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5 Cute Cats That Attract Guests at Hotels

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Cats who are popular on SNS sometimes become souvenir goods or become stationmasters all over the Japan

There may be many cat lovers who want to be swung around by so-called “Tsundere”(hot and cold) cats.

A writer of this article(namely, it’s me) is one of cat lovers.

There are many spots where such cute cats become a sign of the hotels.

“A ranking of cats who attract guest in accommodation” was decided by Rakuten Travel, a Japanese travel reservation site.

Let me introduce top 5 hotels that have cute welcoming cats.

5th “Kou” at Farm Minshuku Nyamba One in Kagoshima

Gathered 179 votes and ranked 5th is “Kou” at Farm Minshuku Nyamba One.

Surprisingly, Kou is 17 years old right now(2019/4).

It seems that Kou have been a lost kitten, but his proud is well-groomed fur.

Kou has a partner cat, “Fuku”.

So, putting two together, the name is Kou-Fuku which means happiness in Japanese.

*Kou is left and Fuku is in right in the photo above.

Usually tourists misunderstand that they are parent and child, but there is no blood relationship between the 2 cats…

Nyamba One boasts a spacious Japanese-style room of 12 tatami mats (can be used in two rooms with 6 tatami mats) with a retro atmosphere decorated with uchikake(Kimono), obi, and folk art chest.

The owner is a woman, and she began running Farm Minshuku in Kagoshima with her husband after worked for some years.

Beside 2 cats, Farm Minshuku has a dog, so the inn is paradise for animal lovers.

4th Daikichi at Nakamuraya Ryokan in Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma

Gathered 217 votes and ranked 4th is “Daikichi” at Nakamuraya Ryokan in Kusatsu Onsen.

The Ryokan is famous that 5 cats called “Naka-nyanzu” welcome guests, including “Kotaro”, “Yamato”, “Sasuke”, “Ryu” and “Daikichi”.

What is more, those 5 cats are all handsome.

Another charm of Nakamuraya Ryokan is Onsen.

The Ryokan is filled with fun such as five chartered Japanese-style baths such as Nanakuma, Iwagami, Shirane-an, Komagusa and Ishizuka, and course menu with local Gunma food.

3rd Higuma at Ichinoyado in Hokkaido

Gathered 249 votes and ranked 3rd is “Higuma” at Ichinoyado

Higuma is black colored cat and his feature is fluffy fur and the rank has jumped from 14th two years ago to 3rd.

He is gathering guest popularity with friendly personality: if you call his name, Higuma will rush over to you.

Ichinoyado located nearby Asahikawa zoo offers “roses bath” harvested in local.

Rose flower decorated in everywhere inside ryokan drifts elegant smell.

Also, the other cute cats, beside Higuma are popular among the guest.

2nd Milk at Aratama Ryokan in Beppu Onsen, Oita

Gathered 249 votes and ranked 2nd is “Milk” at Aratama Ryokan in Beppu Onsen, Oita.

Milk surprisingly has been ranked 4 years and its high popularity convincing.

Aratama Ryokan stands Hamawaki Onsen, one of the 8 onsen in Beppu, and is unusual ryokan because 40 cats live there.

Milk is the most popular cat among those 40 cats and gathering focus with its special skill that riding on the guest’s back and massaging by his 🐾paw pads🐾.

The ryokan offers accommodation deal to touch with cats, so it is paradise for cat lovers.

As for effect of onsen, it is said that the hot spring works for neuralgia, joint pain and beautiful skin.

1st Yuzu at Kannawa Yunoka in Kannawa Onsen, Oita

Finally, what ranked 1st is Kannawa Yunoka in Kannawa Onsen, Oita, gathered 377 votes, jumped from 3rd last year to 1st.

Yuzu was saved by owner when she got stuck between the walls of ryokan.

And now she is gathering focus from tourist as second owner of ryokan.

Kannawa onsen, one of the 8 Beppu Onsen has nice quality hot spring, and you can experience Jigoku Mushim(hell-steaming).

Inside ryokan is filled with romantic atmosphere and highly evaluated.

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Each of cat is cute and suitable for welcoming guests.

Please go and travel to see them.

Note that it is information at the time of publication(2019/4).

Contents may change.