12 Ichijoji Ramen in Kyoto, Enjoy Hiddde Ramen Street in kyoto

Kyoto has “ramen koji” where many ramen shops of all over Japan are in.

However, eating ramen at “ramen koji” doesn’t mean you eat Kyoto Ramen.

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Ichijoji in north part of Kyoto city is famous as Kyoto Ramen district in Kansai area.

Since Ichijoji is a bit far from center of Kyoto, fewer tourist visit and eat and mainly, only local people know.

Although you can eat awesome ramen at Kyoto Koji in Kyoto Station, it’s worth to eat ramen in Ichijoji.

Let me introduce ramen restaurants in Ichijoji

Note that Kyoto Ramen is basically pork bone soup, so Ichijoji ramen might not suit for those who care about it.

Menya Gokkei

Gokkei must be the best known ramen shop.

The reason why I choose “best known” is that it depends on your preference of the taste.

In Kyoto there is a rumor that the soup of “Gokkei’s ramen” is so thick that a chinese soup spoon stands if you stick a chinese soup spoon into the soup.

In fact, the rumor is true.

A chinese soup spoon stands like the photo above.

To explain the soup in one word, “muddy” is suitable.

Even in week days, the soup usually runs out until 20:00 because local fans and Japanese tourists are coming.

Also many people are wait in rows, so if are hesitate to wait for long time, please try other ramen shops.

Sometimes you need to wait up to about 15 minutes to enter the shop.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:29-7 Ichijoji Nishitoji Kawaramachi, Sakyou-ku, Kyoto

Business Hours:11:30~22:00
Closed on Monday.
Close as soon as the soup runs out.

Access:8 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.


Takayasu is also popular ramen shop in Ichijoji where always long lines in front of the shop.

Takayasu’s soup is made from chicken and pork bone soup.

The soup is thinner compared with typical thick Kyoto ramen soup, so the taste is not so heavy.

The best menu is ramen and karaage(fried chicken), costs 1120 yen.

It’s because the karaage is huge.

The soup is not so heavy, so people tend to eat huge karaage instead.

The volume of ramen and karaage make you surely satisfied although you might feel guilt after you eat.


One of the features of Takayasu is the amazingly clean interior.

Takayasu’s website says that they dare to adopt the interior different from the image of the ramen shop.

Other ramen shops are being run for long time, so their interior look relatively older.

However, interior of Takayasu was renovated reccently, so it’s easy to find Takayasu.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:10 Ichijoji Takatsuki cho, Sakyou-ku, Kyoto

Business Hours:11:30 ~ 03:00
Open everyday

Access:4 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.

Ichijoji Boogie

At Ichijoji Boogie you can eat seafood soup ramen.

Although it is general that the soup is pork born based in Kyoto, seafood soup is unusual and delicious.

Its taste is simple original Japanese style ramen and slightly smells soy sauce.

The different kind of flavor must be one of your choice.

The other unusual point of  Ichijoji Boogie is that you can eat Tsukemen.

Tsukemen is so called dipping noodles.

As it is shown on the photo, soup and noodle are separated.

When you eat it, dip the noodle on soup.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:First floor Green28 Takano Tamaoka Chou, Sakyou-ku, Kyoto

Business Hours:11:00~00:30
Open Everyday

Access:5 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.

Yumewo-katare Kyoto

Yumewo-katare is typical orthodox Japanese ramen shop which is called “Jiro kei ramen”.

The taste of soup is thick and sweet.

Topped with pig meat, sprouts and cabbage, the topping is simple and orthodox.

Yumewo-katare’s feature is plateful style topping.

When you order ramen, you will be asked the if you need more garlic,  and more vegetables.

If you are confident to eat all, please order with more more garlic, more vegetables and more noodle.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:48-1 Ichijoji Nishisuginomiyacho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:11:00~15:00,17:00〜23:00
Closed Monday

Access:4 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.


Tentenyu is a long-established ramen shop in Ichijoji.

It is a shop where you can taste orthodox Kyoto ramen at the central area of Ichijoji Ramen district.

The soup is thick chicken white soup that spreads gentle sweetness in your mouth once you eat it.

This soup is made by simmering chicken and vegetables, and you can enjoy the typical flavor of Ichijoji Temple, which is filled with the flavor of the ingredients.

Also Tentenyu is located right next to Yumewo-katare, so if you are not full after eating Tentenyu, why don’t you try Yumewo-katare?

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:49 Ichijoji Nishisuginomiyacho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:
Monday to Suterday 18:00~next 2:30
Sunday 12:00~22:00
Closed on Wednesday

Access:7 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.

Ramenya Akihide

Ramenya Akihide is a non-regularly open phantom ramen shop located along a street that is slightly off Ichijoji Ramen street.

Since we can’t know if the shop is open, it’s a hidden shop with no guarantee that you can eat it whenever you visit.

You can enjoy the muddy soup that doesn’t sink chinese soup spoon, as it is called “a pure thick soup shop” and satisfies the thick soup lovers.

Although it’s thick soup made of chicken and pork born, unlike its appearance, it has elegant aftertaste without odor or greasy.

The thickly cut roasted pork fillet is appetizing.

For more infomation, please check it out here.

We can’t see when Ramenya Akihide opens, just stop by to check if it’s open and, if it’s not open, just try the other ramen shop.


Address:5-2 Ichijoji Kitaomarucho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:18:00~20:00
Sometimes irregularly open

Access:4 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.


Bushiya is a tsukemen(dipping) noodle restaurant located in a crowded area of competitor shops on Ichijoji Ramen Kaido.

The style is called “ie-kei” and the features are thick soup based on pork bone, thick straight noodles and toppings such as seaweed, roasted pork fillet, spinach.

The thick straight noodles unique to the “ie-kei” ramen are tangled in the rich pork bone seafood soup and you can enjoy a satisfying taste.

Tsukemen will end as soon as they are sold out, so if you want to try tsukemen noodle, you should go early.

Of course, there is ramen where you can enjoy rich soup of pork bone soy sauce.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:18-1 Ichijoji Higashisuginomiyacho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:11:30-15:00/18:00~24:00
Open Everyday
Ends when sold out

Access:5 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.

Ramen Okura

Ramen Okura Ichijoji is located along the river.

Ramen with garlic is popular in a restaurant with a casual dining-style atmosphere.

You can also choose soy sauce, salt, seafood, etc.

Combine plenty of sprouts and leeks and enjoy the texture.

The soup is thick seafood soup, so once you eat the noodle, thick and deep smell will pass through your nose.

Because it is a seafood, the aftertaste is simple.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:20 Ichijoji Akanomiyacho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:11:00~next 2:00
Open Everyday
Irregular closed

Access:6 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.

Tsukemen Enaku

A tsukemen specialty store Tsukemen Enaku.

The entrance looks like an elegant Japanese restaurant.

Glossy and thick noodles are elastic enough to eat, and seafood and pork bones mixed soup has a gentle taste.

The amount of noodles can be chosen from small, medium, medium and large, and small is enough to meke you satisfied wichi is 150g.

Spicy noodles has many fans, with moderate spiciness and the shrimp flavor.

You can enjoy 2 kinds of soup of regular noodles with half & half.

There is also curry-flavored soup.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:20-2 Ichijoji Takatsukicho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:11:30~14:30 18:00~20:30
Saturday and Sunday 11:30~15:30 18:00~20:30
Monday 11:30~14:30
Open Everyday
Ends when sold out

Access:2 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.


hearty dipping noodles,’ described as the ‘must-try’ for first-timers.

Shortly after ordering, what arrived were two black bowls creating a sense of heaviness for the rich dipping noodles.

The thick dipping sauce, with a strong and robust blend of pork bone and seafood infused with a powerful fish broth, exuded a substantial presence.

Originating from a time when there was no tsukemen culture in Kansai, they have been serving this rich pork bone and seafood dipping broth even before it was called the ‘Mataoma style,’ exhibiting a robustness from its core.

Inside, there were several thick slices of chashu and a flavored egg that came as standard.

The noodles were thick and chewy, providing a high elasticity. Originally, they used noodles from Tetsuoku-san, but now they have their own homemade noodles after extensive research.

Although I could have upgraded to the free extra-large serving of 360g from the regular 270g, I opted for the regular size as I planned to have more meals in a row.

Coating the homemade high-elastic thick noodles with the original rich pork bone and seafood dipping broth…

Well, it was delicious! The richness of the dipping sauce and the elasticity of the chewy noodles complemented each other perfectly!

The 270g portion disappeared in no time.

Observing others, almost everyone seemed to be ordering the mixed noodles, and many were enjoying an unbelievably large portion of mixed noodles.

Although I couldn’t quite handle such an enormous serving, I will definitely try the mixed noodles if I have the chance again.”

The shop has Instagram account.


Address:6-74 Takanoizumicho Sakyo-ku Kyoto

Business Hours:18:00~22:30
Open Everyday

Access:6 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.


Chin-yu is a long-established ramen shop.

The soup made by carefully simmering chicken breasts, can be said to be a royal ramen of Kyoto that has a smooth throat and a thick taste.

Noodles with plenty of green onions and plenty of back fat.

You can order the hardness of the noodles, the amount of onions and back fat as you like.

“Chashishumen”, which has a powerful pork fillet that fills the bowl is so appetizing.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:Ichijoji Haraitonocho Sakyo Ward Kyoto Kyoto Prefecture

Business Hours:11:00~24:00
Open Everyday

Access:4 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.


Arajin serves ramen and tsukemen.

The features of the taste are thin pork bone soup, elastic noodles and cost performance.

The recommended taste of Arajin is unusually in Ichijoji, Miso pork bone ramen.

Speaking of miso, we come up with miso soup for Japanese food.

So, miso tasted ramen can be said Japanese style ramen.

Combined with the creaminess of pork bones soup and miso, you can enjoy gentle taste.

For more infomation, please check it out here.


Address:38-4 Ichijoji Nishisuginomiyacho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:11:30 〜 14:30/18:00 〜 22:00
Closed on Tuesday

Access:5 minutes from Ichijoji Station on foot.

Access to Ramen District(Ichijoji)

There are 2 ways to go to Ichijoji by public transportation from Kyoto Station.

One is by train and the other is by bus.

Train From Kyoto Station to Ichijoji

Changing trains is necessary to go by train and it takes about 30 minutes.

Take Karasuma Line from Kyoto station and get off Karasuma Oike Station.

After that take Keihan Line which is 3 minutes from Karasuma Oike on foot.

Finally, change trains to Eizan Line and get off at Ichijoji Station.

Bus From Kyoto Station to Ichijoji

Although it’s not necessary to transfer, it takes about 45 minutes by bus.

To go to Ichijoji catch bus number 5 and get off at Ichijoji Sagarimatsucho.

From Ichijoji Sagarimatsucho, it takes 5 minutes on foot to Ramen District.

Sometimes it might take about 50 minutes if the traffic jam occurred.

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Map of Ramen Shops in Ichijoji

Here is the ramen shops around Ichijoji.

Since there are so many ramen shops in Ichijoji, it hard to introduce all of them.

When you walk around the district, you’ll find line along the street.

That is the ramen shop, so feel free to visit Ichijoji and eat Kyoto local ramens.

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