8 Recommended Strawberry Picking Spots in Shizuoka Prefecture in Winter to Spring

“I think many people dislike the cold of winter, but if there’s one fruit that’s especially worth tasting in the cold season, it’s strawberries.”

Strawberries, which are in season from winter to early spring, are rich in sugar content and also abundant in Vitamin C.

In the prefecture, you can enjoy various varieties of strawberries such as Shizuoka-born “Benihoppe”, “Akahime”, and “Kirapika”, each with different levels of sweetness, acidity, and aroma.

It’s recommended to go strawberry picking targeting the best season for your favorite variety.

Please check with the farm about the season and the best time to eat, as it depends on the variety and the state of the fruit.


Shizuoka may be inconvenient due to delayed foreign language support.

Also, as many places are located far from stations, please confirm your access method beforehand.

Chubu Area

Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika (Hamamatsu City)

At “Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika,” you can harvest about 15 types of fruits annually, from classics like mandarins and cherries to rare fruits like figs.

You can pick as little as one piece and they will sell by weight, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy a variety of fruits in small quantities.

Strawberry picking is available from December 16 to June 2, with varieties including “Akahime,” “Kaorino,” “Benihoppe,” “Yotsuboshi” (specific variety requests are not possible).

They are also trying new varieties! The available varieties on the day are a surprise.


Varieties: Akahime, Kaorino, Benihoppe, Yotsuboshi
Period: Mid-December to early June

【Inquiries】Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika TEL: 053-428-5211
10 minutes walk from Fruit Park Station

Yamauchiya (Shizuoka City)

“Yamauchiya” is located at the foot of Mt. Kunou.

In 2023, they focused on soil improvement inside the stone walls by greatly reducing the use of pesticides and switching to organic fertilizers.

Enjoy “Akahime” and “Benihoppe” strawberries, lovingly cultivated by female staff who inherit traditional farming methods.

You can check business hours and make reservations on their website.

In the eat-in space, you can purchase freshly picked strawberries, juice and gelato made from them, and additive-free jam.

Additionally, parking is free when you go strawberry picking, and you can also visit Kunouzan Toshogu Shrine.


Varieties: Akahime & Benihoppe
Period: January to May (until around Golden Week)

【Inquiries】Yamauchiya TEL: 054-237-0993 (There may be times when they cannot answer the phone during farm work.) ✉
30 minutes walk from JR Fujieda Station

Strawberry Picking Park & Strawberry Cafe Kunoya (Shizuoka City)

Located near the national treasure Kunouzan Toshogu Shrine, “Kunoya” cultivates sweet and juicy “Akahime” strawberries in 128 greenhouses utilizing the southern slopes of Mt. Kunou.

The start of the strawberry picking season is planned for December, and it may vary depending on the strawberries’ condition, so please check the latest information on their website.

At the strawberry cafe, you can enjoy desserts like Ieyasu Parfait and fruit daifuku.

※Strawberry picking customers get free parking for one day at Kunouzan Toshogu Shrine.


Variety: Akahime
Period: December to early May

【Inquiries】Strawberry Picking Park & Strawberry Cafe Kunoya  TEL: 054-237-0610
From JR Shizuoka Station to Higashi Oya → Bus stop Kunouzan Shita → 100 meters walk
From JR Shimizu Station by bus to Bus stop Kunouzan Shita → 100 meters walk

Izu Area

Yes! Strawberry (Ito City)

“Yes! Strawberry,” in its 15th year of strawberry picking, continuing a farm that has been operating for over 50 years. They offer elevated cultivation that allows picking without squatting, and it’s wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Furthermore, the facility is family-friendly, with a kids’ space and other amenities, ensuring a fun experience for families.

The strawberry picking season runs from December 15 to May 6.

The breeds include “Benihoppe,” “Kaorino,” and continuing from last year, “Yotsuboshi.”


Breeds: Yotsuboshi, Benihoppe, Kaorino
Period: Mid-December to early May

【Inquiries】 Yes! Strawberry TEL: 0557-47-0230

Approximately 1.6 Km from Usami Station on JR Ito Line

Strawberry Farm 21 (Izu no Kuni City)

A small strawberry picking farm where you can compare “Akahime” and “Benihoppe” grown in elevated cultivation. No reservations are accepted, and it operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s recommended to visit early.

There are unique rules at “Strawberry Farm 21” to protect the precious strawberries for the guests. They continue to cultivate richly flavored, delicious strawberries so that every visit is enjoyable.

The strawberry picking season starts on December 15.

The recommended time for peak ripeness is December to January.


Varieties: Akahime & Benihoppe
Period: Mid-December to early May

【Inquiries】Strawberry Farm 21 Ema Store TEL: 090-1729-2493
30 minutes walk from Haranoya Station on Izu Hakone Railway

Ema Strawberry Picking Center (Izu no Kuni City)

With 90 greenhouses, “Ema Strawberry Picking Center” is Izu’s largest (and the largest in Shizuoka Prefecture) strawberry theme park, attracting about 100,000 visitors during the season.

The available strawberry varieties for picking are the large “Akahime” and “Benihoppe,” which is a breed improved from Akahime. Which one you can eat depends on the greenhouse you visit.

The season runs from December 15 to May 5, and from this year, individual reservations are also available, allowing for an enjoyable experience without worrying about waiting times.


Varieties: Akahime & Benihoppe
Period: Mid-December to early May

【Inquiries】Ema Strawberry Picking Center TEL: 055-948-1115
30 minutes walk from Haranoya Station on Izu Hakone Railway

Fuji Area

Time of Sowing Strawberry Farm (Gotemba City)

In its 7th year, the Gotemba Highland Time of Sowing’s own farm offers strawberry picking of “Benihoppe” and “Akahime” varieties.

They adopt “thinning” to concentrate nutrients in the strawberries, which limits the number of visitors but results in larger and sweeter strawberries.

The farm employs elevated cultivation, making it accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.

There’s an option for hot chocolate. Enjoy a different kind of deliciousness from condensed milk.

※ When setting your car navigation, please use “Gotemba City Koyama Elementary School” instead of “Gotemba Highland Time of Sowing.”


Varieties: Akahime & Benihoppe
Period: Mid-December to late May

【Inquiries】 Time of Sowing Strawberry Farm  TEL: 080-9437-4998
Free shuttle bus available from JR Gotemba Station

Red Pearl (Fujinomiya City)

“Red Pearl” in Fujinomiya, at the foot of Mount Fuji, grows fully ripened “Benihoppe” strawberries.

They wait until the last moment for harvesting, allowing you to pick large, ripe strawberries characterized by their strong sweetness.

Strawberry picking (strawberry harvesting) starts in mid-January.

It’s reservation-based with a relaxed 60-minute time limit!

Each group has its designated area, so you can enjoy the strawberries at your own pace without worrying about other customers.


Variety: Benihoppe
Period: Mid-December to early May

【Inquiries】 Red Pearl TEL: 0544-24-4071



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