Takeda Castle Ruins in the Sky and in Sea of Clouds in Hyogo Japan

I’m sure that many of people know Laputa of Ghibli Aniation.

Then, How about true Laputa in Japan?

Japan has Takeda Castle Ruins that is like Laputa floating in sea of clouds.

About Takeda Castle Ruins

image by tabicoffret.com

Takeda Castle Ruins is famous for scenery of the castle surrounded by fog.

Takeda Castle’s appearance reminiscents us of a castle floating in the sky, and it’s called “the castle of the sky” and “Japanese Machu Picchu”

In 2012, since Takeda Castle Ruins was certificated as “sacred ground of lovers” by Hoygo prefecture, many of couples are visiting.

It’s popular in not only Japanese but also foreigners of younger generation as “sacred ground of lovers”.

You can get middle of mountain trail in 20 minutes from JR Takeda station by Tenku Bus.

Tenku Bus is available from the end of March until the end of November.

After getting off the bus, it takes about 20 minutes on foot to Takeda Castle Ruins.

Point to See the Sea of Clouds of Takeda Castle

Season and Time Zone When Sea of Clouds Comes Out

For season, from autumn to winter is the best season to see sea of clouds.

However, if it’s windy day, it’s hard to see.

For time zone, from sunrise to 8:00 am is the best timing.

Since Takeda Castle is 354 meters above sea level and is surrounded by moutains, it should be cold.

So, please wear warm clothes.

Conditions Sea of Clouds Occur

It is said that the sea of clouds is likely to occur in the following conditions are met.

・The day, there is a center of high pressure in the Sea of Japan

・Sunny day

・The temperature difference between morning and daytime is large

・No wind or weak

・The fog fog warning of Tajima southern region is a reference

The day after it rained seems to be good because it gets wet and humidity is high.

Summary:Don’t Get Disappointed If You Couldn’t See

image by twitter.com

I think you would see a lot of moving photos of Takeda Catsle in sea of clouds on the internet.

However, we can’t see anytime because it’s natural phenomena.

Although I show some conditions when sea of clouds occur, I would like you to understand it.

In a sense, Takeda Catsle is really like Laputa for its rare chance to see.

Hope you can have fun for trekking.

As a bonus, Takeda Catsle in sea of clouds might come.

If one of your families got disappointed like this, please encourage he or she.

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