SEKAI HOTEL, A Whole Town is Hotelized to Experience Japan, Osaka

Recently, many of tourism service developments are taken place, being aware of tourists to Japan.

On the other hand,  because of lack of inheritors or issues of location, facilities in Japan are declining such as old-fashioned public onsen and coffee shops.

During such flow of Japan, SEKAI HOTEL  has newly opened “SEKAI HOTEL Fuse” in Higashi Osaka city(east Osaka).

Theme of the hotel is “casual eveyday for the people who live in the area”.

So, let me introduce what is SEKAI HOTEL.

Cultural Value Exist in Casual Daily Life of Japan

As the number of tourists visit Japan increase higher and higher, the purpose of travelers is rapidly diversifying.

In fact, there is a increasing demand that tourist seek experience to touch with real Japanese culture, rather than just going around famous tourist attraction in a tour.

So, SEKAI HOTEL proposed an idea that hotelize a whole town by renovating ordinally houses.

That means an area itself has function like a hotel.

For example, SEKAI HOTEL Ayame in Nishikujo, Osaka, is a chartered type hotel which is totally renovated one house.

The hotel has 3 set of bunk bed, 6 bed in total.

You can feel as if you came to a Japanese friend’s house.

Also, SEKAI HOTEL makes partnership with facilities such as large public bath and coffee shops around the hotel.

So, you can enjoy those stores around the hotel.

This is the meaning of “A Whole Town is Hotelized”.

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SEKAI PASS to Experience Japanese Culture

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With their own service called “SEKAI PASS”, the company created a system where you can experience facilities for free at some stores.

You can select SEKAI PASS plan to get the benefit.

If you were not in SEKAI PASS plan you can change to SEKAI PASS plan by paying 2000 yen.

Also, at SEKAI HOTEL Fuse, you can get great experience at “Shofukudo”, a Japanese traditional sweets shop.

Not only just buy Japanese sweets, but also a SEKAI PASS guest can experience how to make Japanese sweets.

Although it seems easy and simple to make sweets, you would understand how it is difficult.

After you have done making it, you would feel fulfilled like this.

Nostalgic Even for Japanese

Because SEKAI HOTEL’s purpose is offering and sending Japanese culture to overseas, including culture which is declining, staying SEKAI HOTEL is nostalgic even to Japanese.

In fact, at SEKAI HOTEL Fuse, 70% of guests are Japanese and 30% of guests are from overseas.

One of the reasons why Japanese feel nostalgic is that there is “Dagashiya”, penny candy store nearby SEKAI HOTEL.

When we were children, we went and play outside and bought cheap sweets and snacks that cost 10 yen to 200 yen.

Because children have only small pocket money, buying sweets and snacks was nostalgic memory.

However, the number of “Dagashiya” is decreasing because of lack of inheritors.

Come to think of it, we can’t see Dagashiya recently.

Actually, I even feel like I want to go and buy snacks at Dagashiya while writing this article.

So, please feel Japanese culture at Dagashiya and stores around SEKAI HOTEL.


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