such as miso taste pork katsu, Iron plate napolitan, and fried chicken wings.

As an amusement park, LEGOLAND had opened in 2017 April.

Amazing Lego exhibits will be sure to surprise you.

It will be awesome experience for families with small kids.

5th Fukuoka City/Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka, the capital of Kyushu ranked 5th.

If you visit Fukuoka and once walk at night, unusual atmosphere will wrap you.

Actually, food stalls(Yatai) are standing along the street and cheerful Fukuoka people are drinking.

It’s worth visiting those stalls and feel Fukuoka.

Also Fukuoka has one of the best wisteria gardens, Kawachi Wisteria Garden.

Its landscape is so amazing that many of tourists get overwhelmed.

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4th Sapporo City/Hokkaido

Sapporo, the city which has the forth biggest population in Japan ranked 4th.

Town itself began to developed from Meiji era(1868), Sapporo has something like modern and western atmosphere.

Although the city has a lot of famous places, lavender field is one of the most superb view.

Cultural facilities and parks such as Nakajima Park and Odori Park are interesting for travel.

Also Sapporo Snow Festival, one of the world’s top three snow festivals is held  in every February.

Please enjoy conical and amazing creature made of snow.

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3rd Osaka City/Osaka Prefecture

It is Osaka city that flourished as a merchant city and embraces the diversity of cultures and many types of trends.

There are many Okonomiyaki shops and Takoyaki shops along streets in Osaka.

Although it’s hard to decide where to visit in Osaka, Osaka Castle is a tourist attractions you should choose.

Also Sinsekai and Tsutenkaku Tower is the tourist place you can feel the powerful of Osaka.

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2nd Kyoto City/Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto city is famous as a symbol area of Japanese culture.

Having lots of temples and historical buildings, Kyoto is filled with atmosphere of Japan.

Golden Pavilion is the most famous temple in Kyoto.

By the way, do you Know in fact, Kyoto has Bronze Pavilion?

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Fortunately, Kyoto didn’t get damaged by world war although it was one of the target to drop the atomic bomb off.

So, many of historical site remains and 17 of cultural properties are register as world cultural heritages.

1st Tokyo 23 districts/Tokyo

The city ranked first is 23 districts in Tokyo.

In addition, 23 districts ranked 5th as a tourist site that was highly evaluated by all over the world.

From projection mapping events using latest technology to cityscape with atmosphere of old Edo era, 23 district is an area where the past and the present merge.

Since it is the origin of many types of culture such as fashion, art and technology, Tokyo 23 district is popular not only for Japanese but also tourists from overseas.