Day Trip Course for Yufuin Sightseeing

Yufuin, a popular tourist place suits for sightseeing without car, because a lot of famous tourist attractions are gathered such as onsen and superb view of Mt.Yufudake.

There are also a lot of enjoyable spots for example, Yunotsubokaido(a highway) to walk around tasting a local food, and unique art museum.

So, let me introduce one-day model course for Yufuin sightseeing.

9 am:Reserve Horse Carriage at YUFUiNFO

Yufuin is one of the famous tourist place in Oita Prefecture, and is said that the amount of hot spring water is second largest in Japan.

It is good location to access by train,so we can walk around many of interesting spots from train stations.

The starting point for model course is from “YUFUiNFO”, a tourist information service center in Yufu City which is nearby JR Yufuin station.

YUFUiNFO itself looks like one of the famous tourist attractions with its fashionable appearance which was designed by Mr. Sakashige, an architect in Japan.

First, make a reservation of horse carriage here in the morning.

Note that horse carriages for tourist can’t be reserved in advance, only same-day reservation is available.

We will introduce a model course, assuming that you could have reserved afternoon horse carriage.

If only the morning horse carriage were available, please exchange your morning schedule and afternoon schedule.

Also, if the reception had been finished, reserving a tourist bus called “scarbolo” and rental cycling can be one of your choices instead of horse carriage.

Info about YUFUiNFO

Address: 8-5 Yufuinchō Kawakita, Yufu-shi, Ōita-ken 879-5114

Access: Nearby JR Yufuin Station

10 am:Walk to Lake Kinrinko and Tea Time at Tenjosajiki Cafe

After making reservation for horse carriage, let’s headed to Kinrinko Lake, which is located about 30 minutes on foot.

Walking under the “torii” nearby station to start, and cross Oita River through the bridge.

After crossing the river, turn left and go down the street seeing Mt.Yufudake in front of you, like a photo above.

After walked 15 minutes, on the way to Lake Kinrinko, let’s have a break and have some tea.

The atmosphere of the furniture and building is tasteful because Tenjosajiki used to be sake shop in late Edo period.

Please spend relaxed and moist time seeing and feeling the history.

After chilling and relaxing at Tenjosajiki, Lake Kinrinko is very close, almost in front of you.


Info about Tenjosajiki Cafe

Address: 2633-1 Yufuinchō Kawakami, Yufu-shi, Ōita-ken 879-5102

Access: 20 minutes from JR Yufuin Station on foot

11 am: Walk around Tasting Local Foods in Yunotsubokaido

On the way to return from Lake Kinrinko, stop by bustling Yunotsubokaido.

Souvenir shops and restaurants are standing closely each other along the street, and is one of the most representative landscape of Yufuin.

The gap between on the way to headed and on the way to return is also interesting, and just walking is even enough satisfying you.

One of the recommended food is Kinsho Croquette(fried mashed potato).

Crunchy outside soft and sweet inside is testy.

It’s so delicious that the source is unnecessary.


Info about Kinsho Croquette

Address: 1481-7 Yufuinchō Kawakami, Yufu-shi, Ōita-ken 879-5102

Access: 15 minutes from JR Yufuin Station on foot

2 pm: Sightseeing in Yufuin with Horse Carriage

image by japan-tour.jp

Let’s go and sightseeing with horse carriage you reserved in the morning earlier.

The required time of horse carriage is about an hour.

Main spots to stop by are Bussanji Temple and Unagihime Shrine.

Bussanji Temple has historical temple that has been supporting Mt.Yufudake’s mountain faith.

The gate with thatched roof is impressive and makes us feel it history.

As for Unagihime Shrine, it is said that the name of origin is eel.

Eel is Unagi in Japanse.

Long ago, people in Yufuin area were struggling to flood control.

So, by worshiping eels in the shrine, people tried to control flooding.

Horse carriage will show you such historical attractions going around Yufuin slowly.

Note that horse carriage can’t be available during January to February, when the weather is bad day and when the horse’s bad health condition.

Info about horse carriage

Reservation: YUFUiNFO

Access: Nearby JR Yufuin Station

3:40 pm: Reserve Art Museum in Advance

Yufuin is not only famous for landscape and Onsen, but also famous for art.

Although there are a lot of museums in Yufuin in fact, COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN is especially unique museum.

It looks totally different from the atmosphere of Yufuin Station and Yunotsubokaido.

Note that reservation is necessary until the day before to see and available an hours.

You can make a reservation on the officail web site, here.


Address: 2995-1 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Access: 15 minutes from JR Yufuin Station on foot


Please have fun with in Yufuin sightseeing.

Also, if you like, please try the model course we introduced.

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