How to go Kifune Shrine

Kibune area is located in north part of Kyoto city where the temperature is lower in 5 to 10 than the central area in Kyoto.

And it’s a local hidden area where water and green harmonize.

You can feel coolness in nature with Kawadoko which continues untill end of September.

Kawadoko, or sometimes called as Yuka, is a floor on a river.

Why don’t you taste cool Kawadoko dishes, bathing in negative ions of nature?

Headed to Kifune Shrine Going Through Green Tunnel

Eizan Line takes you to Kibune without worrying about traffic jam.

You can get on Eizan train by chaging trains from Demachiyanagi of kaihan Line.

It takes about 30 minutes from Demachiyanagi to Kibuneguchi station.

After exit the residential area, your view beyond the window will be turned to green gradation.

Although the course of Eizan Line is known as autumn leaves tunnel, summer also amazingly attracts our view, with full of green.

To enjoy the view on the way to Kifune shrine, “Kirara”, observation train is necessary.

Some of the seats are facing outward with large windows.

Please check the timetable of Kirara train from here.

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Stroll Kifune Shrine

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The god of water and the god of marriage are worshiped at Kifune Shrine.

Kifune Shrine consists of three separated shrines; the main shrine, Yui no Yashiro, and the Okunomiya.

There is a place where sacred water flows from Ishigaki(stone wall) at main shrine.

When you get exhausted and thirsty for strolling the shrine, you can drink that water.

It is said that various bacteria were not seen, when the water was  tested which was stored for more than three years.

Although there is no guarantee for the efficacy to the disease, it is not bad experience to drink sacred water.

Just 30 minutes walking through the cool mountain road takes you to Kifune Shrine from Kibuneguchi Station.

Try Kawadoko Cuisine after strolling Kifune Shrine.

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