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Submarine bar “Shinka” in Osaka is a hot topic! It’s hidden spot

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Do you know that there is an eccentric bar, called “Shinka”, the submarine bar, in Osaka?

It is an extremely hideaway bar that even local people do not know.

So, let me introduce menus and the interior, which is your concern, of the submarine bar “Shinka” that is a hot topic now.

A thorough survey of the submarine bar “Shinka”


Do you know the submarine bar “Shinka” that is a hot topic now?

It is a popular bar of Osaka that is recommended to the one who wishes to go a bit eccentric bar.

So, let me introduce menus and the interior, which is your concern, of the submarine bar “Shinka”.

It is an unusual space, and it’s sure that you will like it as it is a bar of very high quality.

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What is the submarine bar “Shinka”?

What the submarine bar “Shinka” is a master’s particular bar that resembles a submarine of a hot topic now.

It is recommended to the one who wishes to go to a bit eccentric bar in Osaka.

It is a fantastic bar overflowing with a man’s sense of adventure, so everyone, if a man, will surely be excited.

Though it is not suited to a purpose, such as a romantic date, it is a store that is gradually getting popularity now because you can enjoy an unusual atmosphere.

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How to access to the submarine bar “Shinka”

The submarine bar “Shinka” is the store of the hot topic that is said that impossible to reach there even if you input it to car navigation.

Let me explain in detail to the one who does not know about.

First, let’s go toward the south after getting off at Tanimachi 4-chome station.

As you proceed, “Don Quijote Hoenzaka store” will come to be seen, so let’s find it at first.

When you turn your back to “Don Quijote Hoenzaka store”, there continues a long road, so let’s just go there straight single-mindedly.

Beyond this narrow alley, which is located around almost near the end, there is the store of the purpose.

Neither any signboard nor any placemark.

As it is located at the end of a narrow alley that barely one adult can go through, it is very difficult to find it.

So the one who comes for the first time will surely be lost the way.

When you walk through the dark and narrow alley, you will find an iron door that is connected metals.

This is an entrance of the submarine bar “Shinka”.

This door that is quietly located in a residential area seems as if a door connecting to a different world, so you will be somewhat exciting.

As it is the store of high difficulty level to find, once you find it, you will feel touched.


Address:  Andoji-Cho 1-1-10, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture

Telephone number: 06-6766-2768

The attractive interior of the submarine bar “Shinka”

When you enter the inside of the store, you will find the interior that is too real appeared of the submarine.

Excellent in elaboration, and you will feel sound and vibration at the whole time as if it is moving with “rumbling low noise and of machines”.

The interior of the store overflowing with a man’s sense of adventure is a very cool and great space.

There are counter seats and table seats.

In the counter, a master of shaved-head and a bit formidable look is making drinks.

As the interior of the shop is so elaborated, you might think that he likes a submarine much, but it seems that he does not like it so much.

So, it is funny that the master is reticence and full of mystery.

Although it is a store difficult to arrive at, as it is a popular bar of hot topic secretly in Osaka, when it is crowded, it becomes full of people.

Although it is an atmosphere as if you are moving to somewhere ride in a real submarine, it is surprising that the bar is admirable.

Gentlemen surely will enjoy the interior of the store, but it is recommended as ladies also will be thrilled.

Be sure going to a restroom of “Shinka”

Anywhere of the interior of the submarine bar “Shinka” is created with fine elaboration, and the restroom is also of course elaborated.

First, to enter the restroom, you cannot reach if not open a door from bottom to top like a shutter.

Opening the door, when you enter, you will find a familiar Japanese toilet, but it is surrounded by the mechanical design.

It is not a restroom that you can settle in, but let’s try going there by all means when you visit.

Menus of “Shinka”

As the bar is so particular about a submarine just like this, you might think that the food menu is also fulfilled.

But, surprisingly, the menu is only jerky and nuts of finger food.

So, before you come to the submarine bar “Shinka”, you would be better to finish dinner.

There are some restaurants around the bar.

There is not the drink menu either, and it is a system that you directly order what you wish to drink to the master who is in the counter.

As a result of the limited space of the store, it is said that the stocks and varieties of drinks that are in the bar are limited.

Although varieties of the food menu and the drink menu are little, it is recommended to those who wish to enjoy an eccentric atmosphere.

Bars around the submarine bar “Shinka”

Bar Whisky

Although it is a long-standing, the Bar Whisky is a bar of very cheap.

The varieties of beverages are abundant, and although it is a long-standing bar of Minami of Osaka, you can drink beverages without a cover charge.

Since there are also the food menu and finger foods, it is a recommended bar for those who wish to drink various kinds of alcohol beverages relaxed.

Bar Whisky

Address: NS Bldg. 1F, Higashi-Shinsaibashi 1-8-13, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture.

Telephone number: 06-6251-2530

Nihonshu to Watashi (Sake wine and me)

Nihonshu to Watashi is a standing Izakaya (Japanese drinking place) where you can drink a reasonable and tasty sake wine.

Although sake is the main, there are also beer, sour, and whisky with soda, etc.

The menus of food are lined up abundantly, and as you can reasonably enjoy alcoholic beverages and light meals, it is recommended.

Nihonshu to Watashi

Address: Hisatomi-Sennichi Plaza 1F, Sennichimae 2-3-24, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture

Shimanouchi Fujimaru Winery

Shimanouchi Fujimaru Winery is a restaurant attached to an urban-type winery that is rare even in the world.

You can enjoy wines of course made at the winery on the ground floor, but also wines finely selected from in and outside of Japan.

Moreover, the dishes are used particular foodstuff mainly of the products of Osaka, and there are lined up with dishes that match a glass of wine.

It also opens for lunchtime, so, please visit there by all means.

Shimanouchi Fujimaru Winery

Address:  Sanwa Bldg. 1F, Shimanouchi 1-1-14, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka-Prefecture

Telephone number: 050-5593-1462

Why don’t you try submarine bar “Shinka”

We have introduced the menu of the submarine bar which is hot topic now, including the shop inside, the gourmet and spots around.

How was it?

It is very cool, full of man romance, but women can also enjoy it.

Also, there are plenty of gourmet and spots in the surrounding area, so please enjoy it before going to the submarine bar “Shinka”.