Itoshima in Fukuoka, Things to Do and Instagrammable Spots

Itoshima is a city in Fukuoka prefecture in Kyushu area which is located in western part of Fukuoka along the sea.

Recently, Itoshima is becoming a popular tourist site with nature and nice restaurants.

Let me introduce recommended spots, such as a fashionable cafe viewing the sea, restaurants of Itoshima gourmets, and classic sightseeing spots.

Instagrammable Spots of Itoshima

Here is spots for shooting fashionable photos.

A Palm Tree Swing

Two palm trees bent by chance to the same direction, and a swing was made using such palm trees.

You can use it throughout of a year.

In summer ocean breeze is comfortable, and in winter you can overlook the sea that increased more transparency.

Local staff’s comments

It is the most photogenic spot in Itoshima.

It is said that it was made using two palm trees that bent by chance.

Riding on a swing toward the sea is a sense of outstanding openness and is no doubt to feel good!

Angel Wings

Colorful wings in rainbow colors drawn on the wall that is on the beach of “PALM BEACH THE GARDEN”.

There is a step in the center of the wings, and when standing on it, you can shoot photos as if you had wings.

It gathers popularity as a photo shooting spot of photogenic.

Local staff’s comments

It is an Instagrammable spot in “PALM BEACH THE GARDENS”, where gather many superb view lunch spots popular for women, such as a fashionable sea cafe.

As it is back-light in the morning, recommended to visit in the afternoon.

When the sun risen up completely, you can shoot photos more beautifully.

London Bus Cafe

A cafe was made by renovating a two-storied London bus that actually was running in Britain.

A classical and red body standing still in the landscape of blue sky and sea is outstanding even from afar.

It is recommended to shoot photos while you sit on the benches in three colors lined in front of the bus.

Local staff’s comments

A cafe renovated of a two-storied London bus is located along a sunset road of a beautiful seacoast line facing Genkainada sea.

There is a cafe space where you can taste ordered foods and drinks on the second floor of London bus.  Not only outside appearance but also this cafe space is classical and photogenic!

The signature menus are home roasted coffee and various kinds of gelato.

Business hours
From 11AM until the sunset

No regular holiday

Shimanogita 2289-6, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Sunset Observation Spots

Sakurai Futamigaura, Meoto Iwa Rocks

Two big and small giant rocks lined on offshore of Sakurai Futamigaura are called as “Meoto Iwa Rocks (Married couple rocks)”, and these are the classic sunset spot of Itoshima.

Two rocks are tied together with shimenawa (a sacred rope), and it is also known as a symbol of a marriage and a good married couple.

The sunset, viewed around the summer solstice, setting in between the Meoto Iwa Rocks is definitely a superb view.

It is also popular as a photogenic spot for SNS.

Local staff’s comments

THE classic sunset spot of Fukuoka!

Not only the sunset that was selected as “one of Japan’s best 100 sunsets”, but a day time is also recommended.

Torii (a shrine gate) on the beach is a masterpiece.

Torii sinks under the sea when high tide, you can view a cool landscape.

Also, you can view the Meoto Iwa Rocks decorated with shimenawa over the torii.

Beach Cafe SUNSET

The sunset viewed from “Beach Cafe SUNSET”, a cafe located along the sea coast of Futamigaura, is also popular.

Though you can view beautiful sunset even from the inside of cafe and from terrace seats, the recommended place is a hut made of driftwood owned by the cafe.

There is a table in the center of hut, so you can also shoot selfies placing a smartphone or a camera.

Local staff’s comments

West coast of Itoshima peninsula is a sightseeing spot for sunset, called as “Sunset road”, and you can enjoy beautiful sunset also from “Sunset” hut.

As it becomes completely back-light during this time of hours, when you shoot a photo, take Instagrammable portraits with backwards or sideways!

Business hours
From 11AM to 9PM (Last order at 8PM)

Every Thursday and the third Wednesday (Open if national holiday)

Nishinoura 284, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Must-see Classic Sightseeing Spots of Itoshima

Full of Negative Ions “Shiraito no Taki Waterfalls”

image by planetyze.com

Designated as also a prefectural famous spot, “Shiraito no Taki Waterfalls” is about 24 meter high.

You can do trout fishing with a rental fishing tackle around the waterfalls, so it is a recommended spot for families.

In summer, you can enjoy also a special Somen Nagashi.

* Somen Nagashi: Somen is white thin noodles made of flour.

Somen Nagashi is a way to enjoy eating somen.

Somen flows in the water of a bamboo pipe, and you need to catch them and to dip into sauce and eat.

Local staff’s comments

You can taste a local dish “Somen chiri” at a restaurant “Shiki no chaya” just near the waterfalls.

Fluffy shaved ice of “Murakamiya” located nearby is also recommended in summer!

As it takes about 25 minutes by walk on a walking trail of the waterfalls, wearing high heels is strictly banned.

* The route is temporarily a detour due to an influence of West Japan torrential rain.(Information as of July 2018)

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Shiki no Chaya

Business hours
From 9AM to 5PM (Until 6PM in July and August)

Wednesdays in December through March. And from December 29th through January 3rd.

Shiraito 460-6, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture


After you fully enjoyed Shiraito no Taki Waterfalls, please try going further to “Shiraito Udon Yasuji” located in “Shiraito no Mori”.

Tempura Udon, made with organic vegetables that were made in a company farm, is a masterpiece.

Local staff’s comments

In “Shiraito no Mori”,  you will be welcomed by seven totem poles.

You will feel very good when overlooking Itoshima from the above on a fine day!

“Shiraito Udon Yasuji” is featured with chewy udon, and it is said that Udon topped with tempura is recommended.

Shiraito Udon Yasuji

Business hours
From 11AM to 3PM

Every Tuesday (Closed during winter season)

Shiraito 561, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Singing-sands beach “Anego no Hama”

image by voyapon.com

Shallow wide beach formed in a bow shape by raging waves of Genkainada is “Anego no Hama”.

It is famous for singing-sands that sing only on a clean beach, and you can hear their squeaking when walking on the sand.

It is also known as a beautiful sunset place, so not only a day time but the sunset hour is also recommended.

Local staff’s comments

The beach in a bow shape of about 1.1 km long and about 20 m width.

It is famous for singing-sands that squeak when you walk.

Canola Flower All Around the Place! “Fukufuku no Sato”

A market direct from the farm, lined with fresh vegetables and fresh catch fish from Itoshima, is “Fukufuku no Sato”.

In just front of the market, about 50 thousand canola flowers will be in full bloom from late February through late March.

Landscape with trains of Chikuhi line that runs about 4 times an hour running across the canola flower field is popular.

You can also walk along a footpath between canola flower fields.

Also, it is a one of the must-see points that there blooms Kawazu cherry blossoms at the far end of parking.

A contrast of dark pink and yellow is a worth to see.

Local staff’s comments

In spring, Kawazu cherry blossoms can be seen on a carpet of canola flowers.

There is also an observatory spot, and when you walk in a footpath between canola flowers, you will be completely surrounded by canola flowers!

Nijofukui 6333, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

About 15 minute walk from JR “Fukuyoshi” station


“WESTERN MARIN” is a resort house, where you can enjoy marine sports, such as a waterball that you will be in inside a ball and walk on the sea, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), and kayaks.

It is reopened after renovation in 2018 and is popular as a spot where you can enjoy throughout a year.

After played a lot, let’s go to an oyster hut!

There are fresh oysters and turban shells.

As they serve chickens and lambs, it is recommended also for those who does not like seafoods.

Local staff’s comments

It is a place where you can enjoy different activities by seasons throughout a year.

Making a good use of the best location that is in just front of the sea, the resort offers marine sports that you can hardly find in other place in Itoshima, such as SUP, kayaks, waterballs, and watercycles and that you can enjoy.

An oyster hut and BBQ house are attached, so also alright even if you get hungry!

Business hours
From 9AM to 5PM (BBQ is from 11AM to 7PM)

Every Tuesday

Nijofukui Shirahama 2503-10, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

About 10 minute walk from JR “Dainyu” station

Recommended lunch spots & cafes in Itoshima

Beach Cafe SUNSET

“Beach Cafe SUNSET”, which also appeared in the recommended sunset spots, is a long standing cafe of Itoshima, opened in 1990.

You can enjoy a superb view of sky and sea from both terrace and inside of the cafe.

Inside the cafe with tropical mood, there are decorated here and there with tropical plants that produce more tropical atmosphere.

You can spend relaxed time slowly.

Number 1 popular menu is Original Loco Moco topped with vegetables of Itoshima and Tenjo egg produced in Itoshima (1,280 Yen/ excl. tax).

You cannot miss seasonal limited menus as well.

Local staff’s comments

The cafe representing Itoshima, Fukuoka.

It is a particular long standing cafe among others opened before beginning of the trend going to Itoshima.

Inside the cafe is woody and tropical.

The cafe lines up various menus from lunch to dessert, and among them famous is “honey on toast (750 Yen/ excl. tax)”, using bread baked in “CURRENT”, a sister bakery store.

Business hours
From 11AM to 9PM (Last order at 8PM)

Every Thursday and the third Wednesday (Opens if national holiday)

Nishinoura 284, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

PALM BEACH Restaurant

In the restaurant “PALM BEACH”, they use food stuff of Itoshima, and all the desserts are homemade.

You can view the sea spreading in front even from inside of the restaurant, but anyway seats on a terrace is recommended on a sunny day.

Also, inside of the restaurant after the sunset, you can enjoy romantic atmosphere different from that during a day.

Local staff’s comments

It is very popular resort restaurant among Itoshima, and during lunch time and cafe time, it is inevitably crowded.

There are expanding the sea in front, and you will feel a sense of outstanding openness!

Business hours
Weekdays from 11AM to 9PM (Last order at 8PM)
Weekends and national holidays from 10AM to 10PM (Last order at 9PM)

No regular holiday

Nishinoura 286, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture


“SURF SIDE Cafe” is featured with Hawaiian atmosphere and large glass windows of ocean views.

It is a cafe of self serviced style with ordering at a counter.

Although Hawaiian atmosphere is quite popular for Japanese, the atmosphere will surely heals those who from overseas.

Local staff’s comments

It is a relatively new spot among Itoshima, and is a cafe in PALM BEACH THE GARDENS.

The top recommendation is Futami burger (980 Yen) used a homemade putty and buns.

Also, the cafe lines up Hawaiian like menus, such as Garlic shrimp plate (1,050 Yen), and Loco Moco (950 Yen).

Business hours
Mon to Fri from 11AM until sunset
Sat, Sun and national holidays from 10AM until sunset

No regular holiday

Nishinoura 285-B, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture


image by picdeer.com

“La’Puni” with tropical yellow appearance as a mark is popular with a smoothie that is used organic passion fruit produced by “Miyamoto Youkou Farm”.

Besides, there are smoothies used dragon fruit and vegetables, also hot drink menus, such as homemade sweet sake

As some seats are prepared in and out of the shop, you can taste a drink relaxed, feeling breeze.

Local staff’s comments

Famous is passion fruit smoothie, that is used organic passion fruit and dragon fruit produced by “Miyamoto Youkou Farm” of Itoshima and seasonal vegetables, and there are full of young ladies in the shop!

Business hours
From 10AM to 6PM

No regular holiday

Tomari 204-6, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

About 6 minute drive by car from JR “Hatae” station


The restaurant uses squid of fresh caught at Nishinoura fishing port located very near, and a set of that squid sashimi arranged in the original shape (2,750 Yen) is popular.

You can fully enjoy squid without waste, such as fresh and transparent squid sashimi, and tempura of squid legs served with homemade salt.

Also, viewing the sea of Futamigaura from every seat inside of the restaurant is one of the charms.

Contrast of the sea and the sky on a sunny day is a superb view.

Local staff’s comments

You can view the sea of Futamigaura and the mystic sunset from all the seats.

There are not only squid but also abundant menus that make you feel four seasons of Itoshima!

Business hours
Weekdays from 11AM to 9PM (Last order at 8PM)
Weekends and holidays from 10AM to 9PM (Last order at 8PM)

No regular holiday

Nishinoura 285-C, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Mirukugaki (Milk oyster) Toyohisamaru

It is an oyster hut that opens only during late October through early March.

You can taste rich flavor of milk oysters of Itoshima product with a style of baking oysters on charcoal.

You can fully taste oysters from your heart, with renting a jacket, an apron, work gloves, and an oyster knife.

Local staff’s comments

Menus like in a Spanish bar, such as tasteful milk oysters of rich flavor with garlic butter, cheese, and ajillo, definitely appeal to you.

Many seafood menus other than oysters are there, and as the restaurant is a bring-your-own-drinks-and-toppings style, even one who does not like oysters can enjoy.

Business hours
from 10AM to 5PM (Entrance till 4PM) * Opens only during late October through early March.

No regular holiday

Shimakishi 778-5, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture (Inside Kishi Fishing port)

Sushi/ Japanese food -KU-

For a luxury treat to yourself, a restaurant “KU” of sushi and Japanese food is recommended.

It is just indeed luxury that you taste fresh sushi and seafood rice bowl, while viewing the sea over the counter.

You can taste a sushi gozen set (from 1,980 Yen), that is a set of sushi, a small dish, and a dessert, etc, during lunch time until 3PM.

For kids until elementary school, there is also an Okosama gozen, a set for kids, so it is recommended also for families.

Local staff’s comments

If talking about sushi restaurants with ocean views, it is here!

It is recommended for those who want to spend a bit romantic time for a luxury treat for yourself.

Just eating sushi is luxury, and how even more luxury eating sushi while viewing the sea is!

Business hours
from 11AM to 9PM (Last order at 8:30PM)

Every Thursday and the third Wednesday

Miyanoura 1147-3, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Recommended Shops for Finding Souvenirs.

JA Itoshima Market Direct from Farms, Itosaisai

It is the largest direct market of Kyushu, gathering about 1,600 farmers of Itoshima.

Every food stuff are lined up here, not just including popular Itoshima vegetables, but also fruits, flowers, processed products like confectionaries and lunch boxes, oysters, Itoshima beef, and Itoshima pork, etc.

Local staff’s comments

If you want to procure Itoshima vegetables that are the talk, it is here!

It is JA Itoshima’s market direct from farms, where selling fresh food stuff harvested in Itoshima.

It is a local kitchen-like place, crowded with many people from early morning.

Business hours
from 9AM to 6PM

Close during the beginning of the year

Hatae 567, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

About 13 minutes walk from JR “Hatae” station


“HEY&Ho.” is a specialized store for Hasami-yaki potteries made in Hasami Town of Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu area.

It is a sister store of “Maruhiro”, a Hasami-yaki maker, which is popular for modern designs.

There are crammed with bowls and mug cups of particularly very popular brand “HASAMI” among Maruhiro and small cups for drinking of “Babashoten store”.

There are lined up fashionable colorful items rare to potteries.

Local staff’s comments

A store of “Hasami-yaki” of Nagasaki is in Itoshima.

In modern inside of the store, there are lined up various kinds of potteries, including dining wears for daily use, small cups for soba soup drinking, and plant pots.

Business hours
from 11AM till sunset

No regular holiday

Hatae 567, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

In PALM BEACH GARDENS, Nishinoura 286, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Energy Vortex Spots of Itoshima for Marriage

“Sakurai Jinja Shrine” is known as God of any “relationship”, especially as God of “marriage”.

The main building, the prayer’s building, and the tower shrine gate that are remained as it is since the establishment in 1632 (Kanei the 9th) are designated as prefectural important cultural treasure of Fukuoka.

Also, a cute stamp book of original design expressing landscape of blooming cherry blossoms in the ground with embroidery is also gathering attentions.

Local staff’s comments

Sakurai Jinja Shrine connects any “relationship”, such of love, work, and human.

It is also popular as “Arashi Jinja Shrine”, a sacred place of fans, because the shrine is the same name with the family name of Mr Sho Sakurai of Arashi.

Because there are also Uruu Jinja Shrine and Ninomiya Jinja Shrine inside Fukuoka Prefecture, there are some fans who worship three shrines together…

* Arashi is a popular idle group in Japan, consisting of 5 members.

Sho “Sakurai”, “Jun” (the same kanji character with Uruu) Matsumoto, Kazunari “Ninomiya” are members among others.

Shimasakurai 4227, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Hakosima Jinja Shrine

“Hakoshima Jinja Shrine” is a floating shrine on the sea.

The shrine is featured with a white torii (shrine gate), and you will go toward there crossing on one path made of stones extending from a road.

It is a popular energy vortex spot for marriage, and it is said that many tourists visit for praying good marriages.

At the same time, it is known that God brings good luck for ear related prayers.

Local staff’s comments

A cute shrine floating on the sea.

Parking a car in a parking space located on the other side of a road, walking a minute, and crossing a pier, you will be welcomed by the torii (shrine gate).

Nijohamakubo 86, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Access and Travel Map for Itoshima

Access to Itoshima From the Center of Fukuoka

[By train] About 40 minutes ride to “Chikuzen Maebaru” station of JR Chikuhi line from Hakata station and Tenjin station via Meinohama station

[By car] About 40 minutes drive to Maebaru Interchange from Hakataeki Higashi Interchange

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Transportation in Itoshima

There is a rental bicycle shop in front of Chikuzen Maebaru station.  Alright even if you cannot drive a car!  Let’s go around Itoshima by bicycles on a sunny day!



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