11 Recommended Tourist Spots in Atami! Hot Springs, Gourmet, and Playgrounds for Children to Enjoy

Around 40 minutes by Shinkansen from the heart of Tokyo, you can access Atami.

Not only known for its beautiful sea and delicious seafood, but also for shrines and temples that have played important roles in Japan’s history, attracting a large number of tourists every year.

This time, we introduce 11 recommended tourist spots in Atami for those planning a trip.

We have selected places that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, including popular spots, hot springs, and shopping streets perfect for food exploration!

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MOA Art Museum

MOA Art Museum is located on the hillside of Atami.

It houses numerous national treasures and important cultural properties, allowing you to appreciate masterpieces of East Asian art from various eras all at once.

Even before entering the museum, there are many highlights, and the long escalator extending from the parking lot to the entrance is a must-see.

In the ‘Circular Hall’ along the way, kaleidoscopes are projected, and the changing colors of the dome-shaped ceiling create a romantic atmosphere.

The museum also has five dining establishments, including Japanese restaurants, cafes, and soba shops, allowing you to enjoy your favorite dishes.

When booked MOA Art Museum through Klook, you can avail a discount of 200 yen from the regular admission fee.

Atami Trick Art Meikyuukan

Atami Trick Art Meikyuukan, showcasing a variety of trick art that appears three-dimensional despite being flat, is a highly recommended tourist spot enjoyable for both children and adults.
Atami Trick Art Meikyuukan

Featuring booths that create optical illusions, making figures appear like dwarfs or giants, and artworks that give the illusion of interacting with sea creatures, the variety is extensive.

Bring your camera and try capturing various poses!

With quizzes set up inside, explore the museum while discussing and solving puzzles!

As Atami Castle is nearby, it’s convenient for efficiently touring the tourist spots.

Atami Baien (Plum Garden)

Atami Baien is a garden located one station west of JR Atami Station, near JR Kaimonosu Station.

Atami Baien’s plums are known as the ‘earliest-blooming plums in Japan,’ with flowering starting from late November to early December every year.

Featuring 60 varieties and 469 plum trees, the blooming periods vary by variety, allowing you to enjoy plum blossoms for an extended period.

Check out the various attractions enhancing the beauty of plums, such as waterfalls, bridges, and stone monuments scattered throughout the garden!

In one corner of the plum garden is a Korean garden, and next to it is a limited-time foot bath!

It’s only available during the Atami Baien Plum Festival held from January to March every year, allowing you to relaxingly appreciate plums while soothing your feet.

Ocean Spa Fuua

Located very close to Atami Port, Ocean Spa Fuua is a recommended spot for those who want to enjoy Atami Onsen on a day trip.

In addition to hot springs, it also has facilities such as restaurants and esthetic salons for refreshing your body.

Especially recommended in the hot springs is the ‘Roten-tachi-yu,’ an open-air bath.

The baths are positioned to extend towards the sea, allowing an unobstructed ocean view.

There are also hydrogen springs, saunas, and cold springs, making it a haven for bath enthusiasts.

After bathing, you can get a massage or enjoy a sophisticated meal – the possibilities are plentiful.

The restaurant offers hamburger sets, pizzas, and afternoon tea during specific hours.

Izu-yama Shrine

If you’re exploring power spots in Atami, Izu-yama Shrine is a must-visit. Enshrining four deities collectively known as ‘Izu-yama Shin,’ it is believed to bring good luck and facilitate matchmaking.

Highly revered by influential figures throughout history, including Hojo Masako and Minamoto no Yoritomo, featured in the 2022 Taiga drama ‘Kamakura-dono no 13-nin,’ as well as the protagonist of the 2023 Taiga drama ‘Dousuru Ieyasu,’ Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The amulets feature a design where two red and white dragons ascend powerfully towards the sky.

A recommended spot not only for history enthusiasts but also for those seeking improved fortune.


Kinomiya Shrine

Kinomiya Shrine is a shrine dedicated to protecting locals and travelers. Praying for safe travels, numerous tourists visit every day.

The vividly red torii gate and main hall are so vibrant that they leave a powerful impression you won’t easily forget.

A must-see at Kinomiya Shrine is the over 2,000-year-old large camphor tree.

There are various legends, such as ‘circumambulating the tree once extends your lifespan by one year’ and ‘circling the tree while thinking of your wish will make it come true.

At night, the precincts are illuminated.

The sight of lights softly emerging in the dark precincts is truly mystical.

Whether it’s the beginning or conclusion of your Atami trip, it’s a recommended spot.


Atami Sightseeing Boat Sanremo

Atami Sightseeing Boat Sanremo is a cruising boat navigating around Atami Port. Depending on the sea and wind conditions, it travels one of three courses: Nishikigaura, Sagami Bay, or Yacht Harbor.

On the boat’s rooftop deck, you can overlook Atami’s sea, feed seagulls, and experience an ‘underwater viewing room’ where you can observe the sea through glass windows.

On days with high water clarity, you can see fish patterns clearly.

The side blowholes of the boat let you feel the sea breeze while swiftly advancing – an exhilarating experience!

You can take lots of photos, making it an activity spot enjoyable for both children and adults.


ACAO FOREST is a stylish tourist spot with 13 types of gardens on a vast 200,000 square meters of land.

Especially notable is the vast collection of roses, numbering an astonishing 600 species and 4,000 plants!

Positioned atop a hill, ACAO FOREST offers a luxurious landscape that harmonizes Atami’s expansive sea with vibrant gardens.

In addition to roses, various flowers bloom seasonally, making it a recommended point that you can enjoy beautiful gardens whenever you visit. If you get tired during your stroll, take a break at the bakery or café within the park.

There’s also a workshop where you can make soaps and blended perfumes using herbs, making it a satisfying spot for children too.


Kiunkaku is a building constructed in the 8th year of the Taisho era.

Originally used as a villa, it was converted into an inn in the 22nd year of Showa.

Renowned literary figures such as Shiga Naoya, Tanizaki Jun’ichiro, and Dazai Osamu have stayed here.

The garden features a Japanese-style design with trees, ponds, and lush lawns.

Inside the building, you’ll find traditional tatami-matted rooms alongside Western-style rooms with carpets and sofas, reflecting the cultural blend of the East and West at the time of its construction.

There’s a cafe called ‘Yasuragi,’ where you can order sets like tea and cookies or matcha and Japanese sweets.

It’s a sightseeing spot in Atami that transports you back in time, making you feel like you’ve slipped into the past.

Atami Castle

Atami Castle, located approximately 120 meters above sea level, is a symbol of Atami City.

With Nishikigaura spreading out in front and surrounded by mountain forests, it resembles a natural fortress.

It was once used as a naval base for warriors.

Now serving as a museum, it’s a popular spot among tourists for foot baths and enjoying video games.

The foot bath on the balcony on the first floor offers a panoramic view of Atami’s sea while feeling the sea breeze.

For children, there’s a gaming booth with video games and table tennis, along with a cultural experience corner from the Edo period. You can also dress up in costumes, so feel free to choose your favorite and take commemorative photos.

Atami Heiwa-dori Shopping Street

For food tasting and souvenir hunting, visit the Atami Heiwa-dori Shopping Street right in front of JR Atami Station.

There are many shops offering stylish sweets and local delicacies like fruit sandwiches, deep-fried seafood, and cream puffs. With seafood restaurants and cafes, it’s perfect for a meal.

When buying souvenirs, check out Atami Onsen-manju (sweet buns made with hot spring water) or shops using local seafood.

In one corner of the shopping street, there’s a hand bath called ‘Fukufuku no Yu,’ where you can soak your hands in hot spring water.

Whether it’s dining, shopping, or enjoying a hot spring, it’s a recommended spot to casually savor at the end of your trip.

10 Popular Day-Trip Onsen Resorts In Atami Hot Springs, Let's heal fatigueJust 35 minutes from Tokyo on the Shinkansen bullet train, Atami Ons...


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