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“Anamune” cafe like a medical space near America-mura

Voiced by Amazon Polly

A theme of Cafe “Anamune (Anamnesis)” that is located in a place of a five-minute walk from America-mura (American Village) Sankaku Koen (Triangle Park), Shinsaibashi, where young persons gather, is a “surprising hospital“.

To a new type of Instagrammable cafe “Anamune“, we went for gathering information!

Experiencing easily a hospital.

Three enjoyable points of the hospital cafe “Anamune”

Even hard to reach the store!? The world full of Anamune

A five-minute walk from Shinsaibashi station.

We checked the place of the building again and again, but it is absolutely here.

We got inside while being scared.

An entrance at last.

What came jumping in our sight was…

Brain…?  Lungs…? Heart…? A bit in panic in my head.

Finally, we started an interview.

We stood ready thinking that such a person who thought of opening a cafe with a theme of a hospital must be a bit of punchy person…, it was surprising that she was a very cute person.

Her name is Miss Pink!

Even the name is cute.

It is frustrating that we could not post her photo due to circumstances!

Please visit and confirm bi youself!

My anxiety was relieved all at once.


It was five years ago when the hospital cafe “Anamune” opened.

We asked “Why did you choose the hospital as a theme of this shop?”

She replied with a smile as “I wished to live in a hospital from long time ago“.

Also she said that “Anamune (anamnesis)” of the store name means “medical consultation” of medical terminology.

Most of the customers are overwhelmingly women, and it is said that also nurses on active service come sometimes.

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Interior that is too medical space, There is even  ***?!

The interior of “Anamune” is anyway greatly elaborated.

We can feel the love and respect for the hospital.

All the medical equipment etc. are surprisingly the collections of Miss Pink.

It is said that there is one of high performance, which even a nurse on active service surprises, and also precious one that is not used today.

When you look around inside of the store, there is everything that you wish to shoot photos spontaneously.

It is a new type of “Instagrammable”.

Inside the store is inorganic and medical space.

The numbers of seats are about 30 seats.

A person? who is the center of the photo is “Johnny” of an anatomical human model.

He is an owner of the store.

He is a bit playful surrounded by Halloween costumed girls.

How happy you are that you can also do a vision test.

Next to it, there also is that thing for X-ray.

That thing for X-ray is so precious that a nurse on active service was moved as “where at all did you get it!?”

On the ceiling, there is “a urine bag”, and even that equipment familiar for intravenous drip!

A table made of stainless steel that evokes an operating table.

I never took an operation, though.

It is one that seen in a TV drama often.

The inside of the store is elaborated even in detail.

It is full of playfulness.

It is a doll that is displayed.

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How the taste is of Anamune

There are about ten kinds of food menu.

There are also surprisingly prepared about 100 kinds of the drink menu.

As a cold drink will be served in a beaker, we recommend you to order a cold one for your drink.

For lunch menu, what we recommend is a set menu that is 1,100 Yen with main, salad, rice or bread, soup or petite dessert, and a drink.

My choice was a popular Loco Moco.

A hamburg steak is a size of a fist!

It was tasty because meat juice spread gradually.


How did you like it?

A simple fashionable cafe is already outdated!?

Why don’t you try experiencing a cafe full of stimulation that is different from usual at the hospital cafe “Anamune”?


Access: 5 minute walk from Shinsaibashi station.

Address: Nakanishi Bldg. 501, Nishi-Shinsaibashi 1-8-16, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture