Sex (Prostitution) in kyoto is Banned. So, Ogoto Onsen Near Kyoto

Prostitution in Kyoto is banned, so we can’t enjoy sexual attraction.

However, going 15 minutes from Kyoto by JR train, you can enjoy high quality sex in Shiga prefecture, which is located next to Kyoto.

So, many Japanese people visit Ogoto Onsen to heal their fatigue and to make it  satisfied their greed.

Why don’t you visit ogoto onsen?

Let me introduce the sex shops in Ogoto Onsen.

Average Cost

The cost of sex in Ogoto Onsen varies from 25,000 yen / 1 hour to 50,000 yen / 1 hour.

If you go to a cheap shop, the quality of service and girl are low.

If you go to an expensive shop, the quality of service and girl are high.

However, in my experience, even if you go to a sex shop that cost 20,000 yen, the girls are cute.

Prostitution in Kyoto is Banned

Although the simple and old taste is the goodness of Kyoto, tourists can’t be fully enjoyed in Kyoto, especially men.

Also, many girls lives in Kyoto can’t earn money in Kyoto because prostitution in Kyoto is Banned.

Instead, girls that live in Kyoto go and earn money in Ogoto Onsen in Shiga.

That makes the quality of girls in Ogoto Onsen high.

So, you can enjoy having sex with girls who live in kyoto, Shiga and sometimes Osaka.

Recommended Sex Shops in Ogoto Onsen

You need to make a reservation if you want to enjoy sex.

There are some shops that receive reservation for English speakers.

Kouteibekkan / Luxury Class Shop

Kouteibekkan is a luxury class shop.

It is one of the best shop in west Japan, so the quality of everything is high.


Address: 3-11-9 Naeruka, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Opening hour: 10:00-24:00 (Reservation call 9: 00)

Open year round

Phone number: 077-579-2130


100 minutes55,000 yen
120 minutes65,000 yen
150 minutes80,000 yen
Extend 20 minutes10,000 yen

The service at luxury class shop is high.

Usually, at luxury class shop, you can enjoy oral sex until you come before “you go bed”

Also, there are service such as “anal licking”.

Some luxury class shop allow us raw insertion and vaginal cum shot.

VERUJE / Intermediate Class Shop

VERUJE is intermediate class shop.

So, the cost and quality of girls are intermediate in Ogoto Onsen.


Address:3-7-4, Nouka, Ootsu-shi, Shiga

Opening hour: 11:00-24:00


70 minutes32,000 yen
100 minutes42,000 yen

Intermediate class shop is an average shop, but it depends on the shops or course whether there is a mat.

There are many stores that do not have excessive services such as oral sex before you go bed.

Some girls work in intermediate class shop because it is “easier than luxury class shop”.

Some mid-level stores have a higher level because some girls change shops from luxury class shop to intermediate class shop.

barubola-marinebrue-ogoto(Chu-lip Girls)/ Masses Shop

barubola-marinebrue-ogoto(Chu-lip Girls)is relatively cheap shop in Ogoto Onsen.

But, girls are usually cute even though the shop is cheaper.


Address:3-6-18, Nohka, Ootsu-shi, Shiga

Opening hour: 10:00-24:00

Phone number: 077-579-7219


50 minutes13,000 yen
70 minutes17,000 yen

Masses shops serve a short time course.

And, you will have playing without mat play or simple mat play

The service is mainly in the bed.

The price is cheaper and girls work in the shop are usually beginner of prostitution.

That is also the goodness.


For more information

Please visit Cityheaven Travelers for more information.

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Access to Ogoto Onsen

After making a reservation, you can get picked up service at the Ogoto Onsen Staion or Hieizan-sakamoto Station.

To go Ogoto Staion it takes 20 minutes by JR Train from Kyoto Station.

To go Hieizan-sakamoto Station it takes 17 minutes by JR Train from Kyoto Station.

From Osaka station, you need only 1 hour, but it’s necessary to transfer on Kosei Line.

For staying Hotel Yumotokan, is recommended becauce this hotel is chaeper than the other hotels.



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