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GINZAN BOYZ(Silver mine BOYZ) In Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine & Dam Hayashi(hashed beef with rice): Asago City, Hyogo, Is Hot

“GINZAN BOYZ (silver mine boys)” appeared from underground mine track.

“Dam Hayashi (hashed beef with rice)” not Dam Curry (curry with rice).

Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture, known for “Takeda Castle ruins”, a castle in the sky floating on the sea of cloud, has been gathered attentions for appearing new specialties.

Born is the surprising ultra super underground idle group from Ikuno Silver Mine, which is designated as the Japan Heritage.

And “Dam Hayashi” appeared at “Kurokawa Onsen Hot spring”, which is known to those in the know, a hidden hot spring of Hyogo.

Let me introduce the new specialties that make noises of the place.

A Historical Ruin, Ikuno Silver Mine, One Of The Best Mines

Located about in the center of Hyogo Prefecture is Asago City.

There are a sightseeing spot, “a historical ruin, Ikuno Silver Mine”, as well as “Takeda Castle ruins”, a castle in the sky, floating on the sea of cloud.

Takeda Castle Ruins in the Sky and in Sea of Clouds in Hyogo JapanI'm sure that many of people know Laputa of Ghibli Aniation. Then...

The mine was found 1200 years ago, and it was the one of the best mines in Japan, which was recorded in a book of the Sengoku Era as “there come out silver like do earth and sand”.

It supported Japan as the government managed mine in the Meiji Era, and the Imperial chrysanthemum emblem embossed on the entrance gate tells such history.


Ikuno Silver Mine produced not only silver but also about 70 kinds of ores.

The town was very flourished and it is said that there lived 10 thousand people in the Showa 30s (a decade from 1955).

It is less than half of that time now.

The mine was closed in 1973.

Now, there remain Ikuno Silver Mine, a historical ruin, revived as a sightseeing site, and historical townscape, such as Western-style buildings and former mine government office that were built in early Showa.

There are surprises inside of the mine track one after another.

There remains the trace of excavation by hands of the Edo Period as it was, and also you can see the trace of massive excavation used explosives by under supervision of foreign engineers after the Meiji Era.

The total length of the mine track is more than 350 kilometer and it was excavated till the depth of 880 meter.

Although it is such massive scale, it is said that there was no mining worker who died in collapse of rocks during excavation.

You may understand that rocks of the mine are very firm and solid.

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Underground Idol Born In The Underground “GINZAN BOYZ(silver mine boys)” In Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

Mannequins explain the exhibition inside of the mine track at Ikuno Silver Mine.

Though it is good to show simply the inside of mine track like in Iwami Silver Mine, also popular is the landscape of work that can be understood at a glance, so even kids will not get bored.

The face look is not similar to the Japanese as these are mannequins, so these are completely incompatible to the place.

These handsome mine workers made a debut as idols in summer of 2017.

They are the genuine underground idols “GINZAN BOYZ (silver mine boys).

The debut song introduced in YouTube “Gingira Ginzan Paradise -GGGZPDS-” recorded far more than 70 thousand plays as in the end of November, 2017.

Ginzan Boyz: Japan’s newest idol group, made up of underground mannequins 【Video】

Once Japanese tourist hear the music, you will sing it unconsciously, and the pop melody will not leave from their thought.

Currently, there is no English language version.

As a part of the lyrics is subject to censorship for some reasons, it is interesting lyrics only in Ikuno Silver Mine.

They have also introduced French version in November 2017.

You can watch videos and introduction of members of GINZAN BOYZ on the official website of Ikuno Silver Mine.

The photo is a scene of promotional video shooting.

For all the boys who might think in disappointment that “though you say an idol, they are boys’ group, aren’t they?”!

There also are mannequins of girls.  Please pay your attention also to the girls, who look so weak with white and smooth skin that you cannot think that they are working inside of the mine track.


Business hours:
from April to October 9AM till 5:30PM (the last at 4:50PM), in November 9AM till 5PM (the last at 4:20PM), from December to February 9:30AM till 4:30PM (the last at 3:50PM), in March 9:30AM till 5PM (the last at 4:20PM)

Every Tuesday only during December through February (next day when Tuesday is the national holiday)

Adult 900 Yen, Junior and high school students 600 Yen, Elementary school students 400 Yen, younger than elementary school students free

Ono 33-5, Ikuno Town, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number: 079-679-2010

About 5km from Ikuno station of JR Bantan line.

10 minute walk from Ikuno Ginzan Guchi bus stop (Please check as the numbers of regular route bus operation are few.)




Usually WIFI is not available in isolated islands or isolated places, even at hotels or restaurants.

So, portble wifi is recommended.

Mobile Hotspot(WiFi) for Japan TravelI think most of people trip to Japan have their smartphones. Inte...

Kurokawa Onsen Is Hidden Hot Spring Of Beautiful Women

If you go home after going around of only historical sites when visiting to Ikuno Silver Mine, you will miss some spots.

There is Kurokawa Dam along national road the 429th going about 30 minute by car.

It is a dam for a pumping-up power plant with the height of 98 meter.

Distinctive is the appearance called rockfill, piled up rocks and sand.

There is a hidden hot spring “Kurokawa Onsen” known as a hot spring of beautiful women at the foot.

Though the road is said as a national road, as it run through among narrow roads along gorge, there is a full of hidden place atmosphere.

There also some people going back as they fear.

The hot water of Kurokawa Onsen is smooth and clear with very comfortable texture for skin.

You can understand why it is called as a hot spring of beautiful women.

It is a hot spring not just enough for a day use.

You will feel like taking the hot spring repeatedly as much as possible.

It consists of a simple inside bath and an open air bath, and you can view Kurokawa Dam over the bamboo fence of the open air bath.

The photo shows the landscape of around Kurokawa Onsen viewed from the top of the dam

Though the side of dam lake is also elegant, you will feel so good as if you became a bird when looking towards the side of down stream.

Rare Even in Japan,Dam Hayashi(Hashed Beef With Rice) Not Dam Curry

Speaking of popular menus of a restaurant inside of Kurokawa Onsen, it is a local specialty gourmet of Ikuno “Ikuno Hayashi Rice (hushed beef with rice)”.

It is a local specialty gourmet, which is a reproduction of nostalgic taste that used to often be eaten in company residence of Ikuno Silver Mine.

It is called as “Onsen Hayashi Rice” at Kurokawa Onsen as it is served with Onsen Tamago (half boiled egg).

What gethers attentions now is “Dam Hayashi”.

It is introduced as competition to Dam Curry that is booming.

It looks as if you are viewing the landscape from Kurokawa Dam.

The rockfill construction of Kurokawa Dam is also expressed.

The position of a flag is just where Kurokawa Onsen is.

It is served with a fritter of smelt and an onsen tamago (a half boiled egg).

Limited only 20 orders a day.

There are also other specialties in Kurokawa Onsen.

It is a hot pot with boar meat, served only in winter (late November through middle of April).

It is cooked with blended miso pastes of several kinds of misos (miso: soy bean fermented paste).

Though you are required to pre-order, it is distinctively delicious that you eat the hot pot with boar meat after taking a bath of onsen.

Other than these, there are also some menus only in a region surrounded by nature, such as Shika katsu (deep-fried deer meat) and salt-grilled amago (trout).

The photo shows the mini hot pot with boar meat set for one person.

This is not required for pre-order and served throughout of a year.


At the shop, there are lined up products of only in this region.

There is of course Ikuno Hayashi Rice, and there a corner of specialties limited with seasons and quantity.

Besides, there are also unique related goods with a motif of Japanese giant salamander (it is called as “Anko” in this region), a natural monument, living in Kurokawa Gorge.

After taking a comfortable bath of onsen, when you are strolling around wiping sweat, you will like buying some.


Business hours:

from May to September 11AM till 8PM (Last entrance at 7PM), from October to April 11AM till 7PM (Last entrance at 6:30PM)


Every Wednesday (Opens if national holiday)


Adult 600 Yen (Older than Junior high school students), Child 300 Yen (Elementary school students), Toddler 100 Yen


Kurokawa 457-1, Ikuno Town, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number:079-679-2067


About 30 minute from Ikuno Silver Mine by car or taxi



A Popular Spot That Makes Hyogo hot, Ikuno of Asago City.

Ikuno Silver Mine is designated as Japan heritage in 2017 as “The Old Silver Mine Carriage Road and Road of Ore – Bantan’s Industrial Heritage Route, Memories of Resource Rich Japan”.

Also, it is registered as one star in Michelin Green Guide in 2016.

This is the sightseeing spot where you like to visit together to Takeda Castle ruins.

Takeda Castle Ruins And 7 Recommended Tourist Attractions Around CastleSpeaking of the representing sightseeing spots of Asago City, which ...

Also, it is a recommended course just going a bit far to Kurokawa Onsen and relaxing slowly in a hot spring of beautiful women.

If going to south, there is the national treasure Himeji Castle, the world heritage, and if going to north, there are Kinosaki Onsen and the Japan Sea.

Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo:Best Hot Spring in JapanWhich onsen do you think of when you are asked "Which hot spring do ...

From Ikuno Town, Asago City, you can arrive in about one hour by car to each sightseeing spot that represent Japan.

*From JR Himeji station to Ikuno Station, you can come in 1 hour and from Kinosaki Onsen Station to Ikuno Station, you can come in 1 and a half hours.

It is not smart idea to leave it from your sightseeing spots as it is the spot that gathers attentions.

Please check and confirm the latest information on official websites.



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