“Robot Restaurant” that costed 10 billion in total at Kabukicho, Shinjuku

Those who live in Tokyo may have seen a very flashy sound truck of Robot Restaurant.

Kabukicho? Robot? it’s anyway glaring…..

It is a big loss for you to stay away because of such thoughts!

It is taken up by the foreign media CNN and is visited by famous movie directors of outside and inside of Japan.

Today, the very popular spot among foreign tourists coming from overseas becomes the Robot Restaurant, “an unexplored region of a city”.

Let me introduce the world of a new entertainment.

Make a reservation, let’s go out to Kabukicho, Shinjuku

The Robot Restaurant is completely for reservation.

How to make a reservation are two ways, to reserve over the phone or on website.

There are four performances a day, which start from 5 PM, 6:40 PM, 8:20 PM, and 10 PM, and you will make a reservation by designating the desired date and time.

The restaurant is located in a place where it is a five-minute walk from the east exit of Shinjuku station.

As it opens one hour before the start of performance, it is recommended to go there right after the opening.

It is because there are full of points to see even before the start of the performance.

First of all, while, at the entrance, you will find a big female humanoid robot are moving around this way and that, and you will see stairs that is surrounded by vivid and very glaring colors, which is said that Ms. Mika Ninagawa also used as a shooting location.

While allured by an unusual space in front of your eyes, you will go down to a basement with watching your steps, and you will be welcomed in a waiting room (the photo) where there are lined up with golden shining sofa.

Seeing photos that various artists, including Tim Burton, a director, Takashi Miike, a director, and Kiko Mizuhara, a model, entered the store, drinking a cocktail that a beautiful lady made for you, please enjoy the space that you cannot taste in daily life for a moment until the start of the performance.

* Although a seat is designed as narrow, you can appreciate the show lightly, since a coat can be deposited at the entrance, and since you can put your bags in an automatic locker.

Start with Japanese drums of a theme as “female battle”!

When close to the start of the performance, staff will advise you going to the show floor of the basement 2nd.

Separately, a dinner box is available at Yen 1,000, so for the one who ordered, please get a dinner box and a bottle of tea, and you get seated.

The show will start together with the sounds of the Japanese drums.

Literally of “female battle“, female dancers are separated into red and white teams and unfold Japanese drum battle and portable shrine battle.

Maybe because more than half of the guests are foreigners, the floor is heating up with handclaps and shouts of joy as Whooo!

You will be caught up in an atmosphere as if not in Japan in a good sense.

Besides, the show will make you enjoy by changing composition, including a marching band, and pole dancing that you will be allured with the abs of dancers.

And, even during these shows, you can shoot photos.

Although many places prohibit a photo-shooting during this kind of shows, in Robot Restaurant, it is also a happy point that when you aim your camera, dancers will hold a pose.

A gigantic female humanoid robot, a synonym of Robot Restaurant

The shows are divided into some compositions.

There are scenes, including a mysterious panda fights against a robot, a female warrior appears riding on a giant dinosaur, and a giant shark swallows a villain.

Some scenes are sometimes production of pretty bizarre, but the show that is unfolded in front of your eyes as if you can touch is the best part.

And, when the show comes toward the latter half, what comes out is the gigantic female humanoid robot that you may have seen on a sound truck!

Manipulated by dancers dressed in glaring costumes of electrically illuminated, it comes out.

While groovy music plays in a loud volume, guests swing lightsabers that were distributed in advance, according to the dance of dancers.

And the voltage of the floor raises rapidly!

The gigantic female humanoid robot is said that it costs Yen 100 million per robot and is a superalloy robot.

And later there is a time when you can shoot a photo together with these robots with your camera, so you can fully enjoy the time full of robots.

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You’ll fight with a robot if you are selected as a warrior

One guest among the guests will be selected as a warrior who fights with a robot.

Since you do not know who will be selected, your heart will be pounded until the warrior is decided.

If you are selected, while putting shy feeling aside, let’s fight with all your might, thinking you are lucky here!

After some weapons are given for fighting with a robot, such as big gloves and Harisen (a big paper fan used in slapstick comedy), the fighting starts.

As your opponent is a very strong robot, you cannot knock it down if trying only a bit.

Other guests are also cheering you up splendidly.

Especially those who are tourists from overseas are heating the fight with shouts of joy as if cheering up at a professional boxing match.

If you win the match, you can get a prize, so don’t hesitate, releasing pent‐up feelings and stresses of daily life on your fists, let’s punch, punch, and punch!

The stronger the warrior, the more heating up the venue.

It seems that the warrior is not by candidacy system, so for the one who is courageous like “I am the one to fight for sure!”, why don’t you try appealing by eyes so that you will be selected, with emitting an aura from your whole body that you wish to fight with a robot?

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Let’s heat up by dancing together with dancers

When the show comes toward the last part, the voltage of the floor comes to the climax.

Riding on a big glaring robot of electrically illuminated, dancers dance wildly in front of the eyes.

Although puzzled at the beginning, guests also swing wildly lightsabers at the last, and as if to say enjoy it while you can, everybody smiling does high fives with dancers, and all the guests are heated up.

You will feel like you came to a theme park rather than to a restaurant, and it is the restaurant where you can enjoy the excitement at the end of the show as if after you ride a roller coaster.

Seeing is believing.

Why don’t you go and visit there once to see what restaurant it is?

After you went there, you will wish to talk to friends about how the restaurant was.

It is no doubt that the restaurant is a spot full of such topics!

How did you like it?

Costumes are much revealing and there is a pole dancing.

So, some people may be uneasy about what atmosphere there is, but don’t worry!

There are many ladies’ guests, and it feels like a new theme park.

Don’t avoid going there.

It is the restaurant worth to visit once as a tourist spot getting attention also from overseas.

Please try enjoying “an unexplored region of a city”, by all means, calling out friends, including those who like rare things, and those who look for interesting topics.

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