Stimulating! ”Kyoto Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi” in Toji, Sense Shines in Mysterious

A building that gives off a strange and different color to street which is located one street south side from Toji Temple.

At first glance, the building seems like inside is filled with a lot of junk.

Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi is a general store handling products from the Showa and is best shop to feel Showa period of atmosphere.

Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi Gives off a Strange and Different Color

Walking down one street south side from Kujo Street, a strange building is standing in the residential area.

Although people stop and think “what is this?” while they are walking, they pass by.

Especially, it is mysterious and strange in the night.

Opened in November 19, 2015, so it is relatively new.

But, it looks old and somehow nostalgic with the atmosphere of Showa period(1926 to 1989).

If you closely look at, you will find that it is good exhibits with sense of humor.

What’s going on inside?

What is the Inside of Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi Like?

Although it is hesitating for people who pass by to enter the shop, let’s try checking the inside of Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi.

Inside might be unexpectable, so let’s check it.

Toys, Dolls, Novelties in Show Period

The store is filled with goods from a wide range of goods such as toys, dolls, novelties, comic books and magazines mainly from the 1950s to 1980s.

It is surprising number of collections that have been collected by owner over 20 years.

We can’t help feeling their passion to Showa Retro.

There are also rare electrical signs and rare character figures that are becoming increasingly rare.

Garden is Attached

There is a garden in the back of the shop.

It is simple and there is a figurine of raccoon dog standing on the center of a bridge.

Garden has kyoto’s tasteful atmosphere, doesn’t it?? (may be no??)

Seeing this garden as a Japanese, this is just a bit dirty garden…

Still, it makes me remind my grandparents house which is old Japanese house.

This the Retro!

In front of the garden, smoking area is located.

So, if you want to chill after walking and get tired in Toji temple, just stop by to smoke here.

And… I don’t know why, but there is a Microphone with stand.

Why? Just visit Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi and ask the reason to store manager!

Fascinating Women’s Toilet

A shop clerk sometimes invites you saying like this “if you like, why don’t you see toilet, because it is amazing”.

So let’s check toilet.

It is… obscene.

A door knob is made of something… I can’t say in a word.

Also the door has a sticker that says “taking photo is OK”.

Basically, the inside of the Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi is allowed to take photos.

A photogenic world might spread beyond the door of toilet!

This is more obscene than the door.

The inside is… fascinating space!?

We can’t relieve ourselves calmly at all.

Can you see what is it in the left side of the photo?

When you wash your hands, you need to grasp the handle which is also made of something to run the water,

But, it should be, in a sense, photogenic wold.

If you are coming here with your family, small kids or girl friend, please think about whether it is ok or not.

Why Don’t You Come Inside of Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi

Although there some stimulating exhibits in the shop, Showa Retro Shop Himitsukichi is a general store to feel Showa period of Japan.

So, it might be good chance to buy souvenirs! Might be…

If you like, why don’t you come in to smoke cigarette or to go toilet?


Name: Kyoto Showa Retro Secret Base
Address: 55-3 Nishikujo Minamidacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-201-9318
Business hours: 14: 00-19: 00
Regular holiday: Monday (other irregular holidays)
Access: About 5 minutes on foot from Kintetsu / Toji Station

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