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9 cherry blossom spots in Tokyo that are photographed

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Spring cherry blossoms may remind you of flower viewing during the daytime.

However, the cherry blossom viewed at night has a different expression than at noon and attracts many people.

In 2020, cherry blossom-related events were halted in various parts of the country, but this time, we will deliver the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, where visitors can enjoy spring comic blossoms simply by watching photographs.

Ueno Imperial Garden/Taito Ward

“Ueno Imperial Garden” is has about 1,200 cherry trees from about 50 varieties.

At night, the cherry blossoms are decorated with 1,000 cherry blossoms in the park.

The cherry blossoms illuminated by the dim light of the bonbori are truly fantastic and are considered to be one of the “Japan’s Three Greatest Night Cherry Blossoms”.

The cherry blossom trees in Ueno Imperial Park are lined with cherry trees in the Chuo Garden Route.

The cherry blossom that lasts for about 400 meters is illuminated by the dark flash of the cherry blossom.

This is nothing but a pressure winding.

Sumida Park, Taito Ward and Sumida Ward

Sumida Park extends across the Sumida River to Taito Ward and Sumida Ward.

There are approximately 600 cherry trees on the Taito Ward side and approximately 340 cherry trees on the Sumida Ward side, approximately 1 km from Azumabashi to Sakura Bridge.

There is a light-up on either side, but not only on the ground, but also on a rooftop boat to view it from the water surface.

Collaboration with Tokyo Sky Tree is a very beautiful and popular evening cherry blossom spot.

Chittorigabuchi/Chiyoda Ward

Chiyoda Ward’s Chidorigafuchi is home to about 260 someishino trees, about 700 meters long, and Chidorigafuchi Park, about 170 someishino trees.

The Chiyoda Sakura Festival is usually held from late March to early April, and is one of the most popular flower viewing spots in Tokyo.

During the festival, Chitorigafuchi Midori street is light up and Chidorigafuchi Boat is open at night.

A number of related events have been held, including the operation of the Sakura Carugamo, a free tour bus for viewing cherry blossoms in the vicinity of Chidorigafuchi.


The Rikugien Garden in Bunkyo Ward is a garden built by Yoshiho Yanagisawa, the Onagisawa of the Edo Period.

After all, the attraction is the lighting up of the shidaresakura near the main gate.

The appearance of a 15m high, 20m wide shidarezakura in the night sky illuminated by lights is a fitting bewitching appearance. You can’t miss the light-up of the garden itself.

Megurogawa/Meguro Ward

A line of cherry blossoms along the Meguro River, where about 800 someiyoshino cherry trees continue for about 3.8 km from near Ikejiri Ohashi Station to Kamenokobashi Bridge.

During the cherry blossom season in 2019, the cherry blossoms from the Saikichi Bridge to the Nanbu Bridge were lit up, and the bridges from Ohashi to Tarakubashi were turned on.

When the cherry blossoms begin to fall, the flower raft on the Meguro River is full of charm.

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa/Minato Ward

“The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo”, “Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa”, and “Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa” in Minato Ward, surrounded by these three hotels, are home to more than 200 cherry blossom trees.

It is lit up at night, and it is a spot where you can spend quiet and tasteful time while staying in the big city.

Tokyo Midtown/Minato Ward

“Tokyo Midtown” and adjacent “Hinomachi Park” have about 150 cherry blossoms.

During the cherry-blossom viewing season, light up about 200 meters of Sakura Street, which connects Gaien Higashi Street with the garden area.

Before flowering, it is popular for its fine-grained effect of changing the color of white and light after flowering.

There are also rows of cherry trees on the north and east sides of Hinokicho Park, so you can enjoy cherry blossoms at night while shopping and strolling.

Inoka Imperial Garden/Musashino City

“Inokashira Park” is a spot selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom spots, and there are about 500 cherry trees throughout the park.

About 250 of them are located around Inokashira Pond, and the cherry blossoms seen from Nanai Bridge over the pond are gaining in popularity.

One of the highlights of night cherry blossoms is the light-up at the base of this Nanai Bridge.

The beauty of the cherry blossoms reflected on the surface of the water under illumination is attracting many cherry blossom visitors every year.

Yomiuri Land/Inagi City

Yomiuri Land is popular for its many attractions and seasonal events, and is also a cherry blossom viewing spot.

About 1,000 cherry blossoms such as somieyoshino cherry tree, shidarezakuea, and yamazakura flower in full glory, and you can enjoy the lit night cherry blossoms at sunset.


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This time we introduced the cherry blossom spots that can be seen in Tokyo.

It may be difficult to actually go seeing this year because the events and lighting up have been canceled, but please enjoy the feeling of spring flowers with photos.


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