11 Maid Cafe Ranking in Tokyo [Recommended even to beginners and ladies!]

Recently, as one of the sightseeing spots in Tokyo, the popular maid cafe has now become a kind of entertainment spot.


A maid cafe: a cafe with waitresses dressed in cute maid costumes.

“@home cafe” and “Cafe Mai:lish” are famous, and there are many more hidden famous stores in the Metropolitan area, including Akihabara…!

This time is the special edition of such popular maid cafes in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

As many stores can be enjoyed not just by men but also by a group of ladies and by a couple, please, by all means, try checking them out.

How to choose a maid cafe

As of January 2020, there are about 80 stores of maid cafe even only in Akihabara, where is called “a sacred place“.

From here right away, I would like to introduce you to how to choose recommended maid cafes.

Firstly, check the concept and atmosphere

Each maid cafe has a “concept” of each store.

There are differences of not only costumes of maids and interiors of the store, but also the overall atmosphere of the store and service styles of maids.

So, it is recommended to check the homepage of the store in advance.

In most maid cafes, the sale point is that maids are talking to customers friendly and proactively, by calling a customer as “Master” and “Mistress“.

But, there may be one who thinks tough to talk friendly with a maid suddenly.

Even for such a case, please do not worry.

As there are stores where the service of maids is modest, please choose one of these, and it may be a good idea to enjoy dining slowly and having a cup of tea.

Please focus on also to signature food and drinks

Food and drinks that are served in a maid cafe are not just for you to enjoy eating deliciously.

In each store, when you order, there are some that a maid will make a distinctive service or will cast “a spell”.

Let’s check by all means also about menus before we go out.

For example, what is classic in many maid cafes is an omurice.

When you order, a maid will draw a picture or write a message by ketchup on an omurice.

For drinks as well, you will be got latte art, and a maid will make an original cocktail by shaking a shaker.

The unique service of each cafe is popular.

Enjoy also amusement as a set?

While you visit a maid cafe, let’s not just drink a cup of coffee, but try experiencing the thing that you can have only in a maid cafe.

It is good if classic amusement that I will introduce as below is set together with food and drinks, isn’t it?

Instax photos with a maid

If you wish to have a memorial of your visit to the store, it is recommended the one where there is a shooting service such as an Instax photo with a maid.

If you ask it, you will be shot a photo with a maid, using a Polaroid.  There is also some store that you can wear the cat ears matching with a maid.

An Instax photo, no matter what is said, remains in your hand, and it is good everybody to see the photo when you talk about the memory, isn’t it?

As it is an easy option with a charge from Yen 500 to about Yen 1000 in many stores, why don’t you try taking one photo as a memory?

Enjoy playing a game of one on one

There are also some stores where you can enjoy playing a simple game (a game such as a simple one that even a child can play and finish just in several minutes) with a maid.

It is especially recommended to the one who visits alone and also the one who likes to enjoy the time with the maid of your favorite.

If there is also such an enjoyable menu, varieties of how to enjoy in a maid cafe may increase more and more.

Maids dance while singing! A live performance

In a store that prepared a small stage, there may be a live performance of maids at the scheduled time and during the event period.

As you can check and see the details of such an event at a home page of each store, let’s try checking it out if you wish to watch such a live performance.

Popular store is recommended for beginners

The popularity of a maid cafe depends on, no matter what is said, how wonderful services a maid serves and how cute she is.

That means that the popular store that has many repeating customers is the store, which maids can make customers enjoy.

Even in Akihabara, any long-standing stores and any popular stores that have a waiting line to enter take all measures for employment and education of maids.

In popular stores, as there are lined up with maids who can serve the high level of services, you will be carefully taken care of even if you visit a maid cafe for the first time, also if you cannot talk because you are shy and withdrawn.

10 popular maid cafe ranking in Tokyo

Now, I will introduce you to the recommended maid cafes in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

All the stores that I introduce here are that you can enjoy for every purpose such as dining, having a cup of coffee, and of having alcoholic beverages.

Please try finding, by all means, your favorite!


Not every stuff(maid) speaks foreign languages.

Still the number of stuff who speak English is getting higher though.

However, each maid is trying hard to communicate with us, and it is so cute.

This is why Japanese maid are popular for foreigners.


1st: @home cafe

Very popular for the high quality of entertainment, and it is a signature cafe of Akiba.

Whole floors from 3rd till 7th are made cafes.

The most known in Akihabara and a signature maid cafe is this “@home cafe”.

Here are lined up with cute girls who will serve high-quality services.

The level of maids is so high that no other store cannot follow here!

It has the top popularity among maid cafes so-called “entertainment style”, and it is a charm that you can enjoy every attraction that should be of a maid cafe in Akihabara.

It is a popular store where there are many first-time visitors and tourists including foreigners and where there is always a line for waiting, so classic menus, which are made as a set of food, drinks, and amusement, (Instax photo shooting or playing a game with a maid) are prepared.

Even for first-time visitors, you can easily select the plan menu, so it is especially recommended to those who will experience a maid cafe for the first time.


@home cafe

Opening hours: from 11 AM to 10 PM (from 10 AM on Sat/Sun/holiday)

Admissions: Yen 700

Hours for staying: 1 hour

Recommended menu: Classic set menu

Amusement: Instax photo, playing a game with a maid


2nd:  Akiba Zettai Ryoiki (Akiba Absolute Area)

A menu with a live performance is popular!

This store that I introduce in the 2nd place is a maid cafe that emphasizes all over “a cat”.

It is one of the most popular stores especially for the atmosphere inside the store and the cuteness of maids.

Classic amusements, such as drawing on an omurice and shooting Instax photo together with a maid, are also of course included in the service, but the sales point of this store is, no matter what is said, the existence of “a menu with a live performance“.

“Neko-jarashi set” that includes, as a set, original cocktail, Instax photo shooting, a portrait photo, and live performance, is also prepared.

As expected in Akihabara, the power of performance by maids, who can also do “Wota-gei (a type of dancing and shouting performed by fans (otaku) at idol concerts)” is overwhelming.

It is especially recommended to those who wish to enjoy themselves very much together with maids.

This store is Akihabara’s No.1 maid cafe on TripAdvisor, so it is even good for foreigners!

Also English website is available.


Akiba Zettai Ryoiki

Opening hours: 12 PM to 10 PM

Admissions: Yen 600

Hours for staying: 60 minutes

Recommended menu: Neko-jarashi set

Amusement: Instax, live performance


3rd: MaiDreamin

There is also a party plan, and you can enjoy here in various ways!

The store is popular maid cafe “MaiDreamin”, which expands 16 stores in and outside of the country, other than in Akihabara.

The characteristic of this store is that there prepared various party plans.

Besides entering alone, it is a charm that you can enjoy in very various ways.

In the menu, there is not only a classic omurice, but also are fulfilled with food, including hamburg steak, pasta, and parfait, which are popular in a dining restaurant, so it is the store that you can also enter with a family.


For a party plan, you can add on live performance and Instax shooting with a maid, also you can add on all-you-can-drink.

Moreover, for the birthday party plan, there is also a service of a special plate with your name

There are full of happy privileges.

There many maids who speak English.

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Opening hours: Mon to Fri from 11:30 AM to 11 PM, Sat/Sun/holiday from 10:30 AM to 11 PM  (Akihabara main store)

Admissions: Yen 500

Hours for staying: 60 minutes

Recommended menu: Party plans

Amusement: Instax, live-performance

4th: Mononopu

A new concept that combines moe culture and the Warring States period of Japan.

This maid cafe has a reputation as a place where you can enjoy a lot of atmosphere of the warring states period.
It’s a place where you can enjoy a different atmosphere at a reasonable price.

If you make a reservation, you can enter the cafe smoothly.

You can only make reservations on weekdays and not on weekends or holidays, so it’s best to make sure you have plenty of time to get there to avoid waiting.

It’s also in Osaka.


Opening hours: 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Admissions: Yen 500

Hours for staying: 60 minutes

Access:3 minutes walk from JR Akihabara station

5th Shangrila

This is a cafe specializing in chubby maids, perfect for those who like chubby.

The cubby(popchari) maid cafe “Shangrila” is the first maid cafe where chubby maids serve moe moe.

Shangrila’s message is the concept that “chubby is the origin of moe”.

“Chubby girls” is an entity that men can easily imagine “femininity”, “motherhood” and “healing”, and is the starting point of “moe”.

You can tell how chubby each maid is by the color of her clothes.


Orange — 5L equivalent
Pink —— 4L equivalent
Purple —- 3L equivalent
Green —– 2L equivalent



Opening hours:
Mon 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
Tue 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
Wed 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
Thu 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
Fri 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
Sat 12:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
Sun 12:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
Public Holidays 12:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)

Admissions: Entry charge…\800(60min)
Extension charge(automatic extension)…\400(30min)

Access:3 minutes walk from JR Akihabara Station

6th: Crown Tiara

It is a concept cafe with a theme as being “Alice in Wonderland”.

Even among the concept cafes of “Toy Group” that I also introduced before, the store that is especially popular in Akihabara is this “Crown Tiara” that is with a theme of “Alice in the Wonderland”.

The costume of cute maids and the atmosphere of the inside store achieve the deep-rooted fans.

Popular “Alices” are so popular that they release a CD, and it is one of the sales points here that you can also enjoy a live performance of the Alices’ inside the store.

This store also opens until 5 AM on a day before a holiday, so you can enjoy alcoholic beverages and delicious food for a long time.

Food that matches with cocktails, including pizza and pasta, are also prepared.


Crown Tiara

Opening hours: Mon to Thu from 5 PM to 11 PM, Fri from 5 PM to 5 AM, Sat from 12 PM to 5 AM, Sun from 12 PM to 11 PM, a day before a holiday from 5 PM to 5 AM

Admissions: Yen 800

Hours for staying: one hour

Recommended menu: Pizza, Deep-fried chickens

Amusement: Instax, live performance

7th: Cure Maid Cafe

It is a store that English tea is delicious and is in a calm atmosphere.

This store does not serve a proactive service, such as “Welcome, Master!”, and a general service that should be in a maid cafe.

As expected in Akihabara, the store operates often collaboration with animes while maids wearing maid costumes, but it has a calm atmosphere overall.

Even for the one who feels a bit hesitant with a maid cafe of a lively atmosphere, the store can be used as a standard cafe or dining restaurant.

It is also the store that is certified by the Japan Tea Association as “a store of delicious English tea”, so the taste of the English tea, scone, and waffle is approved.

Of course, the store carefully elaborates on the dining menus both lunch and dinner.

The calm atmosphere and quality as a cafe is good as a maid cafe.


Opening hours: Mon to Thu from 11:00 AM to 8 PM, Sun from 11 AM to 7 PM, Fri/Sat and a day before a holiday from 11 AM to 10 PM


Hours for staying:

Recommended menu: English tea, Original herb tea

Amusement: playing a musical instrument (Saturday dinner)

8th: pinafore

A maid cafe where you can enjoy a bar-style until 5 AM the next morning.

Pinafore is a long-standing maid cafe that operates three stores in Akihabara.

Among the three stores, two stores of Labyrint store and Petit store are the stores of a bar-style that open until 5 AM.

It is characteristic that menus related to alcohol beverages are fulfilled, including all-you-can-drink plan.

Of course, lunch menus are served during lunchtime and food menus are also fulfilled.

In Pinafore, it is also a sales point that each maid can make an original cocktail.

After a drink around Akihabara, it is also fun to use for the second and the third party.  It may be a maid cafe a bit for adults.

The website has English version, so there are some English speakers.

The store is recruiting English speakers.



Opening hours: From 12 PM to 5 AM

Admissions: Yen 500

Hours for staying: 60 minutes

Recommended menu: Original cocktails

Amusement: Instax

9th place:  StarLight Novel

It is a rare maid cafe with a concept of stars.

The store is operated by the same series of a group of the store of Cinderella Legend.

The interior with a theme of “Stars” is very distinctive.

A costume of a maid is cute and also with a base color of blue, which seems to remind an image of the space and stars, with yellow ribbons.

Maids are “fairies of stars” and they are holding “Star Light Party” together with customers, and it is the concept.

So, you can enjoy cheerful and happy atmosphere.

Food menus and alcoholic beverages are also fulfilled, and these are also with the theme of “Stars”.

So, there are many unique menus, including “Saturn parfait” and “A deep-fried Martian (deep-fried octopus)”.

Of course, you can also enjoy classic menus like omurice, pasta, and pizza!

The store is recruiting English speakers, so there may be maids who speak English.


StarLight Novel

Opening hours: Mon to Thu from 5 PM to 11 PM, Fri from 5 PM to 5 AM, Sat from 12 PM to 5 AM, Sun from 12 PM to 11 PM, A day before a holiday from 5 PM to 5 AM

Admissions: Yen 600

Hours for staying: 60 minutes

Recommended menu: Omurice, etc.

Amusement: Instax, live-performance

10th:Cafe Mai:lish

It is a maid cafe where you can slowly spend your time without a cover charge.

As it is a shift system in 90 minutes without a cover charge, it is a distinctive feature of Cafe Mai:lish that you can spend your time very slowly.

Here, not only a maid of standard maid costume but also a maid in cosplay will serve you.

Also as events by each day of a week is plentifully planned, you can enjoy a different atmosphere every time you visit.

Lined up with classic food and drinks, lunch set meals of good value for money are also prepared during weekdays.

It is a store where you can slowly spend your time, as expected there are also drinks of 3 times the size of Jumbo drink menus, and it is also characteristic of the store.

On an original cocktail, there attached a purikura (a stickered small sized photo taken in a photo booth) of a maid, and it is also a happy point, isn’t it?

This store is famous for sacred place of STEINS;GATE even among foreigners.

So, there many foreign tourists too.


Cafe Mai:lish

Opening hours: From 11 AM to 10 PM

Admissions: Free (A customer is required to order one drink at least for 90 minutes.

Hours for staying: 90 minutes

Recommended menu: Omurice, A drink three times the size

Amusement: Instax

11th: Filles

It is a store that “an ordinary girl” serves you in a counter seat style.

In Filles, a maid does not have any “character” unlike the other stores, and it is a store that a girl as an ordinary girl will serve you.

A counter seat style that values communications with customers is also a distinctive feature of this store.

The store is recruiting English and Chinese speakers, so there may be maids who speak English and Chinse.

Hours for staying can be more than 90 minutes except during the night of weekdays, so it is also a good point that you can spend your time slowly.

If you collect point cards, there are also happy services, such that you can shoot a memorial Instax photo together with a maid, and that you can get a present.

For customers of couple and ladies, there is a rental service of a maid costume, so it is also possible that you can enjoy by completely pretending that you are a maid, isn’t it?



Opening hours: Weekdays from 4 PM to 11 PM, Sat from 11 AM to 11 PM, Sun/holiday from 11 AM to 10 PM

Admissions: Yen 1500 for the first time customer, Yen 1800 from the second and more time (including one drink)

Hours for staying: 90 minutes (More than Yen 1000 for 60 minutes during the night of weekdays)

Recommended menu: Food menu with a drawing service, event menu

Amusement: Rental maid costume for ladies

Wrapping up

How did you like it?

Now, a maid cafe is not only for “Otaku” who visit Akihabara.

Each store designs carefully and finely a scheme that even ladies and families can completely enjoy as entertainment.

When going to Tokyo sightseeing, and when entertaining friends from afar, please try visiting, by all means, a maid cafe.

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