8 recommended day-trip Onsen in Osaka City! Spectacular open-air baths and natural hot spring facilities!

In Osaka Prefecture, there are actually a total of 152 hot springs (according to the Ministry of the Environment, based on the 2020 hot spring usage status, including unused hot springs).

Among them, we will introduce recommended day-use hot springs in Osaka City!

From hot spring inns with a secluded atmosphere to open-air baths with stunning views and natural hot springs near stations for a quick visit after work, Osaka offers a variety of hot springs!

There are even spa resorts where you can spend the whole day.

In this article, we will focus on introducing recommended day-use hot springs in Osaka Prefecture at spots where you can enjoy them for a day.

*Please note that this information is as of June 14, 2022, and details such as closing days and operating hours may have changed.

As the situation is dynamic, please contact each facility or store for the latest information.

Osaka is known for its convenient transportation and short travel distances, making it easy to explore. From glamorous spa resorts to traditional hot spring inns, you can enjoy a rich variety.

Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER

Time travel to Azuchi-Momoyama! Luxurious and colorful hot spring theme park

If you proceed from Bentencho Station’s ticket gate to the 2nd floor of Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower, you will find the entrance to time travel. Once you step in, it’s a luxurious and colorful hall of Azuchi-Momoyama culture!

“Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER” is a day-use hot spring facility where you can enjoy bathing in a gorgeous atmosphere.

Inside the facility, you can handle everything, including shopping, with a key band and settle the bill at the end.

After receiving a key band at the reception and changing into the facility’s attire, you can enjoy the baths with the lightness of strolling around a festival in a yukata.

In the hot spring area on the 4th and 5th floors, you can enjoy various baths such as garden-view baths and outdoor baths with water springing from 1000 meters underground.

There are baths with silk-like fine bubbles and baths with high-concentration carbon dioxide gas dissolved.

The “Sky Garden” on the rooftop is a vast Japanese garden of about 1000 tsubo (approx. 3300 square meters), where you can stroll around in a yukata.

For an additional fee, you can also enjoy a rock bath called “Heat Wind Alley” and private outdoor baths.

Near the 2nd-floor entrance, there is a gourmet alley, Benten Ennichi, esthetic treatments, fish therapy, and more, making it a relaxing facility where you can spend a whole day.

"Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER" is Instagrammable Like a Theme Park!"Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER", the largest class of hot spring fa...

[Address]1-2-3 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
[Solaniwa Onsen ]11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entry at 9:00 PM)
[Regular Holiday]Irregular, once a month ※Details need to be confirmed on the official website
[Admission Fee]Entrance Fee: 【Adults】Weekdays ¥2,640, Weekends/Holidays ¥2,860, Designated Days ¥3,080
【4-6 Years Old】Weekdays ¥1,320, Weekends/Holidays ¥1,430, Designated Days ¥1,540
Rock Bath (Adults only): Weekdays ¥1,100, Weekends/Holidays/Designated Days ¥1,320, etc.
※Discounts available for those aged 60 and above, web pre-sales, etc. Please check the official website for details.
[Access]【Train】JR, Osaka Metro Bentencho Station, just a short walk away
For details on “Solaniwa Onsen Springs OSAKA BAY TOWER”

Naniwa-no-Yu Natural Hot Springs

Located in the heart of the city, just “within 2 km from Osaka Station,” is the natural hot spring, “Naniwa-no-Yu.”

Drawing abundant spring water from 659 meters underground, it fills the open-air baths and indoor baths up to the 8th floor.

The water quality is sodium-chloride-carbonate hydrogen ion spring.

Derived from the geological layers of 1.5 million years ago when this area was under the sea, the hot spring is renowned as “beauty water.”

With a trace amount of carbon dioxide, you can particularly enjoy a leisurely soak in the open-air bath called the “Source Bath.”

Comparing it with the artificial carbonated bath in the indoor section could be interesting. There are also sitting baths, lying baths, saunas, and more.

Renovated and reopened in April 2022.

Introduced “Auto Louver” by Izness in the Tower Sauna (men’s bath, as shown in the upper photo) and far-infrared sauna (women’s bath)!

The women’s steam sauna also features “Collagen Light.”

The indoor carbonated bath is also new, and the wooden deck in the open-air bath has been replaced with Ryukyu tatami. New delights abound.


[Address]1-7-31 Nagahara Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
[Business Hours]【Weekdays】10:00 AM – 1:00 AM【Weekends】8:00 AM – 1:00 AM (Last reception at 12:00 AM for both)
[Regular Holiday]None
[Admission Fee]【Junior High School Students and above】¥850【Elementary School Students】¥400【0 to Preschoolers】¥150
[Access]【Train】8 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Station
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Kamigata Onsen Ikkyu

This is a day-use hot spring facility located in the seaside area of Konohana Ward, Osaka City.

Just a 10-minute drive from a nearby large-scale movie theme park.

Seems like the perfect place to relax and recover after a day of hearty play.

The “commitment” here is that they use natural hot spring water in all baths.

Since the source temperature is relatively high at 50.3°C, it is slightly cooled by passing through a heat exchanger’s pipes but remains completely undiluted. They flow the water without adding any, and there is no recirculation.

Separated into the “Wooden Bath” zone and the “Stone Bath” zone, the genders alternate on odd and even days.

The photo here is the “Rock Carved Bath” in the Stone Bath zone.

Various baths are available, including open-air baths, ceramic baths, beating baths, and an ultra-fine mist sauna.


[Address]5-9-31 Torishima, Konohana-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
[Business Hours]10:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Last reception at 11:00 PM)
[Regular Holiday]3rd Tuesday (may change if it falls on a public holiday)
[Admission Fee]【Weekdays】Junior High School Students and above ¥750, Elementary School Students ¥400
【Weekends/Holidays】Junior High School Students and above ¥850, Elementary School Students ¥450
[Access]【Train】2 minutes on foot from Bus Stop “Torishima 5-chome” by bus from JR Nishikujo Station, Bus Route 59
For details on “Kamigata Onsen Ikkyu”

Kowanoyu Natural Hot Springs

Known as the “second-highest mountain in Osaka City,” Mount Showa (Showazan) stands at an elevation of 33 meters.

The entire area has become a leisure spot known as Showa Park.

Kowanoyu is a day-use hot spring facility located just east of Mount Showa.

From open-air baths like Tsubo-yu and Atsu-yu to indoor baths like Attraction Bath and Relaxation Bath, it offers various types of baths for a relaxing time to soothe fatigue.

The spacious and clean sauna is also highly recommended.

Enjoy the pleasant scent of wood, and with the combination of cold-water baths and exposure to the open air, you can experience a fulfilling “refreshing time.”

Seasonal events such as Ayame-yu are also something to look forward to!

Operating late into the night, it’s a convenient spot to drop by for a quick relaxation after day trips or leisure activities.


[Address]1-23-85 Senjima, Taisho-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
[Business Hours]10:00 AM – 12:30 AM (Last reception at 12:00 AM)
[Regular Holiday]None (Closed occasionally for maintenance)
[Admission Fee]【Junior High School Students and above】¥700【4-6 Years Old】¥300
[Access]【Train】2 minutes on foot from Bus Stop “Senjokoen-mae” by Osaka City Bus from JR Taisho Station
For details on “Kowanoyu Natural Hot Springs”

Spa World: World’s Grand Hot Springs

A grand collection of baths from 12 countries around the world!

Spa World, the world’s grand hot springs, is a day-use hot spring facility where you can experience baths from all over the world.

The Spa World facility is divided into two zones: “European Zone” and “Asian Zone,” with a monthly rotation of genders.

The European Zone features numerous “Thermae” baths, such as ancient Roman baths, the mythical Atlantis of Greece, and Finland’s sauna house.

The Asian Zone includes baths inspired by Islamic stone baths, the Persian bathhouse modeled after the Palace of Persepolis, a Singaporean SPA, and various Japanese baths like a mountain stream open-air bath and a large cypress bath.

There’s also a swimsuit (unisex) Bade Zone, as well as a warm water and indoor amusement pool, accessible with the common entrance fee for Spa World.

(Additional charges may apply for individual attractions, etc.)

Located near Jan Jan Yokocho, you can enjoy both experiences!

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[Address]3-4-24 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
[Business Hours]10:00 AM – 8:45 AM (Next day), Rock Bath 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Kids Pool 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Amusement Pool / Bade Zone 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM ※Please check the official website for other details
[Regular Holiday]None (Occasional temporary closures for maintenance)
[Admission Fee]Entrance Fee:【Junior High School Students and above】¥1500【Elementary School Students and below】¥1000 (Includes amenity usage fees such as towels, shampoo, and facility wear) ※Late-night surcharge of ¥1300 plus ¥150 bathing tax from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM ※Additional charges may apply for each attraction in the pool. Please check the official website for details.
[Access]【Train】A short walk from Exit 5 of Osaka Metro Dobutsuen-mae Station, a short walk from JR Shin-Imamiya Station
For details on “Spa World: World’s Grand Hot Springs”
Tickets can also be purchased here.

Natural Open-Air Hot Spring: Spa Suminoe

Located within the all-weather leisure facility “Mag Suminoe,” which offers activities such as bowling, golf, futsal, and karaoke, Spa Suminoe is a day-use hot spring facility.

The spring quality, gushing from 700 meters below the ground, is sodium-sulfate spring.

It is said to originate from groundwater formed about 100 million years ago when the Osaka Plateau was shaped, providing a gentle and soothing touch to the skin.

From open-air baths like the Forest Tub Bath and Bamboo Grove Bath to a variety of indoor baths, you can indulge in the pleasures of famous hot springs and relax, forgetting your daily routine.


[Address]1-1-82 Izumi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
[Business Hours]10:00 AM – 2:00 AM (Last entry at 1:00 AM)
[Regular Holiday]None
[Admission Fee]【Junior High School Students and above】Weekdays ¥720, Weekends/Holidays ¥820【Elementary School Students】Weekdays ¥360, Weekends/Holidays ¥410【0 to Pre-school】Weekdays ¥180, Weekends/Holidays ¥200
[Access]【Train】3 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Suminoe Koen Station
For details on “Natural Open-Air Hot Spring: Spa Suminoe”
Tickets can also be purchased here.

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Yumoto Suisyun

A comprehensive hot spring facility located in the greenery of Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, a favorite spot for Osaka citizens.

With an outstanding 2-minute walk from Tsurumi Ryokuchi Station and long operating hours, it’s easy to drop by casually.

The spring source gushes from approximately 1300m underground at about 47°C, containing high concentrations of hot spring minerals, and is known as the “hot water” because it retains heat well.

You can enjoy spacious open-air rock baths, and there are also artificial carbonated baths with high levels of carbon dioxide gas and milky baths infused with plenty of enzymes.

In the relaxation space “Recliner Area,” you can enjoy unlimited reading of about 10,000 comics. The facility also features the authentic fitness center “B-fit.”


[Address]1-37 Ryokuchi Koen, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
[Business Hours]【Weekdays/Saturdays】9:00 AM – 2:00 AM【Sundays/Holidays】6:00 AM – 2:00 AM (Last entry at 1:00 AM)
[Regular Holiday]None ※Closed for maintenance on occasion
[Admission Fee]Bathing fee:【Adults】Weekdays ¥850, Weekends/Holidays ¥950【Elementary School Students】Weekdays ¥430, Weekends/Holidays ¥480【Children Under Elementary School Age】Weekdays ¥220, Weekends/Holidays ¥280 ※Elementary school students and below must be accompanied by a guardian
Bathing + Rock Bath:【Adults】Weekdays ¥950, Weekends/Holidays ¥1050【Elementary School Students】Weekdays ¥610, Weekends/Holidays ¥710 ※Available for elementary school students and above
[Access]【Train】2 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Tsurumi Ryokuchi Station
For details on “Tsurumi RyokuchiYumoto Suisyun”
Tickets can also be purchased here.




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