Tourist Sites around Kiyomizu-dera

It sure that Kiyomizudera is one of the best known tourist sites.

But, what do you do after visit Kitomizudera?

Let me show some recommendations.

Kiyomizu-zaka Nearby Kiyomizudera

After seeing Kiyomizudera, hunging out to Kiyomizu-zaka brings you have fun.

Kiyomizu-zaka is the main street that reaches to front of Kiyomizudera.

Having souvenir shops on both left and right side, it is so overwhelmingly amazing that the number of tourists are a lot.

Kiyomizu-zaka, although has wide street compared with other streets in Kyoto, it is sometimes crowded because many of tourists visit and buy souvenirs in Kiyomizu-zaka.

There are lots of souvenir shops that sell Yatsuhashi, famous for sweets of Kyoto and Kiyomizuyaki, a pottery famous in Kyoto.

So, it’s convenient for you to buy them.

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Ninen-zaka 10 Minutes on Foot from Kiyomizudera

Ninen-zaka is the street that reaches to Kodaiji.

It’s fine to take some rest at the coffee shop when you get tired for going through the street.

In fact, the coffee shop’s name is “Starbucks”.

Ninen-zaka has Starbucks which exists only in Kyoto.

Starbucks at Ninen-zaka has sitting room, so you can experience Japanese style Starbucks.

Ishibekoji 13 Minutes on Foot from Kiyomizudera

Since it’s unable to pass through by cars in Ishibekoji for its narrow street, many of tourists are coming.

However, the entrance is a little bit hard to find out, so people walk in Ishibekoji are usually locals.

It feels you good old days of Kyoto from street and wood made houses that surround you when you pass through.

Sometimes on the other hand, you can see something like foreign part in Ishibekoji.

Red brick of moth along the street area exist.

Those red bricks were imported from overseas in those days.


When it rains in your trip to Kyoto, it’s too early to stop strolling.

It’s because the street turn to great view.

The wet cobblestones represent the Japanese atmosphere, and the light from restaurants reflect with the water of rain on the street.

Especially visiting night after the rain is recommended.

Kodaiji 15 Minutes on Foot from Kiyomizudera

The difference of feature between Japanese and western garden is that Japanese garden incorporate nature.

That is the exactly the awesome Japanese garden points, but recently the other type of feature is growing.

In fact, Kodaiji offers projection mapping in the temple.

Modern technology makes Kodaiji provide you something more like different experience.

Such modern side of Kyoto is popular for not only adults but also children.

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