A Cat Island, “AinoShima” In Ashiya-gun, Fukuoka

Famous as “a cat island of Fukuoka” is AinoShima.

When you hear saying an island, you may imagine somewhere afar, but actually you can go there in about one to one and half hours, using a train and a ferry from Hakata.

This time, let me show you how to enjoy “AinoShima”, where tourists even from overseas visit as a cat island of Fukuoka.

Let’s fully enjoy AinoShima by either of 4 ways that are introduced here!

Note that Fukuoka has two cat islands and both name are “AinoShima”, but different spell in Japanese.

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Check How To Go To AinoShima First

To AinoShima, you can go from Shingu Port (AinoShima Tosenba, a ferry boat boarding point) in Fukuoka, using a ferry about for 20 minutes (460 yen for one way).

As there are only six round trips a day during April through September and only five round trips a day during October through March, you may need to be careful.

Here is the timetable.

Also, you will go to Shingu Port by using town operated community buses departing from JR Fukkodaimae station or Nishitetsu Shingu station.

It is possible to use the bus at very reasonable fare of 100 Yen per boarding.

There is also a parking place at Shingu Port, so you can drive to the port and transfer to the boat.

As it takes just about 15 to 20 minute by train from JR Hakata station to JR Fukkodaimae station, it is accessible and convenient.

Usually WIFI is not available in isolated islands or isolated places, even at hotels or restaurants.

So, portble wifi is recommended.

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How to Enjoy AinoShima 1. Play With Cats

The island is so called a cat island where cats will greet you as soon as you get off the boat.

There are cats freely sleeping, reclining, and strolling in carefree manners, especially around the port area where many people live.

Many cats are friendly, so cats will not hardly get angry even if you touch them.

Though, of course, it is not good to wake up cats that are sleeping, let’s enjoy shooting photos from afar, and playing and touching with cats that approach to you.

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How to Enjoy AinoShima 2. Stroll on the island

Circumference of AinoShima is about 8 km.

As you can go around the whole island walking only on a big road, men and women of all ages are strolling, while enjoying superb views.

Quite different from the landscape of the port of the first, there spreads forest on the other side of the island, so you can walk enjoying Shinrin-yoku (surrounded in a forest atmosphere, having refreshing feeling).

Also, there are abundant points to see, such as “Hanagurise (so called Meganeiwa or Glasses Rock)”, which is a rock on the sea with a hole in the middle and is the Prefectural designated cultural treasure, as well as “AinoShima Stone Ancient Tombs” which is a historical site on beach.

Let’s enjoy strolling while enjoying sightseeing and nature.

How to Enjoy AinoShima 3. Enjoy Fishing

AinoShima is a town of fishing industry.

As a result, there also many tourists taking a ferry for enjoying only fishing.

If you are a fishing-lover, you can easily enjoy fishing when you bring a fishing rod.

Especially, an area around the fishing port is prepared for fishing easily, so you can also enjoy fishing together with small kids.

How to Enjoy AinoShima 4. Enjoy Gourmets

image by note.mu

On AinoShima, you can also enjoy gourmets only on an island.

As there is just one restaurant next to AinoShima Tourist Information Center on the island, you shall eat there.

They serve many menus that use abundant fresh seafoods caught in the near shore, including Sashimi Teishoku Set and Kaisen Champon (Seafood Champon Ramen noodle) that use a plenty of seafoods, and Croquette Teishoku Set that uses minced fish.

So, you can fully enjoy the island gourmets.

It is also recommended to order Sashimi as an a la carte.

Resutaurant Infomation

Information of Maruyama Shokudo, AinoShima Chiiki Sanbutsu Tenji Hanbaisho (Ai no Shima area products sales and promotion center)

Address: Oaza AinoShima 1382-2, Shingu Town, Kasuya District, Fukuoka Prefecture

Telephone numbers: 092-962-4360

Access: one minute walk from AinoShima Port

Business hours: from 11AM to 4PM


Although AinoShima is famous as a cat island, you can enjoy various other activities, such as strolling, fishing and enjoying gourmets, beside playing with cats.

Good to fully enjoy all the activities by taking a ferry a bit early in the morning, and also good to enjoy activities only of your interest.

Numbers of tourists to “AinoShima”, a cat island of Fukuoka, are increasing year by year.

Please enjoy completely the time on the island by your only way of enjoying yourself!

*Please check and confirm the latest information on some official websites.

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