TeamLab Borderless in Odaiba, Tokyo Makes Your Body and Soul Move

Beautiful art experience in which make your body and soul move. “teamLab Borderless” in Odaiba

“MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless” is reached 1 million visitors by November 28, 2018.

Since it opened in Odaiba Palette Town in Tokyo, it is so popular and always packed by people, sometime day ticket is sold out.

It is the world’s first digital art museum, and the fascinating space that you can be deeply soaked in the illusional world can be enjoyed wide range of people from children and adults.

As the facility has been so popular even it opened long time ago, we will introduce as one of the recommended destinations.

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New Art Experience That Fuse Works, Space and Yourself

“MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM” is a museum established by Mori Building Co., Ltd collaborated with “Team Lab”, a digital art group active throughout the world in Odaiba.

It is located in 10,000 square meters of large area in Odaiba’s Palette Tow.

This is the world’s first digital art museum, and the concept is “Borderless” as its name showed.

The majestic world where is made by the fusion of the space, the art, and yourself without boundaries is absolutely mysterious and beautiful that lead you to another world where you have never experienced before.

The facility is divided into 5 spaces and you can enjoy about 50 art works.

Let’s take a closer look about each of the attraction and the highlight.

Borderless World

“Borderless” is the concept of the facility, and “Borderless World” means visitors are fused with the artwork.

Visual effects are projected in all over the space, and the artworks are always moving, and the landscapes are changing, so you just want to watch them for long time.

The ways of experiencing the artworks are different with each person.

Some of the guests lie down on the floor and shoot photos of them.

The art world in which you are fused and blended spreads in front of you.

Athletic Forest

With the concept of “understanding the world through the body and thinking of the world three-dimensionally”, “Athletic Forest” is a space where you can enjoy digital art and your motion at the same time.

The area is the art world that can be enjoyed with the whole your body like a space world that you can enjoy jumping with multiple people at the same time, and a bouldering wall that you can enjoy climbing in a sparkling world.

Future Park

“Future Park” is a space that children can enjoy as much as they want.

At Sketch Aquarium, kids can enjoy a lot of mysterious and interesting experiences.

For example, the pictures that kids draw appear as video and the fishes in the picture start swimming around as if they were alive.

It is a fun space even for adult that makes adults excited as if they returned to childhood.

Forest of Lamps

“Forest of Lamps” where countless lamps spread in all over the place.

You walk through under the countless lamps hanging from the top, but the lamps are projected by the magic mirror and countless lamps spread on the floor surface.

So fantastic, isn’t it?

The whole world around you are covered with lumps from top to bottom.

It is a very fantastic and mysterious world.

Also, it has a feature that it changes visual, matching the actual season.

Above is the season for cherry blossoms.


You can experience the beautiful world that flowers bloom in an infinite universe inside a teacup in EN TEA HOUSE.

While drinking tea with teacup, as long as there is tea inside of the cup, flowers will continue to bloom infinitely in the tea, and you can experience a colorful world.

TeamLab's 8 Permanent Digital Art in Japan and SingaporeDigital art that lets you soak up yourself in the special world with...


“MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless” where fantastic and mysterious world can be integrated with many beautiful digital arts.

Because it is interactive facilities, you have to move your body, and there are many mirrors, so be careful wearing a skirt to visit.

Please go out to feel and experience new art world with your five senses.

Note that it is information at the time of publication.

Contents may change.

About teamLab Borderless

Odaiba Palette Town, 1-3-8, Aomi, Koto, Tokyo

Tokyo Teleport Station / Aomi Station

Adults (15 and over) JPY 3,200 / Child (between 4-14) JPY 1,000 / Guests with Disabilities JPY 1,600

Close: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays (Please check HP for further information)

Weekdays 10:00 – 19:00 / Sun, Sat & Holiday 10:00 – 21:00

There are day tickets available, but there are no day tickets to sell if the advance tickets are sold out.

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance on the web site.

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