Ninja Experience in Osaka! Feel Japanese Culture With Cosplay!

Once upon a time, brushing up “Body and soul”, a ninja was active in the underworld, lurking in the dark as a secret agent (a spy).

Today, “Ninja” gathers much popularity not only in Japan but also overseas, and actually, there is a place where you can have Ninja experience in full scale, with dressed like a ninja, inside of the one building, located in this Osaka.

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This time let introduce “Ninjado”, where is convenient of transportation that is one minute walk both from “Shin-Imamiya station” of JR, Nankai , and Hankai Tramway, and from “Dobutsuen-mae station” of Osaka Metro, where everyone can freely and easily enjoy the experience, and where you can also learn much about a ninja!

What is Charms of Ninjado which Popular Among Foreign Tourists?

①You can be dressed in a costume of ninja in a full scale, and you can freely shoot memorial photos!

It is perfect for the trip memory.

Please for sure to take a photo for your memories.

②You can experience the basic actions of a ninja!

You can experience the basic actions and movements of a ninja, while learning.

③You can learn various knowledge, including tools of a ninja and how to use them.

You may be able to hear not-well-known real story of a ninja.

④Multilingual support available.

As not only in Japanese, but also in English and Chinese is available, foreign tourists can also enjoy experiencing!

The Details of Ninja Experience

The experience is divided into 5 programs (practices).

①Kuji-Goshin-bo (an art of self defense by nine characters)

To explain simply, it is like “a spell”, and it is an action for your spirit concentrated.

Please be concentrated as if you become completely a ninja from your inner body.

②Ways of walking

Speaking of a ninja, you should act without making any sound.

You will learn such ways of walking actually.

Actually, even speaking about just ways of walking, there are some ten ways in total.

During the experience, you will learn three ways out of these.

③Ninja sword

You will learn ways including the way to hold a sword, the way to cut, and how to fight.

After you learned, you will experience actually the sword fight, just like the real, with a teacher.

As it is a chance to shoot photos, please try leaving for sure memorial photos.

④A blow gun

Experiencing a weapon only of a ninja.

Everything turns into a weapon.

Now, what can turn into a blow gun?

Please hold your expectation to enjoy until you actually experience!

⑤Throwing stars

One of the representative weapon of a ninja is “a throwing star”.

With a consideration of safety, firstly, you will practice throwing throwing stars made of rubber, aiming to a target.

At the last, you will throw the throwing stars of iron that is the same weight as the real one to a target.

Feeling the real weight that is quite different from the one for practice, will you be able to hit impressively the center of a target!?


After finished five practices, you will shoot memorial photos in a karakuri (a trick) room and in front of a suit of armor.

Please leave by all means one photo of memories with your smartphone.

Fee for the experience, and the required time.

Adults: 4800 Yen

Children (Elementary school students and below): 3800 Yen

The required time is about 1 hour together both for the experience and the memories photo shooting.


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An optional plan offers freely strolling in the town with dressed like a ninja.

By paying an optional fee of 1000 Yen per person, you can freely stroll around the town of Osaka with remained in a costume of a ninja.

Covered in a crowd of people, why don’t you try lurking in the town of Osaka?

You may be able to enjoy the townscape of Osaka in a different angle from the landscape that you usually view without your thoughts.

It is also recommended to go to the places with history, including “Tennoji Temple” and “Chausuyama Mountain”, with remained in a costume of a ninja.


How did you like it?

Please experience the charm of ninja that you can enjoy only in “Ninjado”!

Actually, you may be able to know the truth of a ninja, such as “it was different from what I thought”, and “I did not know”.

For example, “a ninja is even now….”, etc.

Please try hearing by all means various things, including the experience.

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Facility name: Ninjado

Address: 4th fl., Wakaba Bldg., 1-1-18 Taishi, Nishinari-Ward, Osaka-City

Telephone number: 06-6131-9768


The nearest stations:

Three minute walk from “Shin-Imamiya” station of JR, Nankai, and Hankai Tramway.

Two minute walk from “Dobutsuen-mae” station of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, Sakaisuji Line.

Business hours: 10AM to 5PM

Holiday: No scheduled holidays


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