7 Places to Stay in Naoshima, the Island of Art

Naoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea, located in Kagawa County, Kagawa Prefecture.

The island is known for its yellow pumpkins designed by Yayoi Kusama, and it has been acclaimed both domestically and internationally as a museum of art.

When you visit such a stylish place, you want to stay in a nice hotel!

We’ll introduce “7 Places to Stay in Naoshima”!

(Information is current at the time of publication. For more information, it is recommended to check the official website in advance.

Benesse House

The first one I would like to introduce is Benesse House.

The theme here is “Symbiosis of Nature, Architecture and Art“, and you can see a lot of art inside and outside the facility.

You can spend an artistic time on Naoshima, which is said to be the island of art.

The rooms are divided into four wings.

The accommodation buildings are “Museum”, “Park”, “Oval”, and “Beach”.

The building with a view of the Seto Inland Sea and the building closest to the artworks in the museum have different characteristics, so you can choose the one that best suits your purpose.

In addition to accommodations, there are also facilities such as a terrace café and a spa by reservation only, so check them out as well.

Bamboo Village

The next one I would like to introduce is Bamboo Village.

It is a guest house located on high ground with a view of the Seto Inland Sea.

You can reserve rooms by groups, but they are basically shared.

There are also women-only rooms available, so even if you are a woman alone, you can use them with no worries.

In the gallery and hall of the shared space, artists’ works are displayed, so you can feel the art without leaving the guest house.

Surrounded by rich nature, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing and carefree trip.

You can check the availability and make a reservation from the official website.


Bamboo Village
3299-2, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa

Guest House Omiyake

The next one I would like to introduce is “Guesthouse Omiyake“.

This building, currently used as a lodging facility (zashiki), cafe and restaurant, has been designated a tangible cultural property by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

It is rare that you can stay in a building with such a long history.

Rooms are available in tatami rooms and Western-style guest houses.

You can make reservations on the official website or by phone.

You can also enjoy a light meal at the cafe and restaurant “Saryou Omiyake” from 11am to 4pm.

Although Naoshima has a strong image of modern art, there is a project in progress in this area where artists are using old buildings to create works of art.

Why not stop by the inn to appreciate the project as well?


Guesthouse Omiyake
855 Naoshima-cho, Kagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture

Guest House Kikusui Ryokan

The next one I would like to introduce is Guest House Kikusui Ryokan, which is not located on Naoshima, but rather a five-minute walk from Uno Port in Okayama Prefecture.

It is not located on Naoshima Island, but a five-minute walk from Uno Port in Okayama Prefecture.

This makes it an easy place to visit art-related art spots in the area.

The rooms themselves were designed by artists, so you can feel the art while staying here.

You can check out the details of the artists who designed the rooms and their interiors on the official website.

It’s also nice to know that you can book a room that you like by looking at the pictures.

Knowing about the artists beforehand will help you enjoy the experience in a slightly different way.

The official website also includes information on how to get to nearby spots, so check it out when you’re ready to visit.


Guest House Kikusui Ryokan
1-24-6 Chikko 1-24-6, Tamano City, Okayama

Naoshima Tsutsujiso

The next one I would like to introduce is Tsutsuji-so, where you can see the quiet sea of the Seto Inland Sea in front of you.

You can enjoy the fresh taste of domestic ingredients, mainly from the Seto Inland Sea, in the reservation-only meals.

It is a blissful moment to have a delicious meal surrounded by nature.

The type of rooms here is unique.

There are three types of rooms: Japanese style cottage, Pao, and trailer house.

Among them, the Pao is a reproduction of a Mongolian tent.

It’s interesting to experience an exotic atmosphere in the Setouchi area.

Each type will give you a different travel experience.


352-1, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa


The next one I would like to introduce is MAROULLA’S HOUSE.

This one was built as an annex to Yado Seven Beach on Naoshima.

The house has a cute and pop interior, and is a special accommodation facility limited to one group per day.

It’s a great place for those who want to spend time alone with their loved ones or for a group trip.

Only showers are provided, but those who want to use the bathtub can use the one at Yado Seven Beach.

Other facilities and amenities can be found on the official website.

The atmosphere is different from that of Yado Seven Beach, and the rooms are brightly colored. The colorful colors of the rooms are sure to make you excited.


Naoshima-cho 231082, Kagawa Prefecture


Last is SANA MANE, a glamping facility where modern art meets nature in Naoshima.

This is a glamping facility where the contemporary art of Naoshima meets the richness of nature.

With its distinctive design, you can enjoy the scenery indoors.

Each room is also equipped with a rain shower and a toilet, so you can stay in the comfort of your room.

The food here is also appealing.

There are two types of BBQ menus, so you can choose the one that fits your budget.

It’s nice to be able to enjoy a luxurious BBQ in the comfort of a stylish tent.


2182 Yokoo 2182, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa

Let’s Go Artistic Island of Naoshima!

How did you think?

Although Naoshima has an artistic image, there are also many attractive lodgings that you should definitely stay in.

Please take a look at them for your next trip.

(Information is current at the time of publication. For more information, we recommend you to check the official website in advance).

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