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Unique Unusual Hotels That Are Becoming Popular in Japan

Staying luxury and brilliant hotel makes your trip fun.

But, that’s not always true.

Staying unique and unusual hotel is also fun and gives us awesome experience.

So, let me introduce such hotels in Japan.

Hotel Zen Nihonbashi, Tokyo

A hotel with a theme of “a tea ceremony room that you can stay at” is “hotel zen tokyo”, grand-opened in April 2019 in Nihonbashi.

Japanese modern guest rooms are so stylish spaces that you cannot think that the hotel is a capsule hotel.

The hotel is perfectly equipped with a work lounge convenient for working and with a bar lounge for enjoying Japanese sake and cocktails made with Japanese liquor.

The hotel looks a bit different from existing capsule hotels, so you may feel easy to stay at both for business and for sightseeing.

*A capsule hotel is an accommodation facility looks like capsules are in a row, where guests have a privacy in a capsule.

It was unique in Japan before, but now a hotel in such style is spreading to the world.

Hotel Uesed to be a “Prison” in Nara

A hotel here is the Japan’s first “the prison hotel”, attached with some museums which will be open 2021.

What becomes a hotel is “former Nara juvenile prison” in Nara city, Nara prefecture, built in Meiji period, and it is designated as the National important cultural treasure.

Built in Romanesque style, the prison is called as “an excessively beautiful prison” as construction heritage.

Although there still are some years until opening, the hotel is expected to become a new sightseeing spot in the old capital Nara.

We are very looking forward to opening, aren’t’ we?

Soon to open a hotel where you can stay in “a prison” of Meiji period!

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SEKAI HOTEL Experience Japanese daily life, Osaka 

Recently, there is increasing tendency that a foreign tourist loves more to experience real Japanese culture than to travel around Japan’s famous sightseeing spots.

A hotel that meets such a demand is “SEKAI HOTEL” opened in Higashi-Osaka city.

The hotel is renovated ordinally houses that have no inheritor or have issues of location.

As a result, the hotel contributes to revitalization of the region by such communication.

By making really “a whole town is a hotel”, the hotel helps guests to get to know real daily Japanese culture.

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Although it can’t be recommended for those who are visiting from overseas, jut let me introduce.

Many lodging facilities with unique concept are opening one after another, and one of the pioneers of such trend is “a book store that you can stay at”.

Its 5th store is “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” opened in Shinjuku in 2018.

There are also opening in Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka.

Dozing while reading a book, and fall asleep before you knew….

It is the most desired experience for those who love readings.

The Shinjuku store newly opened is attached with a cafe “by BOOK AND BED TOKYO”, and drinks and foods are also served.

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There also are many other hotels, such in Kyoto, Hokkaido, Ito in Shizuoka, and Nagano.

All the hotels are highly professional with its Japanese hospitality.  Please experience such hospitality referring to the accommodations introduced here when you are in the area.


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