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5 Hotels in Nara City Convenient for Tourist Attractions

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There are many of tourist attractions such as a big buddha in Todaiji Temple, Gojunoto(Five-story pagoda) in Kofukuji temple and deers in Nara Park are in Nara.

Nara is located next to Kyoto and Osaka, so it’s easy to access and most of tourist don’t tend to stay in hotel, just ending up with day-trip.

So, in this article, let me introduce hotels convenient for access to tourist attraction in Nara to have a deep travel.

Hotels Circumstances in Nara

Not only domestic tourists but also overseas tourists are visiting Nara.

Hotels that are connected directly to the station usually cost about 10,000 yen and hostels or guesthouses that are apart from the station cost cheaper.

Although the price is higher, hotels that have open-air bath with luxury atmosphere are available.

As for access, Kintetsu Railway and Japan Railway are connecting to Nara from Osaka and Kyoto, which makes us easier to visit.

Nara Hotel

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First of all, what we introduce is Nara Hotel.

It’s located nearby Kintetsu Nara station where it takes 15 minutes on foot, opened 1909.

The appearance feels us long history and the hotel has chic and elegant rooms.

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Of course free wifi is available, although it looks like old.

The hotel has dining room called “mikasa” where Japanese and French interior harmonized, and also has restaurant called “hanakiku” where you can eat Seasonal Japanese food.

You can choose French dinner or Japanese dinner if you reserved plan including dinner.

Your travel will be awesome by staying Nara Hotel because it’s easy to access to Kofukuji temple or Todaiji temple.

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Mikasa Man’yo Wakakusanoyado Nara

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The next hotel is Mikasa (Man’yo Wakakusanoyado).

Shuttle bus is running from Kintetsu Nara station to the hotel, which brings you in 10 minutes, and the hotel stands nearby Wakakusa Mountain.

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You can overlook the nature of view around the hotel from the lobby lounge on 3F.

In 2009, all of the rooms were renewed, and the hotel has both Japanese and Western rooms with tatami room(straw and rush mats).

As for meal, you can taste Kaiseki(traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) with fresh local foodstuff at the restaurant inside of the hotel.

Although it’s only for women, Yukata rental is available in the hotel, which lead you to cool and old atmosphere in Nara.

Nara Hakushikaso

Next, a hotel we introduce is “Nara Hakushikaso” which is located by Kintetsu Nara station.

You need only 2 minutes to get the hotel.

It has two Western rooms and 24 Japanese rooms and attached with a large bath made of Japanese cypress.

Health effects such as promoting blood circulation and metabolism and resting nerves can be expected by taking bath made of Japanese cypress.

The hotel offers without-meal plan, so it’s also interesting to stop by local restaurants and Izakaya around Hakushikaso.

Lohas with Natural Hot Spring(Cheap)

Super Hotel Lohas is located nearby JR Nara station, so you need just 1 minute to get the hotel.

It should be famous among tourists from overseas because the hotel exist in Bangkok, Thai and Hanoi, Vietnam too.

With thorough cost reduction, Lohas offers low price, around 5000 yen with breakfast for one night per person.

A simple breakfast with bread, salad and egg dishes is served with buffet style in the dining area from 6.30 am to 9 am.

Although it’s not luxury hotel, the cost is cheap and the hotel is connected to the station directly.

Moreover, a cheap hotel with onsen(hot spring) is unusual and help us with the cost.

Sarusawa Ike(Pond) Yoshidaya

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Yoshidaya stands in front of Sarusawa Ike(pond) and it’s nearby Kofukuji temple, 2 minutes walk lead you there.

Also it’s easy to access from Kintetsu Nara station in 8 minutes and from JR Nara station in 15 minutes.

The interior is chic, and the rooms are filled with Japanese modern atmosphere.

After sunset, Kofukuji temple is lighten up, emitting fantastic atmosphere.

Amazingly, You can see that awesome view from bath.

Staying a great location overlooking the five-storied pagoda of Kofuku-ji Temple and Sarusawa Pond, why don’t you have a trip to the luxury of Nara?