6 Hotels(Ryokan) in Yufuin to Enjoy Onsen

Why don’t you go travel to Onsen superpower area, Yufuin Onsen in Japan?

Yufuin that gained power and benefit from Mt. Yufudake is one of the best onsen areas.

Continuing creating a town filled with quaint atmosphere, Yufuin is popular for both men and women.

Yufuin is becoming popular among foreign tourists for its  appearance that change in each season.

Let me introduce Ryokan in Yufuin that colors your travel.

Superb Views That Change in Each Season And Natural Onsen

In spring cherry blossoms along Oita river, in summer festival(Matsuri) that heat up with enthusiasm and fireworks, in autumn autumn leaves covering Mt.Yufudake and in winter snow covering Mt.Yufudake.

Yufuin that shows a lot of faces throughout a year is a onsen town where 4 million tourists visit in a year.

Although Yufuin is famous tourist place, there are few entertainment districts and large hotels.

This is the reason why Yufuin suits calm travel for adults.

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Enjoy Scale of Nature, Accommodation Attached Open-air Bath

Yamano Hotel Musoen

Spurb view from high ground wide open-air bath heals you.

Musoen is located where overlooking Mt.Yufuindake and Yufuin Basin.

Open-air bath, Mimuso-no-yu is about 100 tatami mats size for men, kukai-no-yu is 150 tatami mat size for women-only.

* 1 tatami mat size is about 1.8 square meter.

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When the sunny day you can overlook spurb view of Mt.Yufudake in front of you.

For other open-air bath, “koyo-no-yu” is also popular for family bathing.

It’s available anytime as long as the bath is vacant.

Bath attached inside is also enough satisfy you, because you can take bath as if going around the garden, so it’s suitable for family with children.

For meals, Kaiseki dishes made with fresh vegetables grown in local and wild vegetables, Japanese beef grown Kyushu and inshore fish are excellent.

Homemade pudding served in coffee shop is also popular.

The pudding is usually sold out everyday because it is made only 40 in a day.

If you are staying Musoen, however, you can order as room service, and the puddings are kept for those who stay the hotel.


About 5 minutes by taxi from JR Yufuin Station
From 10800 yen (2 people per room / 1 person)
Accommodation time
15:00 (IN) to 11:00 (OUT), etc.


You will be healed with calm atmosphere and cobalt blue colored “hot water treatment”.

“Hot water treatment” originally used to be for treating illness.

Tsukanoma is proposing “hot spring relaxation” for stress in modern society, going back original role.

The hotel is evaluated with the time for relaxation as if you are in a villa.

A big open-air bath full of sense of spaciousness is natural hot spring where the water comes out of 500 m under ground.

100% natural hot water of the bath sometimes slightly get muddy, but the power from true nature surely makes you satisfied.

Hot water rich in metasilicic acid has excellent skin effect, so it is popular among women.

Because it can be also used for drinking water, it is said that the water works for our digestive system, and can be expected to effective for chronic constipation.

Rooms are away type, so you can enjoy landscape on the way to the rooms.


4 minutes by taxi from JR Kudai Main Line Yufuin Station Oita
From 7,600 yen-(2 people per room / 1 person)
Accommodation time
15:00 (IN) to 10:00 (OUT), etc.

Yufuin Hanayoshi, Can See Morning Mist

Hanayoshi is recommended for those who are not used to Japanese-style rooms.

It is on small mountain that overlooks town of Yufuin.

Through the windows in the front space where morning sun inserting, you can see superb view of Yufuin.

The pride of this hotel is mysterious morning mist.

You can encounter such view at 6 in the morning when a day with little wind and radiant cooling.

Also all of the room attached open-air bath, so you can fully enjoy the hot spring while seeing the superb view.


7 minutes by taxi from Yufuin Station (free pickup available, reservation required by cellphone)
From 24,800 yen-(2 people per room / 1 person)
Accommodation time
15:00 (IN) to 10:00 (OUT), etc.

High Quality Hotels for Adult Journey

Kamenoi Besso

Kamenoi Bessou is a long standing ryokan that had been passing time with history of Yufuin.

The ryokan has 15 Japanese-style rooms in main building and 6 Western-style rooms apart from the main building, where about 30,000 square meters of grounds.

Contributing the town development, Kamenoi Besso received the 1st Commissioner of Tourism Agency commendation in 2009.

You can enjoy natural hot spring in all of the rooms.

This photo of Kamenoi Besso is courtesy of TripAdvisorAlso, relaxed time is offered at large open-air bath which is located in the garden, you can feel the changing season.

Western-style rooms are popular among the younger generations because you can enjoy well-established ryokan in relatively cheaper.

The atmosphere of old classic inside is also the reason for the popularity.

Kamenoi Besso

About 25 minutes on foot from Yufuin Station or about 5 minutes by taxi
From 28,080 yen-(2 persons per room / 1 person)
Accommodation time
15:00 (IN) to 11:00 (OUT), etc.

Kutsurogi-no-yado Nanakawa

Kutsurogi-no-yado Nanakawa is a hidden ryokan, located in good place where 1 minute from Lake Kinrinko.

All of 5 rooms in the hotel attached both open-air bath and Uchiyu.

*  Uchiyu is a indoor bath using water from a hot-spring.

What is more, large bath in Tanokura and Santokan that are the sister ryokans of Nanakawa are available for free, so those who love hot springs can enjoy going around onsen.

As for the meal, luxury Kaiseki cuisine with local foodstuff such as Bungo beef raised locally.

It is exactly the ryokan for adult journey.


5 minutes by taxi from Yufuin Station
From 24,300 yen-(2 persons per room / 1 person)
Accommodation time
15:00 (IN) to 11:00 (OUT), etc.


image by journata.co

Sansou-Murata is the hotel with quaint atmosphere where blend tradition and modernity.

Old-fashioned house type rooms relocated from all over Japan and modern type rooms built in 2004 are both suitable for adult journey.

“Saihido”, a restaurant place has old-fashioned hearth.

You can eat cuisine at warm and nostalgic place.

Although there is never a flashy in the ryokan, the atmosphere surrounds you that makes you feel goodness of Japanese ryokan.


10 minutes by taxi from JR Yufuin Station
From 49,700 yen-(2 people per room / 1 person)
Accommodation time
15:00 (IN) to 11:00 (OUT), etc.

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Luxury Onsen Stay in Yufuin

Above are the introduction of hotels that make your Yufuin-travel more fun.

Although there are many ryokan that offer one-day bathing service and hot spring tour is also the best part of Yufuin, the hotels introduce above make you feel like staying slowly a whole day.

So please try luxury and relaxed stay in the hotels in Yufuin.


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