10 Popular Day-Trip Onsen Resorts In Atami Hot Springs, Let’s heal fatigue

Just 35 minutes from Tokyo on the Shinkansen bullet train, Atami Onsen is the perfect place for a day trip to the hot springs!

With the beach close by, Atami is a popular destination for summer vacationers, and you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes at the same time.

There are also many recommended plans for those who do not have time to stay overnight or for those who want to enjoy a day-trip date at a hot spring resort.

Check out the top 10 popular hot spring resorts for one-day trips that you can go to as soon as you think of it!

Atami Onsen Aji to Yu no Yado New Tomiyoshi

Enjoy seven private open-air baths with a tasteful atmosphere.

Seashore cuisine featuring the taste of the sea is also popular!

The first on the list is “Atami Onsen Aji to Yu no Yado New Tomiyoshi,” located right in front of Nagahama Beach.

The inn boasts four private open-air baths with free-flowing hot-spring water and a garden-style open-air bath “Hamanoyu” that overlooks Sagami Bay over 200-year-old black pine trees, and hearty meals featuring fresh seasonal fish.

The inn is a hot-spring resort where you can fully enjoy the unique attractions of Atami, such as the scenery and tastes.

The day-trip plans include a short stay in a Western-style room with an open-air bath and meal, or a casual plan that includes use of seven private open-air baths and a meal, making it possible to spend a relaxing and meaningful time even on a one-day holiday.

Nearby is Nagahama Seaside Park, which is surrounded by nature, including a 400-meter-long sandy beach, a grassy park, and a promenade.

After enjoying the hot springs, a stroll around the park is also recommended.

Customer Comments

The view from the open-air bath on the roof of the main building was beautiful.

The open-air baths in the annex building were also nice.

It was easy to check which baths were available, and it was fun to think about where to take the next one. (January 4, 2022)


Refresh yourself after a long day at a hot spring with a spectacular ocean view.

French dinner plan available.

Atami Onsen HOTEL MICURAS, located right in front of Atami Sun Beach, is No. 2, where you can enjoy Atami’s famous fireworks display from your room or open-air bath.

The stylish atmosphere is popular among women, and offers a one-rank higher adult one-day stay.

The hot spring baths offer an ocean view and a sense of openness, and with an unobstructed view, you will feel as if you have become one with the sea.

The view of Hatsushima and Izu Oshima in the distance, as well as the sunrise, illuminated sun beach, fireworks, and other scenery that changes with the time of day, is another attraction.

The in-house hot spring water, which contains high metasilicic acid and calcium ions, is a skin-softening hot spring that easily blends with the skin.

The combination of Atami’s famous hot spring and the beautiful view of the sea makes for a perfect healing experience.

We also offer a one-day plan that includes a full-course French dinner.

Customer Comments

I was really impressed by the delicious full course dinner.

The hot spring bath with a view of the sea, which I had longed for, felt so good that I thought, “Time stops! It was a great experience. (January 16, 2022)

Atami Onsen Atami Korakuen Hotel

The large observation bath about 25 meters above the ground, using its own hot spring, is impressive.

Also check out the adjacent day spa facility, Ocean Spa Fuua.

No.3 is Atami Onsen Atami Korakuen Hotel, which boasts a hot spring using its own hot spring source that bubbles up from the premises.

The spacious large observation bath is located approximately 25 meters above the ground, and offers an excellent view of the Sagaminada Sea below while bathing.

The highly moisturizing chlorinated spring water will leave your skin smooth and refreshed after bathing.

The women’s bath is equipped with a bright and open powder room.

You can relax after warming up in the hot spring.

The one-day plan allows you to use an ocean view room of approximately 40 square meters with a view of the ocean for up to 7 hours.

In addition to bathing in the large observation bath, a discount offer is also available at the “Ocean Spa Fuua” one-day spa facility, so a combined visit is also recommended.

Customer Comments

The hotel is large, but everything in the hotel is clean, the staff is well trained, and the view from the baths is great. (December 16, 2021)

Yamanoue Hotel, a secluded hotel in Atami

A hot spring hotel on high ground boasting a view of the city.

Enjoy the hot spring and the view at the same time in the luxurious golden open-air bath.

The fourth-ranked hotel, Yamanoue Hotel, is located on a hilltop with a night view of Atami.

Located on a hill, this hot spring hotel offers a panoramic view of the city and coastline from its guest rooms and lobby.

The “Golden Open-air Bath” with a golden Jacuzzi and the “Hot Spring with a View” with an outstanding view are popular.

The spring water is a simple spring that is effective in relieving fatigue and neuralgia.

The spring water is mildly stimulating and gentle on the skin, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath with the city of Atami below.

In addition to a one-day plan that includes the chef’s recommended special course, there is also a plan that includes king crab and abalone grilled on the dance floor.

Enjoy the hot springs and seafood and refresh yourself after a hard day’s work.

Customer Comments

The service was very good. They talked a lot and made me feel at home! (December 12, 2021)

Condominium with private hot spring Grandview Atami

Enjoy a day trip to a hot spring at a reasonable price.

You can use the open-air bath with a great view as many times as you like.

Condominium Grandview Atami, a condominium hotel using a resort condominium, comes in at No.5.

This hot spring hotel is perfect for those who want to enjoy a simple stay at a reasonable price.

In addition to an open-air bath with a panoramic view of Sagami Bay, Hatsushima Island, and Oshima Island, there is also a shallow half-open-air bath that children can use with ease, and a “Bukubuku bubble bath” with underwater lighting that soothes the senses.

All baths are free-flowing hot-spring water and can be used as many times as you wish, as long as they are available.

The one-day plan includes use of a room equipped with a kitchen and a hot spring bath, where you can relax from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m.

We also recommend the “Maesawa Beef Marbling Steak” plan, in which the chef prepares the beef in the room kitchen, or the plan with a boatsled set meal.

Customer Comments

The ocean view from the open-air bath was fantastic. You can also see Atami Castle.
The room was clean, especially the bedding was very nice. (January 7, 2022)

Atami Onsen Yuyado Ichibanban (former Shihomiya Ryokan)

Two private hot springs x 6 baths make you feel like a hot-spring tour. Don’t miss their specialty, “Atami simmered sea bream!”

No. 6 is Atami Onsen Yuyado Ichibanchi, which is close to sightseeing spots such as Atami Castle and the MOA Museum of Art.

The hot spring water, which is free-flowing from two private sources, is a weakly chlorinated spring with high heat-retaining effects and a mildly alkaline spring known for its skin-beautifying properties.

You can enjoy bathing to your heart’s content in the large retro-style bathhouse and two open-air baths with different atmospheres.

For a private onsen experience, the popular private open-air baths are also recommended.

In addition to a one-day plan that includes a day trip to the hot spring and a 50-minute private open-air bath, we also offer a one-day plan that includes the hot spring, a guest room, and a kaiseki meal that includes our famous “Atami stewed sea bream” dish.

Customer Comments

I personally found the bath to be wonderful and I was able to take a long, relaxing soak.

And the free use of the massage chairs in the rest area was great too! (August 17, 2021)

Atami Hot Spring Relax ResortHotel

Stay up to 10 hours! Feel the warmth from the core of your body with our private hot spring, which is rare in Atami!

Atami Onsen Relax Resort Hotel, a small luxury hotel located on a hill overlooking Hatsushima Island and Izu Oshima Island, is ranked seventh on the list.

All guest rooms have ocean views, creating the atmosphere of a hideaway.

The hotel offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can spend an extraordinary holiday for adults.

The hot spring water that bubbles up from the premises features a high temperature of 91 degrees, which is rare even in Atami.

You can enjoy the hot spring water for beautiful skin in “SPA L&R,” which is equipped with a half-open-air bath, sauna, water bath, and a variety of other baths.

In addition, the VILLA guestrooms, located away from the main building, are equipped with an open-air bath with natural hot spring water, perfect for a stay-at-home experience.

We offer day-trip plans that allow you to stay for up to 10 hours! We also have plans that include a full-course Italian dinner with hot spring baths and rest, as well as casual plans that allow you to use both the hot spring facilities and your room.

A variety of room types are available, so even if you visit again and again, new pleasures await you.

Customer’s Voice

The location and the baths are just great!

The staff is also very welcoming and comfortable! (November 25, 2021)

Atami Onsen Hotel Sanmi Club

The open-air garden-style outdoor bath on the top floor is comfortable.

The care of bedding and amenities is a high point.

No. 8 is Atami Onsen Hotel Sanmi Club, where the magnificent Sagami Bay spreads out before your eyes and you can walk to Atami Sun Beach in your swimsuit.

The abundant in-house hot spring water is a sodium-calcium chloride spring that makes your skin smooth and smooth.

The garden-style open-air bath on the top floor offers a great sense of openness!

Enjoy a relaxing soak while gazing at the cityscape of Atami and the ocean.

The view from the observation bath with its large windows is also wonderful, and the high point is that you can fully enjoy both the hot spring and the scenery.

Day trip plans are available for stays of up to 3 or 5 hours.

The rooms are furnished with futons and amenities for a relaxing stay.

Customer Comments

The baths are rich and fresh from their own hot spring, and the water leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky, which is very satisfying.

Judging from the price, this is a very satisfying hotel. (November 30, 2021)

Atami Onsen Umibe no Yado Nagahamaen

Enjoy a hot spring bath in one of the five private baths available without reservations.

Enjoy the taste of Atami with the plan with Hamayaki.

No. 9 is Atami Onsen Umibe no Yado Nagahamaen, which boasts three private open-air baths overlooking the Nagahama Sea.

Each bath has a different atmosphere and can be used as many times as you like for free as long as they are available!

Some baths are spacious enough to accommodate the entire family, allowing you to enjoy a private bathing experience.

We also recommend two types of private bathhouses with gardens, one with an indoor bath and the other with an open-air bath. One of the baths has a reclining bath, allowing you to enjoy a hot-spring tour within the hotel.

The one-day plan includes five private baths and a room with a view of the sea or an open-air bath.

The plan with a Japanese meal course that includes “Hamayaki” (five kinds of seafood, including lobsters and abalone, grilled on a ceramic plate) will allow you to fully enjoy the tastes of Atami.

Customer Comments

The atmosphere of all the employees was friendly and relaxing!

I’m glad I got to spend a nice time with my partner since we had a private hot spring! (August 29, 2021)

Atami Onsen Gensen no Yado Shofuen

Beautiful garden and one of the best alkaline hot springs in Japan will heal you.

Enjoy kaiseki cuisine featuring delicacies from the mountains and the sea.

No. 10 on the list is the Atami Onsen Gensen no Yado Hotel Shofuen, which has a magnificent garden of about 4,000 tsubo (about 1,000 square meters) that has been used as the setting for a movie.

Visitors can enjoy the flowers in bloom throughout the year, including cherry blossoms, azaleas, and hydrangeas, as well as Nishikigoi carp swimming gracefully in the pond.

The hot spring baths, which use their own hot spring water, include indoor baths, outdoor baths, bubble baths, and a natural spring bath, allowing visitors to enjoy a wide variety of bathing experiences.

The private baths that have been opened in the garden offer the luxury of being able to enjoy both the hot spring water for beautiful skin and the beautiful garden scenery at the same time.

The hot spring baths are sure to satisfy even the most discerning of spa connoisseurs, and are sure to heal both body and soul!

The one-day plan allows you to enjoy a short stay in the hot spring, dinner, and guest room for a maximum of 5.5 hours.

Kaiseki cuisine using carefully selected seafood from the mountains and the sea is served at the restaurant.

The day-trip hot spring spa is available only by advance reservation.

Customer Comments

The hot spring water was just the right heat, and the baths were simple and easy to understand, with one large bath and one open-air bath.

There is also a drinking fountain, which seems to be effective for constipation and gastrointestinal problems. (December 28, 2021)


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