Trip to Relax at “Nara hotel” with History

In Nara city, where many attractive sightseeing spots are scattered, are many accommodations, and among them “Nara hotel” is absolutely recommended.

Even VIPs of the world visit.

The hotel has established in 1909, and has nostalgic elegance atmosphere everywhere inside the building.

The main dining room since opening is designated as “a restaurant with nice views” selected by Nara prefectural office, and there you can taste traditional French cuisine inherited through chefs of successive generation.

Nara Hotel Celebrated 100 Years Anniversary of Establishment

“Nara hotel”, standing still on heights of Nara park, established as a guest house in Kansai in 1909, and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009.

Since its establishment, the hotel has welcomed domestic and foreign guests of honors, and remains its “hospitality” mind inherited until now.

A constructor representing Meiji and Taisho periods, Mr. Kingo Tatsuno, who designed Tokyo station and the main building of bank of Japan, has designed the main building.

The main building is designed in Momoyama palace style made of Japanese cypress, and its appearance full of massiveness makes a visitor to expect much more for the inside of hotel.

Classic Atmosphere Breathes inside of the Building

Once you step inside, you will feel a space of nostalgic, and your eyes will be attracted with a mantelpiece (a fireplace) with a torii (a Shinto gateway), and big stairs covered with red carpet.

The atmosphere at the time of establishment remains everywhere, and classic elegance breathes.

Forgetting a daily hustle-bustle, you can slowly spend your special time at the hotel with history, and it will produce the fine quality trip for you.

As, such as “Hanayome (a bride)” of Shoen Uemura, exhibited in the front lobby, and some in the landing hall of the second floor, paintings of famous painters are exhibited, you can enjoy appreciating such famous paintings in the hotel.

Postcards of the paintings collection of the hotel are sold at a shop, so why don’t you buy some for memory of your trip?

*Shoen Uemura is a traditional Japanese painter born on April 23 in 1875.

Recommended Guest Room of the Main Building

There are four types of guest rooms, including suites, a deluxe room, a standard room, and a Japanese room, in both main and new buildings.

The main building where you can stay comfortably remains atmosphere of the past, and the new building was built in 1984 by “Yoshino style”, a construction style of Yoshino region in Nara, and both of the buildings are designed with elegance.

If you like to experience classic atmosphere, eventually a guest room of the main building is surely recommended.

The picture shows the standard room (double) of the main building, and the room is equipped with furnishings that make you feel history, such as high ceiling, classic lamps, and a mantelpiece (a fireplace).

Yukata (a Japanese bathrobe) is also prepared, and the pattern of it is deer, and such a pattern may only be seen in local where is famous for deer. (Nara, especially Yoshino, is famous as a living place of deer.)

Taste Traditional Authentic French Cuisine

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There are restaurants, the main dining room “Mikasa” and the Japanese restaurant “Hanagiku”.

The main dining room “Mikasa” is spacious and is casually decorated with famous paintings.

Local foodstuffs, such as Yamato chicken and Yamato pork are used, and you can taste traditional French dishes that have been inherited through chefs of successive generations.

You can select one breakfast from three menu, and the most popular is “Chagayu set”, in which you can enjoy the local special dish, “Yamato’s chagayu”.

You can view the Five-Storied Pagoda of the Kohfukuji Temple and Wakakusayama mountain from a large window, and the restaurant is designated as “a restaurant with nice views” selected by Nara prefectural office.

Because the atmosphere, continued since the establishment, is comfortable, the restaurant is also recommended for lunch and dinner of some celebrations like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

* Chagayu is congee made with brown tea.

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A Scenic Spot: The Garden of the former Daijo-in Temple

“A scenic spot: the Garden of the former Daijo-in Temple” attached to the south side of Nara hotel is a strolling spot where you can enjoy landscapes of four seasons.

Daijo-in Temple was built in 1087, and had been flourished during Heian Era through Edo period.

It is one of the Monzeki temples.

It was vanished with the fire attack against the southern capital in 1180, and was relocated to the current place.

It had been existed until ruined in the first year of Meiji period.

* A monzeki temple is a temple headed by a member of the imperial family.

The garden was ruined by a riot during Muromachi era, but was renovated by Zen’ami, a famous person for creating a garden, who created the garden of Ginkakuji temple, who was invited from Kyoto.

After that it had been appreciated as the one of the most beautiful gardens in the southern capital until early Meiji.

From 1995, the excavation works and the restoration works has started in parallel, and the garden has been opened to public since April 2010, with the commemoration of 1300 years of Heijo Sento, the establishment of Nara Heijo capital.

At the End

We have introduced a bit of Nara hotel, and how did you find?

How to access to the hotel is about 8 minutes by car from JR Nara station, and about 5 minutes by car from Kintetsu Nara station.

It takes about 80 minutes by car from Kansai International Airport, and it is also convenient to take a shuttle limousine bus (12 to 13 shuttles daily) from Kansai International Airport to Nara hotel.

Close to Todai-ji Temple, Kohfukuji Temple, Nara National Museum, and Sarusawa Ike pond, and there are many sightseeing spots scattered around the hotel.

Of course, it is good to use the hotel as a base for sightseeing in Nara, but it is also highly recommended a trip mainly to stay at Nara hotel.


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