A one-day model course around Gifu City by rental bicycle, Recommended for biginners

Gifu City area is full of history and atmosphere, such as Gifu Castle and the Nagara River, and is only 20 minutes from Nagoya by train, making it the perfect place to visit for one day of sightseeing.

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If you rent a bicycle at JR Gifu Station, it is easy to get to Kawaramachi, which is surrounded by the Nagara River and charming townhouses.

This is a model 1-day sightseeing course that starts with a gorgeous morning and includes a scenic climb to Mount Kinkazan, where Gifu Castle is located!

Morning:Rent a bicycle from JR Gifu Station to go to breakfast

Let’s start a day of sightseeing in Gifu from JR Gifu Station, and after taking a picture of the golden statue of Nobunaga, let’s go to the Gifu Machinaka bicycle rental service, which is very convenient for getting around the city.

The main sightseeing spot in Gifu is the area around Nagara River, which is about 5 km away from the station.

Taking a bus is the most common way to get there, but if you want to get around in more detail, a bicycle is overwhelmingly more convenient.

The “Gifu Machinaka Rental Cycle” can be rented once a day for 100 yen, and there are seven cycle ports in the city, so you can return your bike to the port of your choice.

First up was a morning meal.

In fact, even in the coffee shop kingdom of Gifu, which is as good as Nagoya’s, there is a great selection of breakfast.

The area around Nagara River is dotted with restaurants where you can enjoy morning meal in a stylish space these days.

One such shop is BAMS BREW CAFE, which opened in November 2017.

It is located in front of Nagaragawa River Park and in the parking lot of BHMS’s, a shopping complex with interior items and cafes.

The morning set is 500 yen.

It comes with a drink and one of the sandwiches with Ogura butter, honey cheese and ham lettuce.

Another popular menu is the ice cream sandwich.

It’s a warm bread topped with plenty of ice cream and fruit.

The ice sandwiches are on the menu all day long, so you can still visit outside of breakfast!

The shop’s coffee is an original blend from the famous Yamada Coffee, a long-established coffee shop in Gifu City.

It’s very tasty because it’s brewed one cup at a time after you order.


Address: 74 Nagaraida, Gifu City
Phone: 058-215-7550
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Friday and Saturday, 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) *change according to circumstances
Holiday: Wednesday



From morning to noon: Cycling along Nagara River Lake

After enjoying the morning, cycling along the banks of the Nagara River.

The recommended route is the Nagara River Promenade, where you can enjoy the view of Mount Kinkazan where Gifu Castle is located.

The road is maintained on the right bank of the Nagara River for 1.3 km from Nagara Bridge to the Gifu Grand Hotel.

It’s a great way to enjoy the natural scenery of the clear Nagaragawa River.

Nagaragawa Kanko Hotel Ishikin, one of the Nagaragawa hot spring inns, is on the way along the Nagaragawa Promenade.

There are free footbaths, so be sure to rest your tired feet.

The spring quality of Nagaragawa Onsen is simple iron cold mineral spring.

It is also said to be good for muscle aches and pains.

Afternoon: Climb up to Gifu Castle and overlook the city

Gifu Castle is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Gifu City.

It is also famous as a castle where Oda Nobunaga used it as a foothold for his war effort. Take the ropeway to the castle at the summit of Mount Kinkazan.

From the glass window of the cable car, you can see the Nagara River and the city of Gifu.

The ropeway is located in Gifu Park at the foot of Mt.

There are also other hiking routes from Gifu Park, such as the Meiso trail, the Umanose trail, and the Hyakumagari trail, which can be climbed in 40 to 60 minutes, so those who are confident in their physical strength should try it.


Address: 257 Senjoshiki-Shita, Gifu City
Phone: 058-262-6784
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (varies depending on time of year)
Fare: Adults (12 years and older) 620 yen one way, 1,080 yen round trip, children (4-11 years old) 280 yen one way, 540 yen round trip
Holiday: Open every day



After reaching the summit of Mt. Kinkazan by a cable car, it takes about 8 minutes to walk to Gifu Castle.

The cobblestone stairs continue.

Good luck climbing up!

The view from the castle’s keep at the top of the 329-meter-high mountain is spectacular.

It was the residence of Michizo Saito, who was feared as a pit viper in Mino, and later Oda Nobunaga took up residence and named it “Gifu Castle”.

The current castle was rebuilt in 1956, but the magnificent view that successive castle owners might have overlooked is spectacular!

Not only the Nagara River, you can see Mt. Ena and Mt. Kiso Ontake to the east and Nagoya to the southeast.

Also, Gifu Castle is open at night during GW and summer holidays.

The 360-degree night view from the castle tower is exceptional, so don’t miss it if you get the chance!

A powerful night view looking down from Gifu CastleGifu Castle, located in Gifu Prefecture, was conquered by Oda Nobuna...

Address: Kaneka-yama Tenkaku 18, Gifu City
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (varies depending on time of year)
Fee: Adults (16 years and older) 200 yen, children (4-15 years old) 100 yen
Holiday: Open every day

Panoramic Night View Reference (2018)
September 1 (Saturday) – October 14 (Sunday): Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (until 21:30, Geumhwa Mountain Ropeway until 22:00)
Every day from December 22 (Sat) to December 24 (Mon & Holiday) (until 20:30, Jinghwa Mountain Ropeway until 21:00)



Afternoon: Tea and shopping in Kawaramachi, where there are many machiya

For afternoon tea time, I recommend Kawaramachi, which is located just down the street from Gifu Castle.

The town in front of the ukai ship pier, which once flourished as a river port for the Nagara River water transportation.

It is lined with old buildings.

Tamaiya Honpo has been in business for more than 100 years and is famous for its “noboriayu” (Sweets in the shape of sweetfish) as a souvenir of Gifu.

There is also a tea room at the back of the restaurant where you can enjoy a tea ceremony (700 yen, with seasonal sweets).

Why not enjoy an afternoon with a view of the beautiful courtyard?

“noboriayu” is a sweet cake wrapped with soft fertilizer made of moist castella.

It is recommended because it is shaped like an sweetfish and is a typical Gifu souvenir.


Address: 45 Minatomachi, Gifu City
Phone: 058-262-0276
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Closed: Wednesday




If you come to Kawaramachi, you must visit Sumii Tomijiro Shoten, which continues to make traditional Gifu Uchiwa(fan), or Gifu Uchiwa.

In the shop, the fourth-generation owner, Mr. Kazunari Sumii, can be seen performing a series of processes from framing to coloring.

Mao Asada, a famous skater, has also visited

Evening: On the way to the station, received a unique shogunate seal

After enjoying the Nagara River area, I cycled again to JR Gifu Station.

At the top of Nagara-bashi bridge and at the Kawaramachi cormorant fishing pier, you can see the observation boats docked on the riverbank.

On the way back to JR Gifu Station, there are some shrines where you can get a unique shogunate seal.

The Golden Shrine is famous for its Premium Friday special red seal with the company name in gold on the last Friday of every month, but I’d like to recommend another one, Mizobata Shrine.

Here, you can get a shogunate seal decorated with aircraft such as the Hien and Zero fighter planes.

Chogoku Shrine, which is enshrined in the grounds of the Mizobata shrine, was originally enshrined in the grounds of the Gifu Army Aviation Maintenance School in Kakamigahara.

It was later relocated to this location.

So, 3 types of shogunate seals have been created in total based on this history.

Also, you can get a limited seal of worship from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the night of the full moon of each month (15th of the lunar calendar) at “Otsukiyomairi”.

The shogunate seal is sold at the office of the shrine, so why not visit?

The plane flew during the World War II, so I’m sorry if anyone is offended.


Address: 3-1 Mizohata-cho, Gifu City



Sightseeing spot to enjoy the history of Gifu

Gifu City, nurtured by the clear Nagara River, is a castle town with a rich history.

In addition to the ones introduced here, the summer months are also full of excitement at Gifugawa Nagaragawa Ukai, which boasts more than 1,300 years of history.

And, the Nagara River is surrounded by the Nagara Hot Springs and Kawaramachi.

This is the perfect way to relax and refresh yourself in Gifu.

Please visit if you like.

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This information is current as of September 2018.

Please check the official website for the latest information.


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