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Japan Guilt Free Ice Cream Made by Judo Player: Darcy

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Do you know Matsumoto Kaori a Japanese woman Judo player who was called “beast”.

She is famous as a Judo player and bronze medalist in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

On February 7th 2019, Matsumoto Kaori declared to retire judo.

She also declared an interesting thing at the press conference that shook the reporters.

What are you going to do for second life after retiring judo?

Matsumoto Kaori:
I am going to make ice cream.

The name of the shop is “Darcy”.

So let’s take a look at the ice cream.

What is Guilt Free Ice Cream

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Meaning of Guilt Free

Guilt Free means that no need to feel guilty to eat ice cream.

Matsumoto Kaori aims to make ice cream like follows.

・Nothing bad for the body is contained
・Positive for the body to eat
・No feeling guilty to eat

To achieve such aims, Darcy’s ice cream is made without milk, white sugar, gluten and trans-fatty acids.

Darcy use beet sugar instead of white sugar.

It is said that since blood glucose level gradually rise after taking beet sugar, beet sugar can prevent obesity.

By not using the gluten contained in grains such as wheat, it is expected to have good effect on the stomach and intestines.

For about milk, they use coconut or soy milk instead of using cow milk.

Since coconut and soy milk have lower calories than cow milk, it also can be measure against obesity.

By such ice cream making methods, Darcy sells Guilt Free ice cream.

Matsumoto Kaori’s thought for Ice Cream

When she was a judo player, she couldn’t eat ice cream although she wanted to do so.

She had been thought if athletes could eat ice cream as much as they want.

Top athletes especially need to care about their weight, what to eat and nutrition.

Since Matsumoto Kaori loves ice cream, such thought brought her to create athlete-friendly ice cream.

Where to buy Guilt Free Ice Cream


Now Guilt Free Ice Cream is available only at a shop which is in Tokyo Fuji University.

The name is “Guilt Free Ice Cream Labo” opened February 12.

It takes 8 minutes from JR Takadababa Station.

Note that Guilt Free Ice Cream Labo is now being repaired from end of March to middle of May.

It seems the shop should be open soon.

Online shop

Darcy doesn’t have online shop right now, but that will be open soon according to Darcy’s website.

Flavor of Ice Cream

Darcy has now 2 flavor of ice cream.

Left:Coconut milk × chocolate cookies.

Right:soy milk × charred caramel.

They cost 400 yen to 550 yen.

Aimimg Olympic of Ice Cream

Back concept of Darcy is “Dashi” : Japanese soup.

The shop was named with a desire to develop ice cream that spreads to the world with “Dashi”.

In order to aim for the world in the ice industry, Darcy use a gelato machine manufactured by Catabrigha, a well-known manufacturer in Italy, as an ice cream maker.

So, among the ice cream journalists in Japan, some says that Darcy may join “gelato world cup” which is held once in two years.

Matsumoto Kaori took world in judo, but now she might begin to aim Olympic of ice cream.