Sex (Prostitution) for Foreigners in Tokyo, Enjoy High Quality Services of Japan!

There are many places in Tokyo where you can enjoy adult entertainment(Soap land in Japanese)!

Some establishments even cater to foreign tourists.

In this guide, we will introduce recommended shops in Tokyo and provide etiquette tips for having an enjoyable time with the adult entertainers.

Observe etiquette

The Japanese are dedicated and service oriented.

But Japanese girls are basically shy and small, please don’t make girls feel bad…

① Do not coerce

Just because you are in a position where you are paying money, it does not give you the right to coerce anything from the soapland worker.

In the playroom, it is generally better to let the soapland worker take the lead.

Some soapland workers may dislike having their private parts licked or may only perform oral sex with a condom on. If there are such prohibited activities, be cautious as forcing them could lead to immediate reporting to the reception.

Additionally, coercing obscure or niche play activities or demanding contact information is strictly prohibited.

② Do not eavesdrop or record

Eavesdropping or recording the situation during the play is absolutely prohibited.

Eavesdropping or recording is a criminal act.

Since the recorded material remains as evidence, there is no room for denial.

There is a high likelihood of being reported to the police, and it could jeopardize your future life.

③ Maintain cleanliness Value cleanliness

At the very least, take a bath the night before or on the day before heading to the establishment.

It’s ideal to be in the best condition, including:

  • Showering (washing hair and scalp)
  • Brushing teeth
  • Shaving
  • Nail trimming
  • Wearing clean clothes
  • Addressing bad breath (considering the food from the previous day)

While not all of these require a significant amount of time, they are basic hygiene practices, especially if you are meeting with a woman.

The best practice is to shower, brush teeth, shave, etc., before heading to the establishment.

Also, since shampooing is not done in the playroom bath, thoroughly wash your hair and scalp beforehand. Be mindful not to forget to trim your nails.


Alice Cafe” is a soapland with the concept of maids!

They offer the industry’s widest and most diverse selection of maid uniforms!

The entire establishment has been thoroughly renovated by a love hotel designer, providing a high-quality space in Yoshiwara with jet baths in all rooms.

Spend a sweet moment with cute maids in rooms that rival the high quality of Akihabara’s maid idols.

With complimentary transportation from Ueno Station, you can experience a master-like atmosphere different from your usual routine

Industry type
Soapland’ Massage Parlor
Business hours
10 a.m. to 12 midnight
Regular Holidays
open all year round
4-32-3, Senzoku, Taito-ku, Tokyo



Causing a major sensation in the heart of Tokyo and shaking up the adult entertainment industry, that…

‘Fully Naked Entry Instant Play’

Blindfold (eye cover) & Fully Naked Entry ☆ Instant Play ☆ … has finally arrived in the Tachikawa area!!

Erotic women, blindfolded, entering completely naked with breasts exposed, starting with an immediate oral play!

Even the shower time is free!! You can enjoy erotic activities for the entire duration!

With women blindfolded (eye masked), they lose their sight, allowing you to freely indulge in satisfying them without hesitation!

Starting with intense deep kisses, grabbing and passionately licking bare breasts!

From instant play to deep kissing, full-body lip service, raw fellatio, 69, ball licking, anal licking, special position intercourse…

The climactic moments of a sudden and continuous play that will have you on the verge of ecstasy instantly!

Instant play right at the entrance! Unlimited shots, so one shot at the entrance! Two shots on the bed! Three shots in the bathroom!!!

All options that are paid at other stores are free! Using pink rotors, vibes, and electric massagers, relentlessly torment the woman until she is on the brink of fainting!

After making the woman climax multiple times, once again, consecutive shots with a rich intercrural sex!”

Industry type
Hotel Escort Service(In-store)
Business hours
Regular Holidays
open all year round
3F-2, New Tachikawa Bldg., 2-21-10, Akebonocho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

Aroma Fantasy

Aroma Fantasy id unlike regular health services, there is absolutely no kissing or oral play in this genre. Instead, it offers an industry where you can enjoy rich sensual massages with plenty of aromatic oils and a hand finish.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of establishments offering erotic esthetic services.

Among them, Aroma Fantasy, which we are introducing this time, stands out for providing top-notch services.

Aroma Fantasy, originating from Ebisu, operates as a dispatch-type establishment, allowing you to experience the finest massages in the comfort of your own home or hotel.

They also have affiliated shops in the upscale residential area of Takanawa, positioning themselves as a high-end establishment with relatively higher pricing among the various erotic esthetic stores.

As a luxury establishment, Aroma Fantasy lives up to its reputation with the quality of girls and the service offered being truly top-notch.

Industry type
Sexual Relaxation Service (Outcall)
Business hours
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. the following day (reception)
Regular Holidays
Open all year round
Dispatch area
From Ebisu to the 23 wards of Tokyo

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