Nara-sight, Too Instagrammable Theme Park in Nara

Nara-sight is a super-instagrammable theme park located in Mi Nara, Nara Prefecture.

The Goldfish Museum is a must-see attraction, and other extraordinary spaces are available for both children and adults to enjoy.

First of all, take a look at these photos.

Wouldn’t you be fascinated by the beautiful extraordinary space?

There were a few strange photos mixed, but I didn’t upload them by mistake.

In fact, all of these photos can be taken in one facility.

That is the “Nara-sight“, an interactive theme park located in Nara City.

It’s a mysterious facility with an extremely photogenic space and a room where you can become a ninja.

What is the Nara-sight?

The Nara-sight, I will introduce here, is located on the fourth floor of the commercial complex Mi-Nara in Nara City.

You can get by a free shuttle bus from JR Nara Station, Kintetsu Nara Station or Kintetsu Shin-Omiya Station.

The Nara-sight is divided into four main areas

Ennichi(Fair) Area
Goldfish Museum
Ninja Town
Trick art

Except for the Ennichi(Fair) Area, each area requires an admission fee, but you can enjoy just any area you want, or you can enjoy the whole thing in one day.

I’ve taken a tour of all the areas in this article!

[Ennichi Area] Get Points for Nostalgic Games

When you go to the fourth floor of Mi Nala, the first thing you’ll find is a nostalgic Ennichi area.

This is an area with simple games for children to play.

Each game allows you to accumulate points and exchange them for prizes.

Speaking of Ennichi area, there’s shooting games…!

The targets are candy or toys for children

You can’t help aim at them seriously.

Apart from the six games, such as target practice where you can earn points, there are also shuriken target practice and tile cracking.

I heard that a woman can break two or three roof tiles, so I tried it right away.

Yes, it didn’t break at all…

Although tile-breaking is not a game where you can earn points, you can exchange the points you earn from other games for prizes.

[Goldfish Museum] Enjoy Extraordinary Space of Goldfish Art!

The Kingyo(Goldfish) Museum is one of the most popular areas in Nara-sight.

There are seven rooms in total, each of which is designed according to a different concept.

The first one is Room1, where you can see the evolution of goldfish in an aquarium.

I heard that goldfish evolved from crucian carp, and what used to look like a “fish” in the beginning was…

It’s getting more and more like a goldfish.

It’s just like an ornamental goldfish.

The beauty of the goldfish was so great that I was enthralled.

On the other side of the aquarium, there was a projection mapping on the wall.

The picture on the wall showed a typical Nara landscape.

When you touch the wall, it makes a sound and glows as if it touched the surface of the water.

With the beautiful wall paintings and playful projection mapping, you’ll be able to play for a while.

In Room 2, 21 types of goldfish are displayed in an aquarium zone.

A wide variety of goldfish, from familiar to rare varieties, are swimming.

Just staring at them will soothe you and make you forget the passage of time.


Up to this point, you may feel like you’re in a museum, but the rooms after that are just as photogenic!

Room 3 is the most popular room for the so-called “Instagrammable”.

The walls are decorated with pink flowers and a goldfish tank.

You can also take a picture from the front.

It seems to be popular among women who love something cute and people from overseas, and you can often see their photos on Instagram.

No matter where you cut it, it’s just so cute!

The theme of the next room4 is “Japonism”.

The mixture of Japanese and Western decorations are also very photogenic.

I heard that it’s a standard practice to take pictures of people sitting on the sofa.

There are a number of Nara touches here and there.

A deer on the wall.


In Room5, you can enjoy an extraordinary space made of mirrors.

In this kaleidoscope-themed room, you can take a selfie with a goldfish by placing a mirror behind the tank as well.

The goldfish in this room, called the “blistering eye,” is also very cute.

The “blistering eye”, where the skin of the eyes is stretched and swollen.

I’m sure I’ve already taken a lot of photos so far, but there’s a room that’s even more of a highlight.

This is Room 6.

Earth is the theme of this room, and the terrarium in the center of the room is said to represent the earth.

This sparkling room is said to be popular with both men and women.

No matter where you take your picture, you’ll get a great picture.

You can take a picture like this.

“If possible, I’d like to take a picture with no one else around…!”

If you feel that way, you can leave and re-enter at the right time. (Only on that day.)

Lastly, in Room 7, take a photo with the goldfish and the Big Buddha panel.

You can even be a goldfish yourself.


Goldfishes Museum
Adults 1,000 yen (junior high school students and older) / Children 700 yen (4 years old to elementary school students) / Senior citizens 700 yen
700 yen for the disabled (free for one caregiver with a certificate) / 3 years old and under / Free for guides

[Ninja Town] Play as a Ninja and Experience Ninja Arts!

At Ninja Town, you can experience ninja arts as a ninja.

First, change into a ninja outfit.

If you take a picture with the standard ninja weapon, the kunai, you’ll feel like a complete ninja.

You’ll be a perfect ninja within 5 minutes of admission!

This is where the ninja training begins.

The first thing to do was to try blowing arrows.

After learning from a senior ninja, I decided to try blowgun shooting.

The blowgun hit a mark immediately.

It was a piece of cake,”

I thought to myself, and moved on to the next shuriken field.

I threw the shriken many times, but it didn’t pierce the target at all.

The next experience of kenjutsu was to hit the red light with the sword.

I had a hard time with this one too, due to my lack of athletic nerves.

When I finished swordsmanship training, I went through the mechanism, looking for a hidden door…

I wanted to cry because I couldn’t open any doors.

After arriving at the hall, the next challenge is to solve the riddle.

At the end of the game, the senior ninja and I will fight!

When all the training is complete, you will receive a “ninja certificate” based on your score.

Also adult can enjoy this experience, so there is space for younger children to play.

Smaller children have the advantage of being able to pass through without ringing the bell!


You can see ninja show at where I fought senior ninja.

This is an area where you can not only play, but also enjoy watching them.

I was skeptical that it was going to be much fun to experience ninja arts, but when I came to the Ninja Town, I realized that it was really fun.

Adults can have this much fun, so I think it’s even more fun if you bring the kids along too!


Ninja Town
Adults 1,000 yen (junior high school students and older) / Children 700 yen (4 years old to elementary school students) / Senior citizens 700 yen
700 yen for the disabled (free for one caregiver with a certificate) / 3 years old and under / Free for guides

[Trick Art] Let’s have fun taking mysterious pictures of each other

Finally, play around with the trick art area and take some magical pictures.

The trick art featuring goldfish and ninja were painted directly on the wall.

There is a sample photo and a mark to show where to take the picture, so it’s easy to take the same pose from the designated area and complete the trick art.

It’s just like riding on the back of a goldfish

When I walked into the mysterious room with an facility personnel who was taller than me…

On the left is a snowman, and on the right is a woman of the facility.

I was bigger than woman.

You would take pictures and say, “What is this!”

You and your friends will have a great time taking pictures of each other.

Trick Art

300 yen for all

Enjoy Theme Park in Nara That Even Adults Can Have Fun

‘You’re not going to be crazy about goldfish and ninjas when you grow up…’

I have to admit that I thought so for a bit.

But I found myself engrossed in looking at the goldfish and seriously playing around trying to learn the art of ninjutsu.

Most of the tourist attractions in Nara are outdoors, but here at Nara-sight, all of the attractions are indoors, so it’s nice to enjoy them regardless of the weather.

It’s a great place to go for a family outing or to spend time with friends.


Location: 1-3-1 Nijo-Oji-Minami, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Phone number: 0742-32-5133
Opening hours: Ennichi(Fair) Days 10:00-20:00, Goldfish Museum/Ninja Town 10:00-19:45
Admission: Free at the Ennichi area, Goldfish Museum 1,000 yen (junior high school students and older), Ninja Town 1,000 yen (junior high school students and older), Trick art 300 yen


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