15 Popular Maid Cafe in Osaka for Beginners

I have summarized maid cafes in Osaka Nipponbashi, where is “Akihabara in the west”, as a ranking!

I put importance on the viewpoints of those who go to a maid cafe for the first time, the viewpoints which are “Is the store easy to enter?” and “Is the store safe?


A maid cafe: a cafe with waitresses dressed in cute maid costumes.

I have described as much as possible both sides of the pros and cons of each store, so please use it also as a pictorial book of maid cafes.

Let’s conquered Otaku road!

Summary of maid cafes in Osasak

Why Summary is neccessary?

I summarized maid cafes because there are too many stores in Osaka Nipponbashi.

There are more than 50 stores here even not in Akihabara…

It is tough enough even just to enter to a maid cafe, and you cannot choose one if there are so many… 💦

Enjoy Ranking of 15 Selections for Beginners

To cheer a wonderful debut game of beginners of a maid cafe, I, who go often to a maid cafe as my reason to live, have summarized them, by putting all the passion into them.

Although there are more than 50 stores of a maid cafe even in Osaka, there are few stores that are of high quality.

In the beginning, I recommend going to from the high ranked stores safely.

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Before Ranking, Let’s Understand 3 Points

Even when you say a maid cafe as a single word, there are many styles…

Depending on what kind of experiences you like to have, you will have to change the selection of the stores.

[For beginners] Entertainment style (Moe moe Kyun and Instax photos)

It is an image of a maid cafe that you may often watch on a TV!


Moe moe Kyun! (Moe means very cute. Kyun is an imitative word of feeling seeing cute things.)

Maid cast a spell to make food more delicious, and there is a cute menu.

There are also many stores where you can watch a live performance by maids.

If you like to shoot Instax photos, the stores of this style are suitable.

The quality of maids is quite different from stores to stores, so it may be better for you to choose the store, bearing that point in your mind.


Reasonable price:

Easy to enter:★★



[For beginners] Classical style (Calm space and tasty English tea)

Changed completely from the Entertainment style, there is no Me-her (means a person of a kind of groupie) elements, such as Moe moe services, in the Classical style.

It is recommended to those who are embarrassed with Moe moe Kyun, and who like to be healed by looking at maids from a distance not by talking with them!

I think that many may feel that it is inferior to the Entertainment style in terms of pleasure as sightseeing.

So, if you value the sightseeing experience like “I went to a maid cafe!”, please go to the Entertainment style.


Reasonable price:★★

Easy to enter:★★



[For advanced] Girl’s bar style (Wish to talk with a girl while drinking alcohol beverages)

It is a store that, so to say, the stuff of a girl’s bar wears maid costumes.


Girl’s bar: a small shot bar with an all-female staff

Because the world view of a maid is less obvious than that of the Entertainment style and the Classical style, you may have the impression that it is just amateur girls wearing maid costumes.

Getting a drink for a girl, and dealing with a girl one on one.

It is recommended to the one who likes enjoying excited with a maid as a girl.

But, there are many stores that girls ask for drinks, and as a result, the charge will become a bit expensive.

So, you should be careful about that.

You are not allowed to make a touch to a girl, so be better not to misunderstand.


Reasonable price:★☆☆

Easy to enter:★☆☆



Be careful with rip-off stores of any style

The Girl’s bar style is the highest possibility for such an issue, but there are some voices that there are rip-off cases and a case of high-pressure sales of a menu even at famous stores of the Entertainment style.

It is highly recommended to enter the store after selected very carefully!

Now, Introduce Maid Cafes in Ranking

I have summarized a ranking by if a store is that a beginner can be easy to enter and if the quality as sightseeing is high!


* The pros and cons that I wrote are only personal impressions.

I have no intention to control intentionally a reputation of the store and to obstacle the sales of the store.

Please think of this only as your reference.

After all, you will not know it if yohu do not go there!!


Not every stuff(maid) speaks foreign languages.

Still the number of stuff who speak English is getting higher though.

Stores ranked in 1st to 4th are recommended even for foreigners

[1st] MaiDreamin Osaka Otaroad Store(english available)

If full-on maid cafe, such as a spell, here!

Genre: Entertainment style

It is the Osaka store of a group that operates about 20 stores of maid cafes in Japan.

If you wish to experience an obvious maid cafe, including “casting a spell to make food more delicious” just like you watch on TV, and “live performance of maids”, it is definitely here.

The shop is recruiting stuff(maid) who can speak English and Chinese.


You can enter at ease because it is a store on the street and you can see inside.

You can experience a maid cafe of Moe moe.

The live performance of maids is full of power.

[Points not satisfied]

Because Moe (very cute) index is too high, you may feel not very easy to enter into.

Because tourists are a bit many, it has a noisy atmosphere.

If you are difficult to get along with an atmosphere full of energy, it may be a bit hard.


Maid Cafe MaiDreamin Osaka Nipponbashi Otaroad Store

Postal code: 556-0005

Nipponbashi 4-chome 16-15, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture, Japan

[2nd] MaiDreamin Osaka Namba Store(english available)

The look like costing a lot of money is overwhelming!!

Genre: Entertainment style

It is the second store in Osaka of MaiDreamin of the 2nd place.

The interior that was collaborated with teamLab is the most characteristic, and the interior like a certain game that begins with letter M and ends with O is overwhelming quality.

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As the store is spacious, this store is recommended to those who like to spend a relaxed time in spacious seats.

The shop is recruiting stuff(maid) who can speak English and Chinese.


The digitalized interior that was created by teamLab.

A table is big and you can spend a relaxed time.

The powerfulness of a live performance is splendid!

[Points not satisfied]

Maybe because there is no window, you may feel a mysterious oppressive feeling.

It may be hard if you are not getting along with noise from a live performance.


Maid Cafe MaiDreamin Osaka Namba Store

Postal code: 556-0011

Namba Valle Bldg. 3F Nambanaka 2-chome 2-21, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[3rd] Mononopu

A new concept that combines moe culture and the Warring States period of Japan.

This maid cafe has a reputation as a place where you can enjoy a lot of atmosphere of the warring states period.
It’s a place where you can enjoy a different atmosphere at a reasonable price.

If you make a reservation, you can enter the cafe smoothly.

You can only make reservations on weekdays and not on weekends or holidays, so it’s best to make sure you have plenty of time to get there to avoid waiting.

It’s also in Tokyo.


Opening hours: 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Admissions: Yen 500

Hours for staying: 60 minutes

Access:7 minutes walk from Nihonbashi Station

[4th]  e-maid

A long-standing maid cafe of super good value for money.

Genre: Classical style

Located right near Namba station, it is a long-standing maid cafe on the street.

It is said that it was originally a Western food restaurant, so it is characteristic that anyway, all the menus are delicious.

It is an easy atmosphere even for a beginner to enter and the quality of maids is high.

Also, it is the best charm that you can enjoy there at a reasonable budget as there is no cover charge.

There are some stuff who speak English according to official site of profile.

Yuyu speaks English(information is as of 2020/02/24).


Menus are as delicious as an ordinal Western food restaurant.

You can enjoy the atmosphere as the numbers of maids are many.

It is easy to enter as it is located near the station and on the street.

[Points not satisfied]

It may be embarrassing to enter and come out because the store is on the street.

It is a different style if you expect services like casting a spell.


Postal code 556-0011

Nambanaka 2-chome 3-6, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture, Japan

[5th] Maid Cafe & Bar .m (Dot m)

If you wish to “moe-moe” with cute maids, here.

Genre: Entertainment style

It is a store that is set in a country of the sky, and an angel maid will serve you.

A maid costume that is with a base of the white color is anyway cute, and it is characteristic that the average level of cuteness of maids’ face is high.

The services are also of general Entertainment style, so you should be able to be satisfied even for sightseeing purposes.

There are some stuff who speak English in this shop according to the Japanese blog.


Maids, as well as costumes, are cute.

Services of moe moe style, such as casting a spell.

You can also enjoy a live performance of maids.

[Points not satisfied]

You may feel difficult to enter because the building is a bit creepy.

The quality of the food is a bit low.


Postal code: 556-0005

3F Wonder 3 Bldg. Nipponbashi 4-7-26, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[6th] Milkcafe

The most recommended fashionable and adult maid bar

Genre: Classical style (?)

It is a store of fashionable interior that does not seem a maid cafe and hard rock music is played.

It is a quite different existence from others.

There is no general maid cafe services, such as casting a spell and drawing on an omurice (a rice omelet), but an abundant menu of alcoholic beverages and a finely selected food menu are the one of the best even in Osaka.

As an extension of ordinal restaurants, but if you like to go to the store where there are maids, please try going there by all means.

English menu are available, but not sure if there are stuff who speak English.


Fashionable space that does not seem like a maid cafe.

A maid makes a full-scale cocktail.

Food is simply delicious.

[Points not satisfied]

It may be absolutely different if you wish for the Entertainment style.

It is also not suited to the one who likes to talk with maids.


Postal code: 556-0005

Morioka Bldg. 1F, Nipponbashi 5-chome 12-3, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture, Japan

Beside 1-B exit of Ebisu-Cho station of Sakaisuji line.

[7th] Ccocha

The super long-standing maid cafe of the oldest in Nipponbashi.

Genre: Entertainment style

It is the super long-standing store that ruled the age during the booming of a maid in the past.

It was popular and reputed with advanced services, such as slapping and mixing service, but being today, you may not be able to deny the atmosphere of the store in the past.

It was famous as a store that has many cute girls before, but now, maybe normal…


Here is the only choice if you like a maid to slap you. LOL

slap is “Binta” in Japanese

You will feel a history of maid cafe in Nipponbashi.

English service may be coming soon because the website seems like preparing for English page.

[Points not satisfied]

You cannot deny the outdated feeling in both the interior and menu.

It is not easy to see if the store is opening…


Postal code: 556-0011

Nambanaka 2-chome 4-8, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[8th] cafe Andante

A sales point is handmade dishes by maids.

A long-standing store with an atmosphere.

Standing quietly in the back alley, the store is a long-standing maid cafe with a characteristic of classical interior.

The store has a very strong cozy feeling that is created by a narrow inside of the store and by handmade dishes by maids.

Because the varieties of English tea are many and cakes are delicious, it is especially recommended to use during tea time.


The classical interior with a large chandelier.

Rare long French maid costumes with a base of green color.

Cozy atmosphere with handmade feeling.

[Points not satisfied]

If you expect the atmosphere that should be of a maid cafe, it may be different.

A distance to neighboring customers… you may feel close.


Postal code: 556-0005

Nipponbashi 4-chome 3-14, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[9th]  Alaalba

A maid girl’s bar with a water tank inside the store

Genre: Girl’s bar style

It is a store that has a giant aquarium inside the store.

There is a long counter that is the longest class in the area, it looks like rather a girl’s bar than a maid cafe.

It is characteristic that costumes change every other month.


It has an atmosphere like a night club as there is a large water tank.

Food menus are abundant despite in Girl’s bar style.

It has the impression that cute girls are many.

[Points not satisfied]

If you go there with misunderstanding as Entertainment style, it may be different.

I wish the store to take a bit better care of the water tank lol…


Postal code: 556-0005

Nipponbashi 4-chome 7-26, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[10th]  Sweet Tease

For good or bad, it is a maid cafe the same as in the past.

Genre: Classical style

Located in a place where is a bit far from the main street, it is a store that has a calm atmosphere with characteristic of a long maid costume.

Because the quality of the food menu is not bad and girls are also cute, it is not a bad atmosphere overall.

But, because auras of distinctive regular customers are a bit powerful, it may be a bit tough for a beginner.


There are four kinds of long maid costumes.

Because of the location seems like a hideout, it is not noisy.

It is the award-winning store of the Nipponbashi Maid Contest.

[Points not satisfied]

An atmosphere of “no first-time customer” that is unique to a long-standing store

Because events are so frequent, days of maid costumes are fewer.


Postal code: 556-0005

FIVE Nipponbashi 1f, Nipponbashi 5-chome 11-19, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan


You may think about what is a maid cafe..?

But, anyway, the magic is splendid.

Genre: Entertainment style

It is a store that puts values on performances on a stage, including magic by a professional magician and singing with the piano by a maid.

If being asked if those performances are required in a maid cafe, you will be lost words.

But, if you like to watch a magic performance, it is recommended.


You can watch a magic performance by a professional magician.

It is an ordinal maid cafe during usual business hours.

You will like to cheer them up maids because maids try the best effort.

[Points not satisfied]

It may be for the one that can go easy on amateur’s performance…?

You may find sometimes some tourists, but basically, it is for experts.


Postal code: 556-0011

Namba FK Bldg. 5F, Nambanaka 2-chome 7-7, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[12th] CAFE DOLL

It is a large store where you cannot deny the feeling remains from the age.

Genre: Entertainment style

It is a long-standing maid cafe of a bit big size where there are about 50 seats both counters and tables.

During the age of maid booming, it was a popular store, but now, you cannot deny the feeling of no-particular-characteristic-store.

It is recommended to those who like to feel the history like “a maid cafe in Nipponbashi is like this”.


You can relax as the inside store is spacious.

All-you-can-drink for soft drinks by Yen 500 for one hour.

There are sometimes live performances on a stage inside the store.

[Points not satisfied]

Does it make you feel a history or is it just old and shabby…?

There are a bit many regular customers, so there is a distinctive atmosphere.


Postal code 556-0005

Nipponbashi 5-chome 4-20, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[13th] Yotsuba no Himitsu Kichi

Although the concept is incomplete, it is a store where you can feel calm for some reason.

Genre: Girl’s bar style (?)

The store takes in an unusual system, which is systems and services are different for couch seats and counter seats.

You can enjoy an English tea at sofa seats and all-you-can-drink at counter seats.

As might be expected from the name of a secret base (Himitsu Kichi), it is said that many of the interiors are handmade.  There is a bit stronger unknown cozy atmosphere.


Cozy interiors with feel of handmade.

You can select using either a cafe or a bar depending on your feeling.

There is a chaotic atmosphere that makes you feel calm for some reason.

[Points not satisfied]

You may think like “do they need to divide the systems…?”

It is understandable even if there is people who feel shabby about the handmade atmosphere.


Postal code: 542-0075

Tsuji Bldg. 4F, Namba-Sennichimae 6-7, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[14th] cafe de Porte

A long-standing store where you can feel unchanged services for good or bad

Genre: Classical style

It is a long-standing store that stands quietly on the back of one alley off from Otaroad.

There is no cover charge and it is a store on the street, so the store has enough conditions that even tourists can easily enter.

But, there may be many people who were taken aback with regular customers who seem to have thick characters and who can be seen from outside, and turned back.


Space of cozy atmosphere.

Without cover charge, and the menu is abundant.

The orthodox and neat maid costume is cute.

[Points not satisfied]

You may feel that it is the thick space with the main of regular customers.

Both styles of Entertainment, as well as Classical, are a bit thinner, so there is no particular characteristic.


Postal code: 556-0005

Nipponbashi 4-chome 14-4, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[15th] HOLiC x HOLiC

It is a maid bar of Anime songs with characteristic of a wall picture that worries you very much like “Is the copyright really really really cleared for it?”.

Genre: Girl’s bar style

It is a common type among the genre of Girl’s bar style.

It is the store that equipped with a stage on which you can enthusiastically sing along Karaoke.

Because regular customers are a bit many, it is an atmosphere that tourists are not very easy to enter.

But, the wall picture of “Is the copyright really cleared?” is very good for photo-shooting.


It is a maid bar where you can enthusiastically sing Anime songs.

Though worrying about the copyright, the interior is very instagrammable.

Opens even at midnight.

[Points not satisfied]

Regular customers are many, so it does not suite to tourists.

It is not good for the one who cannot put up with Karaoke songs sung by others.


Postal code: 556-0011

Kokorozashi Bldg. Nambanaka 2-chome 2-21, Naniwa-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

[Extra ranking]  BLACKRABBIT

Though going a bit far from Nipponbashi, it is a popular store of cult-like!

Genre: Girl’s bar style

Although it goes a bit far in Shinsaibashi, it is a super popular store where days of not full of customers are less than days of full of customers.

The secret of popularity is the amazing gathering of casts.

You can even say that it is the place where all the cute girls in Osaka are gathering.

Because famous idols and model girls in Twitter belong here endlessly, it is super exceedingly recommended to those who anyway like to see with Kawaii cute girls.


You can meet with kawaii cute girls at another level.

The service is of a standard Girl’s bar.

[Points not satisfied]

As there are many regular customers, it is tough to enter.

It is anyway crowded.


Postal code: 542-0086

Nishi-Shinsaibashi 2-chome 4-8, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture Japan

That is all of the main stores!

Though I could not introduce every store, that is all of the main stores!

Besides a maid cafe, there are also so-called concept cafes, including a pirate cafe and an idol cafe, but these shall be introduced at another time…!

I would be happy if I can support your splendid life of a maid cafe!

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