MIHO MUSEUM of Cherry blossoms, Easy to Visit From Kyoto

The season of cherry blossoms comes to an end during middle of through late April in Japan.

In Shiga Prefecture, there is a cherry blossoms viewing spot where will be the best season during such a period.

It is the “MIHO MUSEUM”, located in mountains of Koka-City.

Cherry blossoms of MIHO MUSEUM is glamorous, and especially when you view them from inside of a tunnel, it is fantastic!

Why don’t you try enjoying the last cherry blossom viewing in Kansai at MIHO MUSEUM?

MIHO MUSEUM is For the Last Cherry Blossoms in Kansai

MIHO MUSEUM is the art museum located in mountains of Shigaraki-Town, Koka-City, Shiga-Prefecture.

It opened in 1997 for the purpose of storing and exhibiting the collection of Mihoko Koyama, who is the founder of the spiritual organization, Shinji Shumeikai.

Actually, this MIHO MUSEUM is known as the one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots of Shiga Prefecture in spring, and as you can see here, in every year, during the season of cherry blossom blooming, there are crowded with many cherry blossom viewing tourists.

In addition, as Shigaraki-Town where MIHO MUSEUM is located is surrounded by mountains, the spring arrives later than to other regions.

So, you can still fully enjoy cherry blossoms here even when the best season finished in the plain region.

The best season of cherry blossoms of MIHO MUSEUM is from middle through late April.

Please indulge yourself by all means with cherry blossoms that bloom at the very last in Kansai.

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The main building of MIHO MUSEUM is located in the place where is further beyond one mountain from the reception building that is attached to the car parking.

As a result, it is necessary that all the visitors have to walk along the road that leads from the reception building to the main building.

But, as there are planted many cherry blossom trees along the road, these make eyes of visitors enjoy.

The Fantastic View From A Tunnel

When you proceed the road that leads to the main building, you will see a tunnel that goes through the mountainside.

You will then walk through this long tunnel to the main building.

When you entered to the tunnel, please look back from inside of the tunnel to the direction where you came from.

You can view the fantastic landscape as you see here.

This landscape is one of the points to see of MIHO MUSEUM.

So, many tourists enjoy viewing from inside of the tunnel.

Cherry blossoms Are Beautiful Even When Started Falling

For those who visit during when cherry blossoms started falling, please look also at roots of cherry blossom trees.

All around there are growing mosses naturally, and uncountable petals of cherry blossoms are scattering on these.

Such a sight is also beautiful.

If you shoot photos together with stepping stones, stepping stones become a good accent.

If you are a camera-fan, please try shooting a photo from each angle of your thoughts.

Views From An Electric Vehicle of MIHO MUSEUM

At MIHO MUSEUM, there always operates an electric vehicle between the reception building and the main building.

It takes just about 10 minutes by walk to the main building, but if you say that it is a bit hard for me to walk….., let’s ride on an electric vehicle.

As the running route of the electric vehicle is the same route as of walking, you can view relaxed and slowly the line-up cherry blossom trees, while sitting at ease.

It may be a good plan differently as walking when going and using the electric vehicle when returning.

Of course, as it is a place where is surrounded with natural fields and mountains, you can also view flowers of seasons, including torch azaleas besides cherry blossoms.

The Main Building of MIHO MUSEUM

After passing through the tunnel, there appears a big suspension bridge that crosses over deep valleys.

After crossed over it, you reach to the main building finally.

Let’s visit to also the main building after enjoy cherry blossoms.

The designer of the main building is Ieoh Ming Pei, a Chinese-American architect.

He is an architect who designed the glass pyramid that situated in front of the Louvre Museum.

The ceiling that put together complexed and the frames of walls show the distinctive interior, and in addition to lined-up cherry blossom trees, the constructive design of the main building and the in-building exhibitions that are collected from all over the world are worth seeing.

How did you like it?

As it is the cherry blossoms of the art museum, it is very thankful that you can enjoy these together with the collections.

It is also a good point that you can enjoy once again cherry blossoms in full-bloom, which already finished blooming in the plain region, isn’t it?

Please enjoy the last cherry blossoms in Kansai at MIHO MUSEUM.

Information of MIHO MUSEUM

Address: 300 Tashiro Momodani, Shigaraki-Town, Koka-City, Shiga Prefecture

Access:About 15 minutes from JR Kyoto Station.

Then, catch Teisan Bus number 150.

About 50 minute ride by a bus from JR Ishiyama station

* The best season of cherry blossoms is from middle of April through late April.

Please check and confirm the latest information at the official website.

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