19 recommended sightseeing spots in Oita

If you’re visiting Oita, we’ll introduce you to some must-see attractions!

In addition to the standard tourist spots, we also know the best places to visit.

Beppu Onsen Suginoi HotelOita Prefecture, located in the eastern part of the Kyushu region, is a “Onsen Prefecture” that boasts the largest number of hot springs in Japan in terms of both the number of sources and the amount of hot springs gushing out.

In addition to Beppu Onsen, where you can enjoy a tour of hell at the source, and Yufuin Onsen, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Mt Yufudake.

It is also recommended to visit here to enjoy the fresh seafood caught in the Bungo Channel, especially the tasty Seki horse mackerel and Seki mackerel.

In the Kunisaki Peninsula, where unique Buddhist historical sites remain, you can also enjoy exploring the history!

Oita’s Recommended Spots for First Time Visitors/Beppu City

Beppu (Jigoku)Hell Tour

This is the standard course for sightseeing in Beppu Hot Springs, which takes you around “Jigoku(hell),” a natural source of hot water and hod mud that has been gushing out of the ground for more than 1,000 years.

Sea Hell, Blood Pond Hell, White Pond Hell, and Tornado Hell are designated as “Beppu no Jigoku” (Hell in Beppu), a national scenic spot.

There is also Jigoku with footbaths and day trip bathing facilities, and you can enjoy original souvenirs such as steamed and baked pudding and blood pond ointment!

Local staff’s comments

This is the staple of Beppu Onsen sightseeing, where you can visit 7 hell places!

Business hours
8:00 – 17:00, every day of the year
Common admission ticket: Adults 2,000 yen, high school students 1,350 yen, junior high school students 1,000 yen, elementary school students 900 yen
Valid for the day of purchase and the day after (2 days)
If you’re traveling from hell at sea
10-15 minutes by taxi from Beppu Station or Kamegawa Station on the JR Nippo Main Line

Kokonoe “Dream” Suspension Bridge/Kusu County, Kokonoe Town

With a length of 390m, a height of 173m and a width of 1.5m, the Kokonoe “Dream” Suspension Bridge is the tallest suspension bridge in Japan for footpaths only.

In front of you, you can see the waterfalls, which were chosen as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, and the virgin forest of Naruko River Valley spreads under your feet.

Don’t forget to take a photo at the observation deck where you can see the entire suspension bridge.

Local staff’s comments

The suspension bridge is called the “Walk in the Sky” and has a great view.

Business hours
January – June, November – December: 8:30am – 5pm, July – October: 8:30am – 6pm, every day of the year.
Admission ticket sales end 30 minutes before each date.
Admission: Junior high school students and older: 500 yen, elementary school students: 200 yen, under elementary school students: free
Take a taxi from Kokonoe Interchange or a short walk from the community bus “Otsuribashi Nakamuraguchi” (Kokonoe “Dream” Suspension Bridge).

Mt.Yufudake/Yufu City

An active volcano at an altitude of 1,583 meters, it is the symbol of the popular hot spring resort of Yufuin.

It is familiarly known as “Bungo Fuji” because of its cone-shaped shape.

As a mountain of faith from ancient times, its name was recorded in “Kojiki”.

In the Yufuin Basin, Mt. Yufu can be seen from various places, and the view from Beppu Bay can be seen behind Mt. Tsurumi.

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Local staff’s comments

It is the symbol of Yufuin called “Bungo Fuji”.

About 50 minutes by Kamenoi bus for Yufuin from JR Nippou Honsen “Beppu Station”, a short walk from “Yufu Tozan-guchi”.

Kinrinko Lake/Yufu City

It is a mysterious lake where hot springs and clean water gush out from part of the bottom of the lake.

It is said that the pond was called “the pond under Mt. Yufu” in an Oita accent, but the Confucian scholar Kousou Mouri named it “Kinrin Lake” in the 17th year of Meiji when he saw the scales of fish in the lake shining in the sunset.

From autumn to early winter mornings, the steamy morning mist of the lake containing the hot springs is fantastic.

Local staff’s comments

The walking path around the lake is also popular as a fall foliage spot

25 minutes on foot from Yufuin Station on the JR Kyudai Main Line

Aso Kuju National Park “Kusumi Kogen”/Takeda City

Kusumi Plateau, where a vast panorama of greenery spreads out at the southern foot of the Kuju mountain range with Mt. Kusumi as its main peak.

In spring, you can enjoy black (burning in the open), green(grassland), red (autumn leaves), and white (snow field) in autumn and winter, and especially the “burning in the open” has been selected as one of the “100 Scent Scenery” by the Ministry of the Environment.

The Chojahara Visitor Center at the entrance to the Kujyu area provides access to the Tadehara Marshland.

Local staff’s comments

At night, the starry sky is also spectacularly beautiful and a must-see!

Business hours
Choja-hara Visitor Center
Hours: 9:00 – 16:00 (closed at 17:00 in May – October), Closed: Dec. 29 – Jan. 3
Free of charge to use Choja-hara Visitor Center
About 50 minutes from JR Kyudai Main Line “Bungo Nakamura Station” to Hita Bus for Makinoto Touge, get off at “Kujyu Tozan-guchi (Chojahara)” and soon.

Usa Jingu Shrine/Usa City

It is the headquarters of Hachimangu Shrine, the first shrine in Bungo and home to more than 40,000 companies across Japan.

Since its foundation in the 724, it has been the second mausoleum of Buddhism after the Ise Jingu Shrine and is revered by the imperial family.

The main hall, a typical Hachiman-style building, is designated a national treasure and nearly 150 festivals are held there throughout the year.

The monorail is free of charge for visitors in wheelchairs and strollers.

Local staff’s comments

Usa candy as a souvenir!

Business hours
April – September: 5:30 – 21:00, October – March: 6:30 – 21:00 (except for the New Year period), every day of the year
Monorail hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Admission is free.
Take the Oita-Kokubu Bus for Yokkaichi from Usa Station on the JR Nippo Honsen Line, about 10 minutes, and get off at Usa Hachiman Station.

Yunotsubo Kaido/Yufu City

Yunotsubo Kaido, located at the foot of Mt. Yufu-dake, is a tourist spot, where you can find many souvenirs and tastes of Yufuin.

The street is lined with about 70 shops reminiscent of Edo-era banquets, and there are also souvenir shops selling Oita’s specialties such as “yuzu (species of citrus fruit)pepper”, and restaurants where you can enjoy local gourmet foods, which attract many tourists on weekends.

Local staff’s comments

There are also many local gourmet restaurants such as Tori-Ten(tempra chicken) and others!

7 minutes on foot from Yufuin Station on the JR Kyudai Main Line

Hita onsen Houseboat and Cormorant fishing/Hita City

Hita Onsen has seven inns along the Mikuma River, which is rich in water.

Enjoy dinner on a Yakatabune(Houseboat) and cormorant fishing on a Yakatabune, a 200-year old traditional Yakatabune boat, and the sight of more than 40 houseboats sailing along the river has long been a Hita tradition.

Local staff’s comments

The food on the river is the best luxury!

Business hours
Approximately 2.5 hours from 18:30 to 19:00, every day of the year.
Boarding service for adults 3,150 yen- (meals not included) * Reservations for yakatabune are available at each inn.
15 minutes walk from Hita Station on the JR Kyudai Main Line

Takasakiyama Natural Zoo/Oita City

This nature park is home to about 1,300 Japanese monkeys.

There are no cages, and the pristine and lively monkeys come right up to tourists.

You can take the Sarukko rail from the base entrance to the monkey yard, or take a leisurely walk along the nature trail, where you can feed the wheat once every 30 minutes and the potatoes twice a day.

Takasakiyama Natural Zoo

Local staff’s comments

You can meet famous monkeys and cute little monkeys!

Business hours
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (last entry at 16:30) Open every day of the year
510 yen for adults, 250 yen for junior high and elementary school students, free of charge for kindergarteners and younger
Saruko Rail fare: 100 yen per person (free for infants)
From Beppu Station on the JR Nippo Honsen Line, take the Oita Kotsu Bus for Oita Station (about 15 minutes) and get off at the “Takasakiyama Nature Zoo Mae”.

Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel/Beppu City

A hot spring resort hotel that can be enjoyed by three generations.

The “Tanayu” open-air bath has a great view of the city and Beppu Bay, and on a clear day you can see as far as Cape Sada on Shikoku.

There are many amusement facilities such as “The Aqua Garden”, an open-air hot spring facility where you can enjoy wearing a bathing suit, a fountain show, “Aqua Beat” (open for a limited time), “3 million ball illumination” (held throughout the year), 3D mapping, karaoke, bowling, a game corner, and a kids’ land.

Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel

Local staff’s comments

The hot spring facilities and buffet breakfast are also popular!

Business hours
Hours of operation: [Day trip]
Tanayu: 9:00 – 23:00 (last admission 22:00)
The Aqua Garden: 12:00 – 23:00 (last entry at 22:00)
Common admission rates for Tanayu and The Aqua Garden: 1,500 yen (2,000 yen) for junior high school students and older, 900 yen (1,200 yen) for elementary school students aged 3 and older * Prices in parentheses are for weekends and holidays.
Free shuttle bus available from JR Nippo Main Line “Beppu Station” West Exit.

Recommended Hidden Spots in Oita

Tsurumidake Observation Deck

Mt.Tsurumidake, 1,375 meters above sea level, stands in the western part of Beppu City.

On weekends from July to October, the ropeway is open at night and is one of the most popular night views in Kyushu, and the observation deck at the ropeway’s mountaintop station offers a spectacular view of Beppu City and Oita City.

The entire mountain is covered with the pink flowers of the Someiyoshino cherry tree, and the springtime view is a must-see.

Local staff’s comments

One of the most popular nightscapes in Kyushu

Business hours
Ropeway hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. *Open until 16:30 p.m. from mid-November to mid-March
There is a night service. For details, see Beppu Ropeway.
0977-22-2278 http://www.beppu-ropeway.co.jp/
Ropeway fare (round trip): 1,600 yen for junior high school students and older, 800 yen for ages 4 and older to elementary school students
Senior citizens (over 70 years old) and junior high school students can get 200 yen off the adult rate by showing an age certificate.
Take the Kamenoi Bus (Yufuin Line or Sakai Line) from the west exit of JR Beppu Station (about 20 minutes).

Stone Buddha Tour/Bungo Takata City and Kunisaki City

Located on the northeastern side of Oita Prefecture in Kyushu, the Kunisaki Peninsula has a round, protruding shape.

It is also known as the “Home of the Buddha” and “Home of the Stone Buddha“, and is famous for its unique Buddhist culture and for its many polished cliff Buddhas and historical sites.

We recommend that you visit Usa Jingu Shrine, the head temple of Hachiman Shrine in Japan, as a starting point for a tour of mysterious stone Buddhas, including the Kumano Magaibutsu, the oldest and largest of its kind in Japan, which is designated as a national monument.

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Local staff’s comments

A tourist attraction with many carved cliffside Buddhas on the shore

Business hours
Kumano Magaibutsu (Tairaji)
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (closed), every day
Adults 200 yen, children 100 yen
10 minutes by taxi from Nakayama-ga Station on the JR Nippo Main Line
Oita Kotsu regular sightseeing bus “Kunisaki Peninsula Historic Site Tour” is available.

Okamotoya shop/Beppu City

Myoban Onsen has been continuing since the Edo period and is a famous historical site for its alum extraction.

The Okamotoya shop, which is also a rest and souvenir shop, serves a specialty, “Jigoku Mushi Pudding”.

The puddings are handcrafted one by one using the same method that has been used since 1988, with bitter caramel and a rich taste.

You can also enjoy a variety of flavors, such as hot egg udon noodles, while viewing the hot steam and the hot water flower hut.

Local staff’s comments

The parfait and ice cream with jigoku(hell) mushi pudding are also popular!

Business hours
8:30am – 6:30pm, every day of the year
Jigokushi pudding from 260 yen, Jigokushi parfait from 650 yen, hot egg udon from 550 yen, etc.
15 minutes by taxi or 30 minutes by bus from Beppu Station (JR Nippo Main Line)

Shio-yu(seawater onsen)/Saiki City

Shioyu, located in Saeki City, one of the most delicious fish areas in East Kyushu, is a spot where you can enjoy seafood dishes and a seawater bath.

You can look out over the sea from the bath that boils mineral-rich seawater, and if you’re lucky, you may even see wild dolphins!

The restaurant offers fresh seafood rice bowls and seafood grill under the direct management of fishermen.

The salted water ice cream after taking a bath is also a must-try.

Local staff’s comments

100% seawater makes your skin smooth!

Business hours
10:00 – 23:00 (bath), 11:00 – 20:30 (meal)
Closed on Wednesdays (the next day if it is a holiday)
Bathing fee: Adults 500 yen, children 300 yen, family bath charter 1 hour 1,500 yen
15 minutes walk from Azamui Station on the JR Nippo Main Line

Showa no Machi(Showa Town)/Bungo Takada City

The lively and bustling shopping street of the 1950s(Showa era) has been recreated, and you can enjoy a warm yet nostalgic atmosphere.

In addition to the “Showa Roman Gura”, a museum where you can experience the Showa era, each store has an exhibition that tells the history of the store.

A Showa 32s bonnet bus is also operated free of charge, mainly on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Showa no Machi

Local staff’s comments

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the Showa era of Japan!

Business hours
Showa Romanzo: Varies by store
Showa Romanzo (Dagashi no Yume Museum + Yume Macho 3-chome Building + Showa Picture Book Museum) Admission for all three museums: Adults 830 yen, elementary, junior high and high school students 580 yen
Take the bus for Bungo Takada from Usa Station on the JR Nippo Honsen Line, get off at Bungo Takada Bus Terminal (about 11 minutes), and walk soon.

Doro yu(mud onsen)/Beppu City

It is called a mineral bath, and is a “mud bath” in which you take a bath in the mud contained in the components of a hot spring.

There are two places now in Beppu City where there are rare mud baths in the whole country.

Beppu Onse Hoyo Land” which looks like a mud field and “Nabeyama no Yu” which is a wild and natural mud bath.

Both are popular among hot spring enthusiasts because of the unique feel of the mud baths, the high heat retention effect and the skin-whitening effects.

Local staff’s comments

There are currently two mud baths in Beppu!

Business hours
Beppu Myoban Onsen Beppu Retreat Land
9:00-22:00 (Monday only until 20:00), open all year round
Adults 1,100 yen, children 600 yen, toddlers 350 yen
About 30 minutes by Kamenoi Bus from Beppu Station on the JR Nippo Main Line, get off at Kon-ya Jigoku-mae Station.

Ao-no-Domon/Nakatsu City

Ao-no-Domon, located at the foot of Kyoshuho Peak, is a 342-meter-long tunnel dug by hand by a Zen priest for 30 years (completed in 1764) to allow safe passage along a difficult road in the Edo period.

There are still traces of chisels from those days on the windows for light cutting.

Local staff’s comments

A tunnel where you can experience the greatness of the Zen monk

Business hours
24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Free tolls.
Approx. 30 minutes by Oita Kotsu Bus from Nakatsu Station on the JR Nippo Honsen Line, get off at the Ao-no-Domon bus stop, and walk quickly.

Beppu Beach Sand Bath/Beppu City

Beppu Beach Sand Bath, located in the corner of Joningahama Beach, is a spot where you can experience the famous sand bath.

If you change into a special yukata and lie down in the sandbox, which is always kept at 42 degrees Celsius, the sandcasters will sprinkle sand all over your body.

You can detoxify your body and mind while enjoying the warmth of the sand and the view of the sea in front of you!

Local staff’s comments

It has a movable roof, so you can experience it even in the rain!



Business hours
March-November: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (last available at 5:00 p.m.)
December – February: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (last admission 16:00)
Closed on the 4th Wednesday of the month (the next day if it is a holiday)
Bathing fee: 1,030 yen
Take the Kamenoi Bus from Beppu Station on the JR Nippo Honsen Line and get off at “Rokushoen  Beppu Kaihin Sunayumae” Station (about 15 minutes).

Seki-Aji Seki Saba-kan/Oita City

On the first floor, you can find “Sekisaba no Ichiyaboshi(Overnight dried mackerel)”, “Kisagami Tofu”, and “Goat Ice Cream” made with local ingredients, as well as fresh fish and seafood from the Bungo Channel.

The restaurant on the second floor overlooks the sea and offers a variety of delicious dishes, including the famous Seki no Kaisen-don (Seafood Bowl), which uses an abundance of seasonal local fish.

Seki-Aji Seki Saba-kan

Local staff’s comments

The famous Kaisen-don (Seafood Bowl) using seasonal local fish is a must-try!

Business hours
Direct sales office (1st floor): 9:00 – 17:00
Restaurant (2nd floor): 11:00-17:00 on weekdays, 11:00-21:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Please contact us for year-end and New Year business hours.
Seki no Kaisen-don (Seafood bowl): 1,200 yen, Kurome-don (Kurome bowl): 1,100 yen, Seki Aji Gozen (Aji Gozen): 2,500 yen, etc.
15 minutes by taxi from “Kouzaki Station” on the JR Nippo Main Line


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