Takeda Castle Ruins And 7 Recommended Tourist Attractions Around Castle

Speaking of the representing sightseeing spots of Asago City, which is located in mid-north of Hyogo Prefecture, it is “Takeda Castle Ruins”.

The posture of the mystic castle ruins, which stands on the mountain as if floating in the sea of cloud, is called as “the castle in the sky” or “Japan’s Machu Picchu”.

Around there are many spots that you like to stop by, such as Ikuno Silver Mine and the mine track, which supported the development of modern Japan, and hot springs and a lake.

Let me introduce Takeda Castle Ruins and recommended sightseeing spots around.


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So, portble wifi is recommended.

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Takeda Castle Ruins

“Takeda Castle”, often referred as “the castle in the sky” and “Japan’s Machu Picchu”, is famous for where you can view the fantastic sea of cloud.

Trekking in early in the morning is recommended for viewing the sea of clouds of “Takeda Castle Ruins” relaxed.

Let’s try to start trekking at the same time of gate opening of the Takeda Castle Ruins entrance.

As the trekking trail is maintained for walking easily, you will reach “Takeda Castle Ruins” within some 30 minutes.

Season that you can view the sea of cloud is from late September through early April.

It tends to appear especially around autumn the most, such in the morning of very cool and fine day.

Let’s enjoy the sea of cloud hanging as if surrounding Takeda Castle Ruins by early morning trekking.

By the way, the times of gate opening of Takeda Castle Ruins entrance are varied by seasons.

Let’s check and confirm it on an official homepage in advance.

Even if you cannot view the sea of cloud, “Takeda Castle Ruins” is a spot of much worth to see.

Though there is no castle tower, stone walls that remain everywhere are must-see.

The technology called “Nozura Zumi”, gathered all the best masonry techniques at that time, which matches up big and small stones, is employed.

Who worked was Ano-shu Guild, a famous professional masonry group.

There turfed a lawn on a plain of the stone walls, and you can see the appearance of beautiful historical ruins.

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Address: Takeda, Wadayama Town, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Access: 40 minute walk from “Takeda station” of JR Bantan line via trekking trail behind the station.

“Ritsuunkyo Gorge”, which is located in the east side of Takeda Castle Ruins and on the other side of Maruyamagawa River, is known as a viewing spot of “Takeda Castle Ruins”.

It is a nature park created on the middle of mountain surface, and you can view Takeda Castle Ruins just from the side.

The posture of Takeda Castle Ruins floating on the sea of cloud is indeed “the castle in the sky”!

“Ritsuunkyo Gorge” is recommended for the one who thinks hard to go by trekking to Takeda Castle Ruins.

As a parking place is also equipped, it is the perfect spot for appreciating Takeda Castle Ruins by a car.


Address: Takeda, Wadayama Town, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Access: About 7 minute by taxi from “Takeda station” of JR Bantan line.

About 10 minute drive from “Wadayama IC” of Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway by car.

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Ikuno Silver Mine

“Ikuno Silver Mine” had been mined continuously for more than 400 years from the Sengoku Era through the Showa.

Closed now, and the mine track and mining place are opened to public as a sightseeing facility.

Mannequins that are the reproduction of how to mine at that time are called by the name of “GINZAN BOYZ (Silver mine BOYZ)”.

These are the original underground idles of “Ikuno Silver Mine”, and these are so popular that there is a fan club.

Let’s try going to see the unique idles together with precious historical ruins.

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Address: Ono 33-5, Ikuno Town, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone Number: 079-679-2010

Access: About 10 minute by taxi from “Ikuno station” of JR Bantan line

About 40 minute drive from Takeda Castle Ruins

Akenobe Mine

image by wadachi73.jp

Flourished together with “Ikuno Silver Mine”, “Akenobe Mine” was the one of the best mines in Japan, producing multiple mining products, such as copper, zinc and tin.

Now, some parts of the massive mine track that is 550 m long and 1,000 m depth are opened to public.

You have to apply to the guided observation tour for going around the mine track.

Required time is 60 minutes.

A bit different from the mine track of tourism, it is a valuable tour that you can see real structure of inside that remains almost as it was at that time.

Ruins of Akenobe Mine And Mikobata Ore Processing Site Ruins In Hyogo Prefecture"Akenobe Mine" and "Mikobata Ore Processing Site" were the important...

Address: Akenobe, Oya Town, Yofu City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number: 079-668-0258 (Akenobe Nature School)

Access:About 10 minute by tax from JR Ni-i station on Bantan line.

About 20 minutes by taxi from Takeda Castle Ruins

*There are no hotels around Mikobata

Mikobata Cast Iron Bridge

image by visitasago.jp

During the time when Ikuno Silver Mine was operated, the ore transport road was constructed for transporting ore mined from “Akenobe Mine” to “Mikobata Ore Processing Site” and “Ikuno Refinery”.

Remaining as the mine track is “Mikobata Cast Iron Bridge”.

It is the oldest all cast iron bridge remaining in Japan, and it is designated as a national important cultural treasure.

It is very attractive bridge, which is of beautiful arch style.

Let’s not only appreciate it but also walk and cross over actually.


Address: Mizuta, Sano Aza, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number: 079-672-4003 (Tourism and interaction section, Industry development department, Asago City Hall)

Access: About 10 minute by tax from JR Ni-i station on Bantan line.

About 20 minutes by taxi from Takeda Castle Ruins

Old Mouchet House

Right at the foot of Mikobata Ore Processing Site Ruins is “Old Mouchet House”.

During the Meiji Era, it was absolutely necessary the support of French engineers for developing the mine.

Mouchet who was a geologist was also one of them.

“Old Mouchet House” was built in 1872 as a residence of foreign engineer of Ikuno Mine.

“Old Mouchet House” with retro atmosphere, called as colonial style, is designated as important tangible cultural treasure of Hyogo Prefecture.

Inside there are exhibits related to history of Mikobata Ore Processing Site, and you can see the atmosphere full of energy.


Address: Sano 1826-1, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone Number: 079-677-1717

Access: About 20 minute drive from “Asago IC” of Bantan Renraku Road

About 35 minute drive from Takeda Castle Ruins

Kurokawa Onsen Hot Spring

“Kurokawa Onsen Hot spring” is located alone and quietly in pastoral landscape at the foot of Kurokawa Dam.

It is a day use bath that consists of a simple inside bath and an open air bath.

The hot spring abundantly includes hydrogen-carbonate ions, and when you take, your skin becomes smooth, so it is also called as “hot spring of beautiful women”.

At a restaurant inside of the hot spring facility you can also fully enjoy gourmets, like “Dam Hayashi”, hashed beef with rice of Kurokawa Dam motif, and a boar meat hot pot limited only in winter.

Why don’t you release your fatigue in a hot spring after went sightseeing to Takeda Castle Ruins and Ikuno Silver Mine?

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Address: 457-1 Kurokawa, Ikuno Town, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number: 079-679-2067

Access: About 30 minute drive from Ikuno Silver Mine

About 40 minute drive from Takeda Castle Ruins

Ginzanko Lake

Ikuno Dam is located along the national road the 429 that connects Ikuno Silver Mine and Kurokawa Onsen Hot spring.

The lake of dam is called as “Ginzanko Lake” named after Ikuno Ginzan (Silver Mine).

It is also famous as a mecca for lake fishing, and you can fish carp, trout, black bass, and herabuna (crucian carp), and also smelt in winter.

Around there is called as Kurokawa Keikoku Gorge, and a caravan site is also fully equipped.

It is also fun to camp in the gorge where full of negative ions.


Address: Takenohara, Ikuno Town, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Access: About 20 minute by taxi from “Ikuno station” of JR Bantan line

About 20 minutes from “Ikuno IC” of Bantan Renraku Road

About 45 minute drive from Takeda Castle Ruins

Now You Can Make Plan of Takeda Castle Ruins And The Around

Must-see at least once in your lifetime is Takeda Castle Ruins and the sea of cloud,and it is cardinal rule that you get entered in early morning.

It is recommended to stay the night before for the one who come to see from afar.

There are some hotels in Wadayama, from where it takes about 20 minute drive to Takeda Castle Ruins, so it is good to take it in your trip plan.

After appreciated the sea of cloud of Takeda Castle Ruins, let’s visit to Ikuno Silver Mine and Akenobe Mine.

Ikuno Silver Mine is designated as Japan heritage in 2017 as “The Old Silver Mine Carriage Road and Road of Ore – Bantan’s Industrial Heritage Route, Memories of Resource Rich Japan”.

Also, it is registered as one star in Michelin Green Guide in 2016.

Let’s enjoy Ginzanko Lake and Kurokawa Onsen Hot spring as well.

Please check and confirm the latest information at official websites.


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