Hotel Musoen, Overlook Mt.Yufudake from Open-air Bath in Yufuin

Yufuin Onsen is well-known as one of the most popular hot spring in all over Japan, which fashionable shops, restaurants, art museums are dotted, especially around Kinrinko Lake and Yunotsubo Kaido Road are much popular.

Slightly going out from the road, you can see rich natural scenery and lots of unique typical Japanese style Ryokans (Hotel) equipped with hot springs are dotted.

Yamano Hotel Musoen is a popular hotel where you can enjoy hot springs tour in the site as well as the special large scale open-air bath to overlook  Mt.Yufudake.

Here shows you the charm of the hot spring hotel where you can enjoy staying in relax and comfortably.

Yamano Hotel Musoen Surrounded by Rich Green

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Yufuin Onsen spreads in the foot of Mt. Yufudake which is called Bungo Mt. Fuji, and charming Ryokans are dotted.

Yamano Hotel Musoen which is a long-established Ryokan initiated since 1938 and stands on the hill slightly away from center of Yufuin Basin is reached by car from Yufuin Sation of JR in 5 minutes.

The huge site around 16,529m2 (19,768yd2) is filled with nature of green.

Trees are planted along the stone pavement from the gate entrance to the entrance of the building and the road to the open-air bath and the conditions are always kept well.

Walks in morning and evening in relax can be enjoyed and recommended while you see every scene in four clear-cut seasons like fresh green in spring, colored leaves in autumn and snowscape in winter.

Modernized retro atmosphere in the lobby and gazebo coffee shop and you can also feel the long-established history of the Ryokan in the corridors which are well-polished to shine black.

Care for “Omotenahi” hospitality are felt everywhere, which you can be soften and relieved by the warm customer service.

Yuyamatei with Relaxed Atmosphere

Yuyamatei in the main building, the annex and Kobo Tei in the new building are there for the guest rooms, which can be selectable depending on styles of those whom you come with and your budget.

One of the good idea we can propose is requesting rooms where you can overlook Yufuin Basin from in the 3rd floor of the main building.

For your travel with your family or group tour, Yuyamatei in the annex is also recommend.

It is detached room by terrace style architecture and structure of the room which has 2 Japanese styled rooms consecutively equipped with a veranda can make you feel relaxed.

Rich greened small garden spreads in front of the veranda and comfortable sings of wild birds who are flying out from tree to tree, which can make you forget your loud and noisy daily life.

For those who value your privacy and stay for celebrating some anniversaries, Kobo Tei in the new building can be the good choice.

Both dinner and breakfast are served to the room, so you can enjoy the meals without being disturbed by any thing.

Rooms that are equipped with private open-air bath or living room are also pupular.

Open-air Bath Overlooking Superb Views of Mt.Yufudake

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Both open-air baths and chartered baths are dotted there in the site separately for male and female private and indoor baths separately for male and female are also provided and available for 24/7 (only for the guests as the hot springs).

Although they may be crowded by people who do not stay in the Ryokan but only bath in daytime, you can take time to bath there after 15:00 because the time is only available for the staying guests.

“Gomuso no Yu” whchi has thatched roof brings about elegancy is what a huge open-air bath with the space around 100 numbers of tatami mat (182.4m2, 2182yd2)!

Views from the bath looks so good that Mt. Yufudake and Yufuin Basin can be overlooked.

Especially the sunset scene when Mt. Yufudake turns dyed red, and is splendid.

“Kukai no Yu” for female open-air bath is further wider and its space is around 150 numbers of tatami mat (273.6m2, 327.2yd2)!

This is also a location where you can overlook Mt. Yufudake.

Dressing room and shower booth are well-facilitated because for female use.T

Another one more open-air bath for femail, “Kobo no Yu” is also recommended.

It is the most traditional bath in Musoen, and a big stone called “Kobogan” which is the source of “Gomuso Onsen” in the inn is enshrined.

This can be relatively empty and a best kept secret hot spring place because many people may flock to “Kukai no yu”.

Available for all 4 Chartered Baths

No question, you can fully enjoy the hot springs only with the open-air bath separated for male and female, but the chartered baths (4 plcaes) can meet your needs much more if you would like to have secluded time only with your family.

Because any additional fee is not required even in the case not to stay in the inn but only bath, they are so much crowded in daytime to turn waiting for bathing there.

Although the bathing time only available for the staying guests may be crowded depending on the time, you can enjoy the bathing without waiting so much.

The indoor chartered baths (2 places) are made of granite.

Thanks to plenty of the space you can relax, 3 to 4 people can enter into the tubs.

Baby cot is provided in the one place, so you can use it if you bring small children there.

The chartered open-air baths (2 places) arranged with natural stones are also relatively large-sized.

You can enjoy good atmosphere with the rock baths.

You can enjoy hot spring tour in the inn as well, which can be also a charm point in “Yama Hotel Musoen”.

Please enjoy the hot springs while taking break from time to time.

Take “Yufin Cider” is a local special drink for rehydration after bathing.

Variety of local souvenirs of Kumamoto Prefecture including specialty products of Yufuin is available in the shop.

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Taste Foods in Yufuin

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You can enjoy monthly banquet dishes which use seasonal ingredient richly.

The menu on June, for example was a course of tofu steak made of avocado with umami broth, a bowl of boiled Japanese conger, bun made of thin bean and so on, which was so delicious taste because of the careful cooking.

Programs with domestic Japanese beef steak and pot of homebred chicken whose materials are selected carefully by the master chef are also recommended.

Wish you spend the delicious times in combination with local beer in Yufuin and local brew in Oita.

For breakfast, so many side dishes such as dried flounder, salted cod roe spiced with red pepper, sliced soy milk skin, bean-curds boiled with arrowroot starch, hot spring egg and Japanese dumpling soup are served so as to facilitate eating rice.

Homemade “Bungo ground beef” and horseradish Chinese mushroom are good tasted as well.

Free coffee is also served after the meal, so it’s pleasant for guests.

Visit Yufuin and Have Fun with Musoen

The staffs in the inn are really polite to respond, so you can be relaxed comfortably and the memories of the trip can be more enjoyable as well.

Stay there and enjoy the hot springs taking time.

Also enjoy further sightseeing tours around Yufuin.

Come on to Yufuin where plenty of sightseeing spots and Oita gourmet can be provided and recommended for travel.

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